I. Cosmic Masters

    1. MAHATMA (or The Mahatma Energy)

      1. Multi-universal or Multiversal Logos
      2. aka Avatar of Synthesis
      3. 352 levels between man and The Prime Source
    2. MELCHIZEDEK (not the same being as one of the incarnations of the Christ Jesus)
      • Universal Logos or Father in the Constellation Sagittarius
      • Ensouls every living being in the Universe
      • Head of the Cosmic Order of Melchizedek
      • Nikola Tesla is said to be his only earthly incarnation
      • Melchizedek is another cosmic and galactic master who is very available for people to contact and channel. There are many beings with the name Melchizedek because the Order of Melchizedek is a cosmic order and priesthood throughout our Universe. In the ancient writings, the term Melchizedek was given to any initiate who passed the seven levels of initiation in the Order of Melchizedek. Jesus had an incarnation under the name Melchizedek, and the Universal Logos’ name is Melchizedek. The particular Melchizedek to whom I refer in this section is a Cosmic being who is a member of the governing council of this galactic sector. He is a new member of this council. In the initial focus of his work, he served as a liaison between the Earth and other Planets and the Galactic Center. He has recently replaced another Cosmic Master who has moved on to a position on the Universal level.Melchizedek has also had some lifetimes on Earth, besides working with the Earth on an inner plane level. His last life on Earth was as a king named Melchizedek. He has overshadowed many beings on Earth, one of whom was Enoch, ” the man who walked with God.”Through Enoch’s work with Melchizedek, he ascended in that lifetime. He is currently working through a number of people to bring forth information about how to use Light. He is readily available to be contacted and channeled. Source: JDS, I AM UNIVERSITY
    3. Name Unknownat this time
      1. Galactic Logos
      • Galactic Quadrant Logos
      • Cosmic Master of our sector of the Galaxy (1/12th of the Milky Way Galaxy)
      • Helps Earth evolve into the next spiritual plane (the 5th dimension)
    5. HELIOS
      • Logos of our Solar System
      • Cosmic Master of our Solar System
    6. GAUTAMA BUDDHA (aka Shakyamuni | Siddhartha Gautama)
      https://i1.wp.com/gnosticteachings.org/images/stories/Revelation/gautama.jpg https://i2.wp.com/z.hubpages.com/u/396000_f260.jpg https://i1.wp.com/www.bippi.org/bippi/menu_left/conflicts/Nepal/Siddhartha_Gautama.jpg
      • Newly appointed Planetary Logos of Earth
      https://i2.wp.com/www.nasrinsafai.com/media/images/masters/sanatkumara.jpg https://i1.wp.com/www.wolflodge.org/sananda/sanat-kumara.jpg http://french.cut.org/enseignements/maitres/sanat_kumara/skumara.jpg
      • Recent Planetary Logos of Earth for 18 million years
      • His “Monad” is Lenduce
      • His “Higher Soul” is Vywamus
      • His “Teacher” is Adonis in Venus, trainer of Planetary Logoi
      • Rules from the Spiritual inner plane of Shamballa (not the Subterranean Shamballa
        below the Gobi Desert)
    8. LENDUCE – The Monad of Sanat Kumara
      See full size image
    9. VYWAMUS – The Higher Soul of Sanat Kumara.
      • Master psychologist. Along with Djwhul Khul inspiring Janet McClure, they created the Tibetan Foundation. He is also a master of culinary arts.

      Vywamus , again, is the cosmic being who might be considered the higher self of Sanat Kumara, our former Planetary Logos. If Vywamus is Sanat Kumara’s higher self, then up above him on the monadic level is Lenduce. Here we have the personality (Sanat Kumara), the soul (Vywamus), and the monad (Lenduce) on a cosmic scale.

      Vywamus no longer has a physical body but exists in light. He is considered to be a master psychologist. It was Vywamus, along with Djwhal Khul, who started the Tibetan Foundation. One of Vywamus’ main jobs is to help humanity clear the subconscious mind of misconceptions and faulty beliefs and patterns.Vywamus had thirty-two lifetimes on a physical planet in a Universe other than ours. He had lives as a soldier, teacher, mother, father, sea captain, and owner of a chain of restaurants. The planet he ascended on, however, didn’t have oceans as vast as those on Planet Earth. In his life as a restaurant owner, he owned a chain that existed around his entire planet. In his work now, he is still dealing with food of sorts. It might be called spiritual food, the energy of Light. Do call on him for help. Source: JDS, I AM UNIVERSITY

    10. SATHYA SAI BABA– Cosmic Christ, soon evolving into a higher Cosmic force. (The 3rd photo is said to be one of his incarnations, Shirdi Sai Baba)
https://i1.wp.com/yogizendude.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/inde-sai-baba.jpg Shirdi Sai Baba - past life of Sathya
    1. LORD MAITREYA – the Planetary Christ said to be living on Earth now as a walk-in (in London) as opposed to an incarnated being. He was also known as the “laughing buddha” in one of his incarnations (see third photo).
https://i0.wp.com/extraordinaryintelligence.com/files/2009/08/Maitreya1.jpg aka the Laughing Buddha
    1. ADONIS– great teacher of the Venus School of Planetary Logoi. Embodies the heart focus of the universe. Keeper of the Christ Light in each soul on Earth. Brings love and wisdom to Earth with the Lord Maitreya.
      1. Adonis is a great and glorious being. He has been Vywamus’ teacher as well as Sanat Kumara’s teacher. It was Adonis who ran the school on Venus to train Planetary Logoi. He is considered the best in the Universe at what he does. He embodies the Heart Focus of the Universe. He is the keeper of the Christ Light within each soul in the Universe. He has been holding this position since the Earth came into existence, which is at least eighteen and one half million years ago and in reality, much longer.At one time he had a great many lives on the physical level in other Universes. He spent 2,600 lifetimes on one planet. In one stage of his evolution, he became a leader of a large group that was spiritually supporting the evolution of a particular planet. With his help every being on that planet learned to align with the spiritual idea. It was from that planet that Adonis came to our Universe and galaxy and took the exalted position of the Heart Focus of the Universe.He has been working with the Lord Maitreya for many eons in helping to bring forth the love/wisdom ideal on Earth. By tuning into Adonis, we on Earth are being offered a galactic perspective rather than just an earthly perspective. As average unevolved people we can’t see beyond the selfisness of our negative egos. As we evolve we begin to see one humanity, or one Earth. Then we realise that even this is limiting for we are part of a solar system that is a whole. Then, as we continue to evolve, we recognize that our group consciousness is really that of a galaxy. As we evolve further we see that we are part of a Universe that is a whole. This is the expanded perspective that Adonis can begin to give us. We are not just working for the Earth, we are working, in reality, for the galaxy. To work just for the Earth would be selfish. In truth, we are creators working for a Universal goal, not just an Earth-centered or personality-centered goal. Call on Adonis for help, for we are very blessed to have him so available at this time.  Source: JDS, I AM UNIVERSITY
    2. ATLANTO – focuses energy and thought that sustains the Cosmic Day (aka Breath of Brahma) which lasts 4.3 billion Earth years. (We are currently 3/4s into our “day”.)

Atlanto is another vast cosmic being who is available to be contacted. I first learned about him through the Tibetan Foundation. He is one of twelve beings who focus the energy or thought that sustains the Cosmic Day. The Cosmic Day has also been called a Day of Brahma. It lasts 4.3 billion years and we are three-quarters of the way through ours. We needn’t be concerned about this, as we still have at least 1.1 billion years left. The history of Earth since Sanat Kumara’s arrival is only 18.5 million years. Physical bodies have been on the Earth, according to Edgar Cayce, for 10.5 million years. The fact that Atlanto is one of the twelve beings who sustain this Cosmic day is quite an extraordinary concept.

There are eleven beings who hold this cosmic consciousness focus. The twelfth includes all those who are directly involved with the experience. These are the beings who are co-creators or are learning to be co-creators as we are. This combined effort helps us to focus the will of the Divine Source. Atlanto had lifetimes on a physical planet many cosmic days ago. If we think of how long one Cosmic Day is (4.5 billion years) and he says “many cosmic days ago,” we begin to see how infinite the nature of God is. Atlanto is not directly involved in focusing specific energies on the Earth to accelerate the New Age. His focus is much more on a cosmic level rather than a planetary level. Even though this is the case, he is still very open to being contacted and is available to be channeled.In a channeling he gave in a book called ”Reach for us, Your Cosmic Teachers and Friends,” by Dorothy Roeder, he said that he cannot direct his energies directly to us on Earth or it would burn us up, in a spiritual sense, because the frequency is so high. What he does instead is focus his energies through two lakes on Earth. One of these lakes is in Kansas and one is in Tibet. He can also focus his energy through a persons’s soul and monadic structure. We can call on him for help and are very likely to receive guidance that is quite out of the ordinary because of his cosmic perspective.  Source: JDS, I AM UNIVERSITY

  1. AVERRAN – lives in the cosmic center of our galaxy. Oversees the evolution of Earth. Organizes the Light and brings it into Creation. Helps Earth with its spiritual shift of consciousness.
    1. The last cosmic being is named Averran. He is a Cosmic Master who resides within the cosmic center of our galaxy. His job is to oversee the evolution and progress of Planet Earth. His specific task is to organize the Light of the Creation of this galaxy into a form that can utilize the plan and bring it into creation. Averran had many lifetimes on a physical planet much like Earth in a Universe that existed before this one. (Just think about this: a Universe that existed before this one. When we are dealing with Cosmic Masters, we are dealing with sequences of time that are so vast it is hard for the mind even to fathom them.) The planet Averran lived on struggled with the exact same lessons that we on Earth have been dealing with. His planet eventually moved back to Light and away from the pull of matter. This is the same point in evolution the Earth is at right now. The tide is beginning to turn back to spirit after many, many millions of years of Earth’s being enmeshed in the pull of matter. Because of Averran’s past experience, he is very available to be called on and communicated with and would very much appreciate anyone who would consider doing so.  Source: JDS, I AM UNIVERSITY
    See full size image
    Image Coming

The Galactic Core and Cosmic Masters

By Dr Joshua David Stone

The accelerated evolution of humanity and our recent movement as a planet into the fourth dimension have made it possible, for the first time, for us to become more aware of the Spiritual Hierarchy governing our galaxy. Previous to this we were limited in our spiritual awareness to the Planetary Hierarchy, or at most, the Solar Hierarchy. Planet Earth’s recent movement into sacred status as a planet has changed all this.

Sacred status could be likened to our taking the third initiation, except in this instance it is Lord Buddha, our Planetary Logos, who has taken his third cosmic initiation. The Milky Way Galaxy, to which the Planet Earth and its solar system belong, is governed from a place called the Galactic Center or the Galactic Core. The center of our galaxy is located in the constellation of Sagittarius.

The galaxy itself is divided into four quadrants. Each of these quadrants is divided into three sectors. This means there are twelve sectors within this galaxy. There is a governing point for each quadrant, each sector, and for the galaxy as a whole. The sector that the Earth is in is guided from the Great Bear constellation. The spiritual government of this planet receives guidance from the center of this sector and from the center of the galaxy itself. The chief administrator of this sector, one-twelfth of the galaxy, is a cosmic being whose name is Melchior. Melchior and his associates have worked for eons through our Solar Logos, Helios, who works through our former Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara (Lord Buddha took over this office in 1995). Because of the spiritual acceleration of Planet Earth, the entire galactic sector of Melchior has been mobilized to help Earth in its evolution. Melchior is a cosmic being who can be attuned to, and is happy to give his aid and assistance.

It is only since Planet Earth has moved into the fourth dimension that the Galactic Core has been so easily accessible. Previous to this, the highest level of attunement that was readily available on a collective level was the Solar Center and Core. Our attunement to the Galactic Masters and galactic Core helps us to heal the separation from our Galactic Center that has been in existence in the mass consciousness.

Our attunement to Melchizedek and the Universal Masters help us to heal the separation on a Universal level. Our attunement to the Mahatma, the Avatar of Synthesis, helps us to heal the separation from God himself. The monumental leap in consciousness that the Earth has taken in recent times by becoming a sacred planet and moving into the fourth dimension, can clearly be seen in our ability to now access the Galactic Core in a direct manner.

One of the other things that the attuning to the Galactic Masters and Galactic Core does is help us use our bodies of light on the physical level. The power of these galactic masters is much higher in frequency than even the Planetary or Solar Masters. In the past we received only stepped down energies from these Masters. Now, we on Earth have the opportunity to access them directly. Some of these beings may actually begin to manifest on the Earth plane soon. One of them already has. His name is His Holiness, the Lord Sai Baba. Many of the masters from these levels are beginning to overshadow initiates and Masters. According to the channelings of Vywamus through the Tibetan Foundation, there were five beings from the Galactic Core who initially made the approach to Earth. They sent down “rods of power” into India, Germany, Brazil, Greenland, and South Africa. The changes that have occurred in India, Germany and South Africa on a mass scale are evidence of the influence of this energy.

Soon, if it hasn’t already happened, three of these rods of power will be placed in China to stimulate the raising of consciousness there. There will also be one in the United States. Vywamus has said there will be a total of twelve of these direct links with the Galactic Core.

As we learn to accept the body of Light even into the physical level, we will be able to instantly teleport ourselves anywhere on Earth. As our consciousnesses develop in this regard we will also be accessing the language of light. This will lead to the ability to precipitate out of the ethers anything we want to manifest. The attunement with the Galactic Core is a great accelerating force and factor in this development. In essence, it is an accelerator of the ascension process.


The cosmic Masters of the Galactic Sector and Galactic Core are now available to be contacted. The Masters I have mentioned here are awesome spiritual beings and we are incredibly blessed to have such Galactic and Universal beings so readily available to us. It must be understood that it is a very recent occurrence for beings of such a vast magnitude to be so readily available. We must feel especially honored when we consider how many millions and even billions of planets and stars in our galaxy and in our Universe these beings are responsible for. Please do call them in, for they are not allowed to enter unless they are asked to do so.

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