Leo DiCaprio’s New Documentary on Climate Change #BeforetheFlood

30 10 2016

Watch a free screening of Leo DiCaprio’s new documentary on climate change #BeforetheFlood right now. Not sure how long National Geographic will have this free screening so definitely try to see it ASAP. There’s so much disinformation on this topic out there.

Below is DiCaprio’s previous climate change documentary, “11th Hour”:


Grace & Graciousness

24 09 2015

Cymatic & Solfeggio Frequencies: The Science & Spirit of Sound

29 08 2015

by Mae McCaw

Sound is the basis of form. Cymatic frequencies are the study of vibration and waves that influence the formation of structure, patterns and shapes. Such frequencies impact language, the human anatomy, animals, the environment, and so much more. This five-hour video details the science and ancient knowledge behind sound.

Note:  The filmmaker’s personal opinions are his own. COTC:TOL does not necessarily agree or disagree with all the information presented in this video.  We ask that you simply take what resonates with you for your own personal quest for truth, spirit, ancestry, and mastery.



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Something is Affecting the Entire Solar System.

17 07 2015

Parallel Dimensions and Illusion of Time by Dolores Cannon [Full Video]

15 07 2015


This also covers “backdrop people”, the hologram, and much more.

Coming November 2015: The Convoluted Universe Book 5 by Dolores Cannon

13 07 2015

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Video: The Pleiadians | Barbara Marciniak | Sedona Seminar 2015 [01:46:58]

18 06 2015

The Pleiadians channeled by Barbara Marciniak 03/21/15. Topics include 2015 predictions, climate change, environmental threats, mass exodus, extraterrestrials, Anunnaki, chakras, advanced technology, psychedelic drugs, demons, space wars, fracking, Malaysia plane, the 6th trumpet, revelations and more.

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