S1 E2 First Encounter (with Blue Avians)

10 02 2016
First Encounter (with Blue Avians)
David Wilcock interviews Corey Goode
Season 1 Episode 2

“Extraordinary changes are already underway for planet and people, and an alliance of advanced civilizations have come to serve as guides for our collective transformation. To help facilitate the coming changes these beings have named a spokesperson to reveal who they are and why they have come. Corey Goode recounts when he was established as the delegate for the Sphere Being Alliance, and his first encounter with the Blue Avians who explained the nature of consciousness, life after death, and the shifting conditions for life on Earth in this interview originally webcast July 21, 2015.”

S1 E1 Message For Mankind

10 02 2016
If you haven’t already seen this, it’s about the secret government space programs. David Wilcock interviews Corey Goode.
“There is more going on in space than you can ever imagine. Out of sight, out of mind. That is how the greatest secrets in the history of humankind have remained hidden from the populace. Now, a 20-year insider, Corey Goode, joins David Wilcock in this inaugural presentation of Cosmic Disclosure to reveal humanity’s celestial presence and the details of an extraterrestrial message which conveys details of the coming collective ascension for humankind. This interview was originally webcast July 21, 2015. “
Watch the actual free episode here:  http://www.gaia.com/video/message-humankind#play/104861

Intergalactic Portal, Zero Point, The Unified Field, Law of One, Twin Flame Consciousness

15 10 2010

by MagentaPixie2012

I ask to receive and flow the energies of the intergalactic 10 10 10 Stargate during it’s availability and beyond that. I ask to allow with complete surrender the vibrations of higher light and love to move into my being and my reality. I ground these energies into my own subjective reality and remain aware of all synchronicity, signs and magikal co-incidence allowing my experience to be meaningful and understood. I stand as a mirror to the energetics created by the opening of this 10 10 10 gateway and give thanks for the availability of such high frequencies and for the receiving of them.

Magenta Pixie stands as conduit to the sixth density source “The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine ” as they bring forward information, keys & codes regarding the opening of the intergalactic Gateway on the 10/10/10.  Music by Freeplay Music LCC.  Video created and edited by Magenta Pixie and Catzmagick Productions



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