The Birth of a New Humanity

30 01 2011

by Drunvalo Melchizedek

In this next broadcast we are going to enter into ancient Atlantis because it is where our story begins. And is something that must be done simply because this is exactly where our present-day troubles were created.

Long ago, over 13,000 years ago, the human grids of consciousness began to collapse and humanity began to lose their higher consciousness. It is what the Bible called the Fall. Something had to be done or humanity would end up no higher than the animals.

But as the Earths axis shifted to a new location and Atlantis sank below the ocean levels, and the Maya, Kogi and Arjarcos headed in their boats to new lands, humanity also began to sink below the levels of awareness that were once achieved. Men and women more advanced than we are now quickly became hairy barbarians with not even the knowledge to light a fire. Their Mer-Ka-Ba fields, their light bodies, had been shut down leaving them exposed to the effects of the Earths magnetic field having been shut off. The memories of humanity were erased.

In a far distance place a decision was made, and a global project was begun here on Earth to bring the humans back to their rightful consciousness level, but it would take 13,000 years, to where we are right now in time. And what Life knows is that to save a race of beings in this way doesnt always work, but this time it did.

This is the true story of how certain humans who were exempt from the Fall, rose to the occasion and long ago began to develop massive Earth geomancy to recreate a specific human grid of consciousness that surrounded the Earth so that someday humanity could return to the higher levels of consciousness they had once achieved.
Every life form on Earth must have a consciousness grid that completely surrounds the Earth in order for it to exist. Without these grids, there is no awareness.

When you understand the science that is behind this story, it will amaze you. And when you understand the results of this 13,000 years experiment, you will be filled with joy. For what has happened is no less than the Birth of a New Humanity. YOU will see, for you are about to live it.

Beyond 2012 indeed! We as the human race are just beginning. Again.
And I am honored to give you this wonderful news.

From my heart, Drunvalo

————-The Birth of a New Humanity—————

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Alchemy – Sacred Secrets

2 06 2010

by LuxorMedia

Much of Alchemy is misunderstood and shrouded in mystery within magical and fraternal orders, it is our goal to unravel some of the aspects which remain hidden behind conventional history.

Alchemy – Sacred Secrets Revealed is currently available. Click the cover image at the bottom of this page to link to its Amazon page.

Some famous alchemists include Thoth/Hermes, Pythagorus, Merlin, Galileo, DaVinci Saint Germain, and Isaac Newton.

Tria Prima (Three Primes):

  1. Sulfer
  2. Mercury
  3. Salt

Four Elements:

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Earth
  4. Air

Seven Primary Metals | Ruled by Seven Planetary Influences:

  1. Gold – Energy, Life, Will, Vitality, Success, Self…
    • Sun –  Heart, Vision, Spinal Column, Distribution of Heat in the Body
  2. Silver – Water, Instinct, Fertility, Collective Consciousness, Cultural Heritage…
    • Moon –  Emotions, Brain, Stomach, Female Organs…
  3. Copper – Herbalism, Music, Poetry, Theater, Harmony, Odors, Love
    • Venus – Skins, Sexual Organs, Smell…
  4. Iron – Violence, Psychic Abilities…
    • Mars –  Blood, Muscular System, Adrenalin…
  5. Tin – Good Health, Enjoyment of Life,Wealth, Ceremony…
    • Jupiter – Liver, Stomach, Digestion, Oxygen, Cell Growth…
  6. Mercury – Communication, Commerce, Alchemy, Magic, Kabbalah, Astrology…
    • Mercury – Nerves, Speech, Hearing, Thyroid, Spinal Chord, Coordination between Thoughts & Speech…
  7. Lead – Old Age, Learning, Karma…
    • Saturn – Teeth, Hair, Joints, Spleen, Minerals in the body, Flexibility…

Seven Major Operations in the Alchemy of Transformation:

  1. Calcination | Aries – reducing to ashes, sulfuric acid, destruction of ego and attachment to material possessions, metabolic discipline to burn off over indulgence, revolutionaries/conquerors over throwing the status quo…
  2. Dissolution | Cancer – rust (iron oxide), the further breaking down of the artificial structure of the psyche, conscious minds let go, flow, bliss of well being, actively engaged in creative acts without distraction, continuance of the kundalini experience, genital area/chakra, great flood, cleansing of the earth…
  3. Separation | Scorpio – sodium carbonate (salt), rediscovery of our essence, reclaiming our goals, letting go of the self inflicted restraints, following and controling the breath working w/the forces of spirit and soul, iron chakra (solar plexus), formation of land masses by the forces of the four elements…
  4. Conjunction | Venus – salt, separates silver from gold, empowerment of our true selves, union of masculine and feminine, union over the Self, using the body’s sexual energy, heart chakra…
  5. Fermentation | Capricorn – introduction of new life, growth of ferment bacteria, inspiration of spiritual power from above, living inspiration of something that is totally beyond us, kundalini energy, throat  chakra…
  6. Distillation | Virgo – boiling and condensation…, purification of the unborn self, free from the ego and id, raising of the light force repeatedly from the lower regions of the body (the circulation of the light), culminates in the 3rd eye area (pineal gland)
  7. Coagulation | Taurus – releases the astral body, philosopher stone to exist on all levels of reality, release of the elixir in the blood rejuvenating the body to a perfect vessel of health…

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