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5 07 2016

Cellular Expansion through the Super-Electron

22 08 2010

by Children of the Sun

The Planetary Grid Transmissions: Aug. 24 Full Moon

During this current energy cycle, we are receiving intensified light body activation with divine infusion of the Super-Electron and waves of electronic light. This activity potentially raises us to an inter-galactic level and opens us into a more integrated experience of our vast Omnipresent Oneness with all life through increased levels of cosmic consciousness awareness.

No matter what level of consciousness we are on, we can choose to receive these upgrade codes into our light body simply through the magnetism of our desire to consciously evolve. Integration of this high frequency electronic light, at any level of assimilation, greatly supports processes of personal transformation.

On behalf of all Children of the Sun, we hope that you are inspired to join us in this transmission of electronic light activation… during the planetary grid transmissions this full moon, Tuesday, August 24.

For more information on this focus, please go to first article in the “Hall of Records” at

Production by Michael Shieds, Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation

Planetary Transformation (Dimensional Shift)

29 06 2010

RE: Earth’s dimensional shift, new energy field, polar shift, portals/stargates, transitioning from the Piscean age to the Aquarian age, world changes as the planetary center of Earth is changing due to the desire for harmony through conflict.

Youtube source:  rysa5

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