1. God = Goddess | Father-Mother Spirit | Creator and the Creation | Observer and the Observed | Unified Field | Eternal Being | Source | Prime Source | The Existence | Infinite Spirit | Infinite Creator | Divine Mind | The Alpha & The Omega | Source Energy | Nature | All Elements | Universal Mind | Divine Thought | The Consciousness of Nature | Beginning, Middle & End …and Eternity | Everything and Anything | All That Is
  2. The Cosmos = Celestial Bodies | Heaven | Space | The Universe(s)| Higher Realms of Consciousness
  3. 11:11
  • Representing the Oneness of heaven and Earth (Mother), all mankind and creation with The Creator. I am you.  You are me.  We are One.  The Creator is the Creation.
  • Upon seeing any representation of matching numbers in a sequence, its significance is said to alert you, to pay special attention be it sight, sound, thought, words, actions, person, place, or thing, etc.) at the very moment in which you are aware of these numbers.  Therein lies the message your Higher Self urges you to notice.  Similarly, when you suddenly hear a ringing in tone in your ear, its significance is said to alert you for an incoming “download” (mental or otherwise) of information from your Higher Self.
  • Oneness Minute
  • Universal & Spiritual Laws
  1. Spiritual Hierarchy include but not limited to the following:
    1. The Source or The Creator
    2. Time Lords (i.e. Keepers of Time)
    3. Luminous Principalities
    4. Council of 24 Elders
    5. Cosmic Masters
    6. Seven Rays of God | Archangels
    7. Angels
    8. Seven Rays of God | Elohim
    9. Seven Solar Rays | Chohans | Lords
    10. Twelve Rays of God
    11. Ascended Masters
    12. Hierarchy of the Sentient Being:
      1. Monad or your “I AM” (God Self)*
      2. Soul (or your Higher Self)*
      3. Personality (Human)**
        There are 144 members of your Monadic group:1 Monad splits into12 Souls. Each soul splits into12 Personalities or Soul Extensions (aka individual human beings–YOU)
      4. There is said to be 2,135 Soul Groups that contain 144,000 Monads per Soul Group
      5. This equals roughly 44 billion people in the universes or multiverses (only 6.7 billion are incarnated on the Earth at the moment)
  2. Cosmic Masters:
    1. Universal Logos | Melchizedek (ensouls our universe/headquartered in the Sagittarius Constellation or the galactic center)
    2. Milky Way Galactic Logos | Name TBD
    3. Milky Way Galactic Quadrant Logos | Melchior
    4. Solar System Logos | Helios
    5. Planetary Logos (Earth) | Currently Guatama Buddha, recently Sanat Kumara (for the past 18 million years)
    6. Cosmic Christ: Sathya Sai Baba
    7. Earth’s Planetary Christ & Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy: Lord Maitreya
  3. Ascended Masters: Metatron | Lord Maitreya | Jesus Christ, Leader of the Great White Brotherhood | Lakshmi | Serapis Bay | Isis | Ganesh | Hathor | Quan Yin | Saraswati | Yogananda | Hermes-Thoth | etc…See “Spiritual Masters” page
  4. The Nine of Arcturus | Three triads of the DNA | three points in the inner triangle | three anchor points:  darkness, light and invisibility |  shifters of position and can also move into a straight line one on top of the other
    1. 1st triad – electrical, anchoring, linear
    2. 2nd triad – matter, energy, sound
    3. 3rd triad – expression, creation, love
  5. The second coming of Christ is widely interpreted as the Christ Consciousness within each Human
  6. Attas (Rescuers of the Light | Amoebas: Jesus, JFK, Thomas Jefferson, | Amaz-ta-has | Transcendentals)
  7. Higher dimensional (or of the higher realm) extraterrestrial beings of Light from Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Pleiades
  8. Historical Sun Gods: Ra | Osiris | Horus | Dionysis | Mithras | Jesus …was the embodiment or incarnation of the first male the first Biblical male: Amelius (Lemuria) and “Adam” of Adam & Eve (Atlantean)
  9. 4th element represents consciousness which looks after the physical body, soul body, emotional body and the mind body.
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  1. Modern paleantology suggests six major extinction events.
  2. Michael Cremo uncovers reports tracing mankind (e.g. bones, artifacts, footprints) as far back as 300 million (MM) years ago on Earth (one report published in the “Geologist Journal” reports that in 1862 a human skeleton was found 90 ft in the ground in Illinois beneath a thick layer of slate rock). Another case found in Antelope Springs, UT 1968 showed a shoeprint dating back to 500 MM yrs ago, and artifacts in Africa encased in rocks that date back 3 BB yrs ago.
  3. Etheric Intelligent Beings: 35MM BC
  4. Dynoid | Reptoid High Intelligence Malevolent Bi-pedals: 26 MM BC
  5. Pre-Cetacean High Intelligence Benevolent Bi-pedals: 18 MM BC
  6. Hy(per)borneans on Earth: 2MM-1MM BC
  7. Mother Empire of Lemuria (her kingdoms: Mu | Yu | Atlantis | Ionia | Mayam | Atl | Libya-Egypt) Continent formerly located over the Pacific: 900,000 BC – 25,000 BC
  8. Hierarchy of Atlantis (destroyed Lemuria): 25,000 BC – 10,000 BC (Continent of Appalachia formerly located over the Atlantic Ocean) | Atlantis’s scientists became arrogant, highly technological civilization, master geneticists (influenced by Anunnakis/renogade ETs) | U.S. is said to have the largest number of Reincarnated souls from Atlantis
  9. Ancient Cataclysms & Nuclear Wars (Pole shifts, great floods, earthquakes, eruptions, ancient nuclear weapons, etc. | have become part of our social memory complex)
  10. Wars | Destruction of Earth’s two protective firmaments 38k ft & 18k ft: 4,000 BC: Rama | Lybian-Egyptian War, use of nuclear warfare 25,000 BC to destroy Lemuria as well as one of earth’s moons
  11. Sacred Sites Around the World
  12. Ancient Ruins (Latin America)
  13. Gnostic Tradition | Mithras | Paganism | Mother God
  14. Council of Nicaea, 325 AD
  15. Origin of Symbols | Symbolic Consciousness | Hieroglyphics | Crop Circles
  16. Mother Earth, Father Sun (Material World), Historical Sexist Dichotomy
  17. Mesoamerican Indigenous Civilizations (Mastery of Nature): Olmecs | Toltecs | Mayans | Aztecs | Incans | Yaquis | Hopi | Cherokee
    1. Mayan Code or Calendar | 260 day Tzolkin | 360 day spiritual calendar | 365 day harvest calendar | Accelerated Time | 2012
  18. Dogons of Africa claim their ancestors are from the Sirius star system and their astronomical predictions forcast the return of starships to rescue them
  19. Glossary of Sanskrit words
    1. Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary
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  1. Astro Theologies (Steller | Lunar | Saturnian | Solar)
  2. The Legacy of the Four Cults of Power:
    1. Steller (Stars | Magi | Magician)
    2. Lunar (Moon | Isis | High Priestess)
      1. Moses as a lunar deity, pictured with horns, leader of the moon cult
      2. Moon in the lower quarter wore horns
      3. Others who wore horn head pieces: Native Americans, Vikings, Ancient people of the Middle East
      4. Sin – name of the moon god of Arabia
      5. Moon comes up from the East above the mountain. In the ancient language, mountain was spelled as “ai”. You take “Sin” and “ai” = Sinai or Mt. Sinai (where Moses received the 10 commandments)
    3. Saturnian (Saturn | El | Hierophant)
      1. Judaism
      2. Also known as YHWH, “Lord of the Rings” and Shabboth (Phoenician language) = Sabbath (playing homage to Saturn, Lord of the Rings)
      3. Symbols of Saturn: Black robes, courts, listen to your God (Saturn) > ear rings, wedding rings
      4. Hexagrams (star of David)
    4. Solar (Sun | Ra | Emporer)
      1. Christianity as sun worship and astrology
  3. Shamanism: Mesoamerican | African
  4. Eastern Theologies (Buddhism | Hinduism)
  5. Western Theologies (Judaism | Islam | Christianity)
    1. Order of Melchizedek
    2. Brotherhood of Light
    3. Druidic System – pre-Christian religious order among the ancient Celts of Gaul, Britain, and Ireland.
      1. Magic wand system | e.g. orchestra conductor | made of the wood of a holly tree e.g. Hollywood
    4. Judaism – not a BC religion; developed the “Old Testament” in the 9th | 10th AD
    5. Islam
    6. Christianity
    7. Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt (Ascension)
  6. Ancient Egypt | The Great Pyramids | Stone Levitation
    1. 70% of Egyptian antiquities are still beneath the sand
    2. The great pyramid is said to be used as an ascension chamber
    3. The great pyramid is also said to be both a portal | stargate as well as one of the locations leading to the hollow earth
    4. Abydos
    5. Buried beneath the right paw of the Sphinx is a great library chamber containing records of the existence of Atlantis
  7. Akashic Records | Tree of Life | Book of Life | The Great Library
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  1. Middle Earth | Shamballa | Eden | Agartha Federation | Subterranean Societies
  2. Dome City of Telos of Mount Shasta (temple society) | built 12,000 years ago as a refuge before the deluge that sank Atlantis 200 yrs after Lemuria, contains 5 levels (L5 nature | plants | animals, L4 hydroponic gardens & manufacturing, L3 hydroponic gardens, L2 manufacturing and classes, L1 is the great white pyramid temple that can fit 10,000 ppl. Stone crystalline content causes the crystalline matrix of the stone to create a plarity that allows the stone to pull in the even invisible rays and re-admit the sun’s rays as visible light becoming a small sun. The sun will burn for half a million years before it breaks down. Built in a small eco-system within the structure through the plants…along with vents that go to the surface supply the air. Have water in some areas moving at high speeds creating the circulation of the air, freshening it, and creating negative ions. Council of 12 (+ 1 monarchs) beings who are Ascended Masters: 6 men and 6 women. From the major council of 12 to smaller councils of 12 throughout the city. Arbitrators (priests and priestesses) deal w | personal conflicts or disputes. Ra and Ranamu (King & Queen of Telos | High Priest & Priestess of the Melchizedek Order). Everywhere in the Universe exists the Melchizedek Order bringing the “LIGHT” set the good of the many above the good of one. From childbirth, babies in the womb along w | the mother go to rooms in the temple that show loving images, plays beautiful music, etc. Women only carry a fetus for 3 mos. All underwater births at body temperature, trance of no pain just pressure. Brought to a warm tub after birth held by its parents to show that it’s loved. The child emerges to the surface on its own for a quick breath and then back down to help adjust its lungs. Once the child has adjusted, the imbilical cord is cut by a laser making it a painless experience. The baby is immediately assigned TWELVE sets of God Parents giving it a true sense of community and the brotherhood of man…
  3. M’s Story of Mikel from Telos beneath Mount Shasta (Inner World)
  4. Large entrance in the North Pole in the Arctic ocean (located at 84.4 N Latitude and 141 E Longitude) about 400 miles long w | 90 mile width at the tightest portion of the neck tunneling into the inner earth. | Other entrances are beneath the Gobi Desert, Mount Shasta, Himalayas, Amazon, Iceland volcano, etc.
  5. Earth’s surface shell is said to be 890mi thick | Hollow earth is 3,600 miles wide, 3 | 4 land, 1 | 4 ocean inside w | 4 main rivers leading to the 4 corners of the Earth | Contains a sun in the middle measuring roughly 600 miles long
  6. 84.90 degrees tilt of the polar opening (throwing matter out from the center)
  7. Inhabitants are said to be the 10 lost tribes of Israel (2,500 yrs ago) | lifespans average 800 yrs | incredibly advanced scientifically (no wars or severe atmospheric | weather conditions) | Giants ranging from 10ft | 15ft tall | Flora are gigantic (trees grow 1,000 ft tall) | Fauna are gigantic, prehistoric animals (e.g. dinosaurs, etc.)
  8. Advanced cities w | monorails (environmentally friendly), space travel ability (many UFO sightings are supposedly theirs) | said to engineer androids to fly these space ships (what we commonly term as the small “grays” ET species…I guess that technically makes them Interterrestrial species)
  9. Anomolous phenomena: 70 north latitude, 135 east longitude | Jan north wind raise the temperature | south wind lowers it- warm air coming out of the polar opening | temperature inversion
  10. Gravity is caused by a concentration of mass. All of the Earth’s mass is in the Earth’s shell not on the opening so our feet are held to the ground.
  11. Other planets are also hollow w | polar openings. Evidence shows through the gleams of light from the inner sun shining out at certain times of the year: Mars, Venus, Mercury’s solar opening points towards the Earth
  12. Olaf Jansen claimed he lived there for 2 years (Book, “The Smoky God: A Voyage to the Inner World”) http: | | | PartOne.htm
  13. “Journey to the center of the Earth”- Fictitious book (by Jules Vern, 1865) is based on hollow earth accidentally found by explorers entering through a hollow volcano in Iceland
  14. Others: Admiral Richard Byrd | Reinhold Schmidt 1958 | Brooks Agnew (PhD in Physics)
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The Dimensions…

  1. 10D? | 9D? | 8D? | Intelligent Infinity, True Oneness, Allness, Eternity, No Memory, No Identity, No sense of past present or future, Becoming ONE with the Universe
  2. 7D | Seventh Density | Guardians, Advise Groups like Ra, Watch over us when planets shifts from one density to another and make sure every soul is accounted for, You become a spiritual mass, like a whole galaxy or a star (22 ARCHETYPES); created a Quarantine around earth to prevent negative energies from coming to earth. ACTURIANS
  3. 6D | Sixth Density | Unity of Love & Light (4th & 5th D), Compassion, These entities do not require UFOs to travel (They just think it.) SIRIANS
  4. 5D | Fifth Density | Light, Wisdom, Honor Principle, Science, Sacrifice for Greater Cause, Sense of Duty | Responsibility, PLEIADIANS
  5. 4D | Fourth Density | Love, Unconditional Love (4D+) or Love of Self (4D-), Heart Chakra, Open Heart, 100x more harmonious than 3D, Positives exist on one planet and Negatives exist on a different planet, Positive abilities: Healing | Instant Manifestation | Levitation | Telepathic | Telekenesis | Time Travel | Space Travel | Unified Consciousness. Atlantis and Anunnakis are 4D
  6. 3D | Third Density | Openly Positive & Negative Entities living together on the same planet. EARTH HUMANS
  7. 2D | Second Density | Positive Elementals (e.g. nature spirits of the angelical realm: faeries, gnomes/land, sylphs/air, undines/water, salamanders/fire, etc.) | Pan is the God of Nature | Negative Elementals (Chiron) create disease and ill-will
  8. 1D | First Density | Earth’s crystal core

Higher dimensional extraterrestrial (or advanced beings) of Light: Andromedans, Kralines, Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, etc.

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  1. Sacred cube | tetrahedron | icosahedron | dodecahedron | octahedron
  2. Organic asymmetry vs perfect symmetry
  3. Crop circle harmonic patterns
  4. Stones hold structural memory of humanity’s evolution
  5. Harmonic ratios of pyramid same as earth (point to the Pleiades)
  6. Star transmitters
  7. Water crystals as world memory
  8. Explorations in Science (Michio Kaku)
  9. 19.5 degree N | S latitude markers- Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune sunspots, hot temperatures, volcanoes- Giza pyramid, epicenter of global grid- Avebury stone circle- Hawaiin volcanoes- Teotihuacan pyramid of sun & moon, Mexico- Australian mountains- Atlantic ocean anomaly
  10. Alchemy (Merlin, etc.) –
  11. Electromagnetic (EM) Field | Schumann resonance as spectrum of extremely low frequency portion of the global EM field- occurs between the Earth surface and the conductive ionosphere as a standing wave- cavity with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth | Heartbeat of Mother Earth | Magnetic pole shift indicatorRapidly increasing above the standard 7.8 cycles per second to 8.6 to 12 in various areas | At 13 hz, Earth will be at a zero point magnetic field | Time is accelerating, 16 hours now equate to 24 hour day
  12. Hyperdiminensional Physics (Hoagland) | coupled to a modified concept of spatial aether which is massless and non-EM (distinct from EM aether and zero point energy) | It is the innate rotation of mass in three dimensions (or, the gravitational revolution of “one mass around another mass, via an orbit”) that opens up a literal “rift,” or “gate,” between dimensions. “HD energy” flows through this gate, modifying the massfree aether in this dimension | – creating a variety of observable and measurable physical effects, including the cyclic appearance of matter and energy in our dimension. The overall quantity of energy “gated” into this dimension is directly proportional to “the total amount of angular momentum” in the spinning or gravitating system involved | the entire “solar system” functions as a real, hyperdimensional, interconnected, resonant (or at times, dissonant) system e.g. multiple ripples on a pond
  13. Aetherometry (Dr. E.Mallove) | comprises the study and measurement of the aether | – not the static, electromagnetic “luminiferous aether” of the 19th Century, but a dynamic non-electromagnetic aether that is amenable to measurement through the deflection of electroscope leaves, mercury thermometers, Geiger-Muller tubes, oscilloscopes, Tesla coils, Faraday cages, and other commonly available instruments and circuit elements. Of course, anyone who is a close-minded believer in Einsteinian relativity | – the Special or General theories | – would find little or no reason to investigate Aetherometry
  14. Photons | Fundamental composition of the atomic particle | Core color frequency with a sub spectrum of vibrations | Currently transmuting to a higher density level | Increase capacitance and excited energy states | Ionospheric torsion-field plasmas and torus magnetic storms in the Van Radiation Belt | Popular channeled photon belt is a band of intense light near Earth
  15. Golden Ratio | 1.618 | Phi Ratio | Basis of all life and growth | if you apply this ratio as a spiral on the Mayan Calendar, it implodes onto 2012 with each ratio signifying a critical point in human history. The closer we arrive to the core of the spiral, the more accelerated our abilities become.
  16. Vortex | Torsion fields | etheric energy | anti-gravity phenomenon | cosmic kundalini | fundamental pattern of pulsating vortexes underlying all of matter any size, from electron orbits, solar orbits, fruits, Earth crust | also called dark matter, dark energy, zero point, or etheric energy | infinite implosion waves of the torus sphere as cosmic egg and implicate | explicate order | merkaba, tetrahedron vehicle | scalar standing waves | singularity, multiplicity | hyperdimensional fractal portals | discrete changes in microwave frequency background EM that fills the vacuum of space | dance of the spheres, yin and yang, prakriti and purusha | inverted gravity | symbolic world tree structure across all cultures
    1. At a Mine’s Bottom, Tantalizing Hints of Dark Matter
    2. Whistle Blower Testimony: Electrical Engineer on 2012-2013 (re: Global Blackout)
    3. Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) of 1859 | Solar Superstorm
  17. Parascience | Astrophysics, Quantum Physics, Astronomy, Zodiac
  18. Series of stargates for interstellar travel, built by the Ancients
  19. Tachyon Energy – The Tachyon era has begun. In 1977, Gerald Feinberg defined Tachyon Energy as a “faster-than-light, subatomic particle” in order to unify the scientific world’s view and nomenclature of faster-than-light energy. David Wagner had a different vision of the benefits of Tachyon Energy. His vision was the clear realization that the conversion of Tachyon Energy into usable electrical energy would, in fact, not solve this planet’s growing crisis, because it is not a crisis of energy. It is a crisis of consciousness. Tachyonization restructures certain natural materials at the submolecular level, creating a permanent Tachyon antennae.
    The Tachyonization process: is not a frequency, spin or manipulation,
    does not use sound, is not a radionics or SE% transfer, does not use sacred geometry to inform products, is not a photon-based technology, does not use crystals or orgon technologies does not use magnets, is absolutely NOT operator sensitive. In quantum physics, the energy that fills the cosmos is called “Zero-Point Energy.” Formless, faster than the speed of light, and omnipresent, Zero-Point Energy is infinitely intelligent and contains everything needed to create perfect form. It has no spin, frequency or oscillation. It has no gravitational pull. Tachyon Energy is omnipresent, limitless and has all the potential information to create perfect form in the universe. Just like Zero-Point Energy, Tachyon Energy has no spin, oscillation or frequency and is not affected by gravity. The real difference between Tachyon Energy and zero-Point Energy is that Tachyon Energy has form.
  20. Kardashev Scale | Type I. a civilization that is able to harness all of the power available on a single planet | – has approximately 1016 or 1017 W available.[2] Earth specifically has an available power of 1.74 × 1017 W (174 petawatts, see Earth’s energy budget). Kardashev’s original definition was 4 × 1012 W | – a “technological level close to the level presently attained on earth” (presently meaning 1964).[3] | Type II | – a civilization that is able to harness all of the power available from a single star, approximately 4 × 1026 W.[2] Again, this figure is variable; the Sun outputs approximately 3.86 × 1026 W. Kardashev’s original definition was also 4 × 1026 W.[3] \ Type III | – a civilization that is able to harness all of the power available from a single galaxy, approximately 4 × 1037 W.[2] This figure is extremely variable, since galaxies vary widely in size; the stated figure is the approximate power output of the Milky Way. Kardashev’s original definition was also 4 × 1037 W.[3]
  21. Thermo Nuclear Reaction | Dyson Sphere | a shell retaining the heat and atmosphere of a planet | A relatively simple arrangement of multiple Dyson Rings around an area, to form a more complex Dyson Swarm. Rings’ orbital radii are spaced 1.5 × 107 km with regards to one another, but average orbital radius is still 1 AU. Rings are rotated 15 degrees relative to one another, around a common axis of rotation.
  22. Plasma Fusion Energy (in lieu of fuel)
    1. Plasmas | the 4th state of matter
    2. Plasma Physics & Controlled Nuclear Fusion
  23. Electrogravitation | the compression of matter through sound and light
  24. Expanding Earth theory (Neal Adams)
  25. (In Telos) Storing records on Telonium plates and crystals
  26. (In Telos) Organic multi tracking records (operating with the Christ mind)
  27. (In Telos) Transport | Electromagnetic sleds (running in tunnels) from Shasta to secondary city Lawson
  28. (In Telos) Transport | Flying baskets (run on crystalline technology) | guided by your mind
  29. (In Telos) Transport | Electromagnetic trains running in tubes (rock cylinder) creating a force field around it achieving speeds of 3,000 miles per hour (hours to Poseidan, another subterranean city)
  30. (In Telos) Transport | Boring machine w | crystalline matrix that creates temperatures of white hot incandescence and cools it instantly, elastic, watertight, withstands earthquakes
  31. Schumann Resonance | A measure of the vibration rate of the Earth, its heartbeat, is the Schumann Resonance, which appears to be measured differently by some Earth scientists compared with higher realm information. For years it stayed at 7. 8 cycles per second (hertz). It began moving up at the time of the Harmonic Convergence. August 1987, the year of much spiritual awakening. In theory, when it is constantly at 13. 0, we are in the 4th Dimension. According to some sources we have been sitting at 12. 9 for some time, and will move to 13. 8 in the near future.
  32. Microwave Transfer of Biological Information | DNA| Dr. Tszyan Kanchzhen
  33. 62 million year cycle of extinction and biodiversity | Berkeley scientists
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  1. Unconditional Love | Forgiveness | Acceptance (the great human healing powers)
  2. Light Workers | Way-Showers | Starseeds | Map Makers (ETs born as Earth humans)
    1. Light weavers
    2. Light Workers are also known as Light Servers and Way-Showers, amongst whom are said to be incarnations on Earth from the legions of Angels under Arch Angel Michael to help usher Earth into the 5th dimension at this time.
  3. Star People | becoming one with the laws of nature and the Cosmos | gaining self-mastery in exploring the infinite mystery of the universe
  4. Indigo | Star | Rainbow | Light | Crystal Children | here to save the guardianship of Earth
    1. Boriska Kipriyanovich | Russian Indigo Boy (Mars)
    2. Pravda article on Boy from Mars
    3. 2nd Pravda article on Boris
  5. Energy Healing, Wholistic Medicine
  6. Merlin (Ascended Master) Magic | telepathy, telekinesis, teleport, etc.
  7. Regressive & Progressive Therapy
  8. Reincarnation | Torsion Radiation | Life-Between-Lives, Future Lives, “Vertical” TimeNote: Each soul who volunteers to be born HUMAN on Earth is integrated into Earth’s reincarnation cycle. Average cycle is said to be 25,000 years. It takes on roughly THREE of these 25,000 year cycles to evolve and experience Ascension (w | the exception of the “harvest” or mass ascension as we enter the photon belt…see details below)
  9. Meditation Basics (pt. 1)
    1. Meditation Basics Addendum (pt. 2)
    2. Global Nexus 2012 Meditation Project (by Astralwalker)
    3. 2012 Global Healing Meditation
    4. Grace Light
    5. Sound Meditations | Tom Kenyon
    6. Goldenwave Meditation
  10. Prayer
  11. Affirmations
  12. Tranformation
    1. Self Transformation – Soul Awakening
  13. Yoga – Hindu discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility that is achieved through the three paths of actions and knowledge and devotion, a system of exercises practiced as part of the Hindu discipline to promote control of the body and mind.
    1. Kriya Yoga (Initiation)
      1. Ananda Sangha (meditation)
      2. Raja Yoga
    2. Kundalini Yoga
    3. Transcendental Yoga
    4. Laughter Yoga
    5. more..
  14. Advaita – The principal philosophical tradition of Hinduism referring to non-dualism. the Advaita or nondualistic form of Vedanta [from veda knowledge + anta end] expounded by Sankaracharya teaches the oneness of Brahman or the paramatman of the universe with the human spirit-soul or jivatman, and the identity of spirit and matter; also that the divine spirit of the universe is the all-efficient, all-productive cause of the periodic coming into being, continuance, and dissolutions of the universe; and that this divine cosmic spirit is the ultimate truth and sole reality — hence the term advaita (without a second).
  15. Chakra – is a Sanskrit word, meaning moving wheel. Chakras are, effectively, centers of energy within the auric field, which correspond to pinpointed locations on the physical body. These energy centers absorb and transmit the universal life force, or prana, that the body needs to regulate itself and it is through the chakras that we sense anything energetically. In traditional text, the body is said to have 88,000 chakras. Most of these chakras are considered to be of very minute importance in how they affect the body’s field of energy, however, because only about 40 of these 88,000 chakras are considered relevant. These 40 are located in the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, the back of the neck and around the spleen.
    1. Six main chakras along the spine and one on the crown of the head
    2. 88,000 total chakras in the body
    3. 50 Chakras, 99% Light Quotient, Completed 7th Initiation of Ascension
  16. Darshan – Sanskrit, meaning seeing, to see and be seen by a deity or holy person, to make pilgrimage to behold a sacred place. The central act of Hindu worship…is to stand in the presence of the deity and to behold the image with ones own eyes, to see and by seen by the deity.
  17. Dharma – Hinduism describes dharma as the natural universal laws whose observance enables humans to be contented and happy, and to save himself from degradation and suffering. Dharma is the moral law combined with spiritual discipline that guides one’s life. Hindus consider dharma the very foundation of life. It means “that which holds” the people of this world and the whole creation. Dharma is the “law of being” without which things cannot exist.
  18. Kundalini – The Kundalini (kundala=coil of a rope; Kundalini=a coiled female serpent) is the divine cosmic energy. This force or energy is symbolised as a coiled and sleeping serpent lying dormant in the lowest nerve centre at the base of the spinal column, the Muladhara-chakra. This latent energy has to be aroused and made to ascend the main spinal channel, the Susumna piercing the chakras right up to the Sahasrara, the thousand-petalled lotus in the head. Then the Yogi is in union with the Supreme Universal Soul.
  19. Samadhi | dhyana – is a Hindu and Buddhist technical term that usually denotes higher levels of concentrated meditation, or dhyana, in Yogic schools. Nirvana of Buddhism is a step towards Samadhi. A state in which the aspirant is one with the object of his meditation,the Supreme Spirit pervading the universe, where there is a feeling of unutterable joy and peace.
  20. Satsang – (Sanskrit sat = true, sanga = company) describes in Indian philosophy (1) the company of the “highest truth,” (2) the company of a guru, or (3) company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth.[1] This typically involves listening to or reading scriptures, reflecting on, discussing and assimilating their meaning, meditating on the source of these words, and bringing their meaning into one’s daily life.
  21. Siddha – Sanskrit word that literally means “perfection”, “accomplishment”, “attainment”, or “success”.[1] It is also used as a term for spiritual power (or psychic ability). The term is used in that sense in Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism. These spiritual powers supposedly vary from relatively simple forms of clairvoyance to being able to levitate, to be present at various different places simultaneously, to become as small as an atom, to materialize objects, to have access to memories from past lives, and more.
  22. Remote Viewing
    • Biomind Superpower (Ingo Swann)
  23. Creativity | Art | Literature
  24. Thought Creation | Affirmation | Manifestation | Law of Attraction
  25. Western | Chinese | Mayan Astrologies
  26. Psionics
  27. Psychic Abilities: (Clair = Clear)
    1. Clairvoyance (clear seeing)
    2. Clairaudience (clear hearing)
    3. Clairsentience (clear feeling)
    4. Clairavorance
    5. Clairscient
    6. Clairempathy (clear empathizing)
    7. Clairtangency
  28. Seers | Prophecies (Nostradamus, I-Ching, Edgar Cayce, Silvia Browne, David Wilcock, etc.)
  29. Tarot
  30. Palmistry
  31. Dream Analysis
  32. Journaling
  33. Visualization
  34. Near Death Experience (NDE)
[ Top ]
  1. The (ET) Disclosure Project
  2. The Orion Project (Breakthrough Energy Technologies)
  3. Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
  4. The Pleiadian Library (online resource re: ETs, black ops, DUMBs, subterranean cities, etc.)
  5. Andromedan Council | Koldasian Alliance | and…
  6. Confederation of Planets (53 humanoid races, 1 to 14 ft tall, spectrum of skin colors) | Mgmt & Transfer of Planetary Population | Universe Society | Galactic
  7. Extraterrestrials | Advanced Lifeforms | Inorganic Multidimensional Beings. Basis of brotherhood, commerce, etc. We are in sector 9 of the galaxy under the command of Ashtar (Ashtar Command | over 100 fleets that serve sector 9). Sector zero is the center of the galaxy. Each sector is responsible for its own actions and how it interacts
  8. Human Colonizations on Earth from other planets: Vega | Maldek | Malona | Venus | Mars | Jupiter | Procyon, etc.
  9. Generally Positive Highly Intelligent ET Encounters: Sirians A, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Alpha Centaurians, Telosians, Lyrans, Vegans, Procyons, Tau Cetians, Ummites, Nommos, Orbs
  10. Earth governments are currently dealing with 4 different humanoid ETs | (1) Other Humans | Nordics, (2) Big Whites | tall & pale, (3) Greys | tall & small humanoid androids & (4) the Anunnaki
  11. Earth | Terra | Shan | Gaia | Gaia Hypothesis
  12. Earth’s Inter-planetary & Inter-dimensional Quarantine: nuclear weapons affecting space-time matrix of offworld civilizations | ET interventions allowed only according to divine plan | secret government treaties with time-traveling aliens to justify or prevent future catastrophes
  13. Seven colors of the human race on Earth (Yellow, Brown, Black, White, Blue, Green, Grey) | Blue race living beneath India possibly beneath France and Brazil as well.
  14. Seven Sisters | Subaru | Seven Star Cluster | Pleiades (430 Light Years from Earth)
  15. Generally Negative ET Encounters: Short Grays, Tall Grays, Reptilians, Draconians, Anunnaki
  16. (U.S. military has cataloged at least 57 known ET species)
  17. Alien Species
  18. Tiamat (Ocean Planet) | destroyed by ETs hunting the Anunnaki | destruction of Tiamat suggests the great deluge on earth (i.e. the cataclysmic Biblical flood of Noah). The great deluge may also have been caused by the destruction of Earth’s firmament(s).
  19. CIA | American-Nazi Fifth Column | Project Paperclip (UFO program)
  20. Nazi Disk Aircrafts | Bril Levitation Devices
  21. NASA secret space program
  22. Project Bluebook (Former U.S. Airforce UFO program)
  23. IPU or Interplanetary Phenomena Unit | (Former U.S. Army UFO program)
  24. UFOs | Over 10,000,000 sightings and 67,000 encounters | Magneto-Aerodynamic Hypersonics | 1941 Whitehawk Project in Missouri | 1942 Los Angeles & San Bernadino | 1947 Roswell time-travelers | Mexico City | Guadalajara | Phoenix | Stephenville | etc.(too many to list)
  25. Special Note: Roswell 1947 crash | reports indicate the visitors came from earth’s future on an altruistic mission to change the past that created future problems on earth. A little box device was recovered by the military at the crash site (The device would have been used to return to their own timeline. Instead, the military initiated Project Looking Glass to study time travel.)
  26. Nevada Area 51 (S4) | 1950s (where recovered alien technology is studied by the U.S. military) – Google Map of Area 51 in Lincoln, NV
  27. Ohio Blue Lab | 1950s (where non-surviving entities | ETs were sent after any U.S. location UFO crash site)
  28. There’s a pattern of UFO denial and deception by government that “looks almost silly” (at this point w | all the countless, clear and credible reports over the decades), and a denial by scientists that indicates an indirect kind of intimidation of UFO technology and higher science.
  29. Cosmic Top Secret Clearance (NATO UFO info access)
  30. Top secret exchange program of 12 US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78.
  31. Operation Majestic 12 (aka MJ 12 or Majic 12: Office of the President | RAND | IPU | AEC | ONR | JRDB | NACA | CIA | MIT | CIC | NEPA | AMC | USAAF SAG | AFSWP) | appointed by Executive Order: 6 military and 6 civilian | Collect and contain info on the UFO phenomena and UFO contact. One MJ document notes: “History and religion in the political context would probably suffer the MOST DAMAGE causing unprecedented upheavl in social and psychological well-being.”
  32. Black Ops: Solar Warden (US Space Fleet & Mars Base) | Project Looking Glass | Montauk Chair | Time Travel | Philadelphia
  33. Project | CERN’s Colossal Particle-Accelerator | Mini Blackholes | Microsingularity | Stargate |
  34. There’s a city the size of Chicago underground on planet Mars
  35. There is major engineering activity on the moon with massive ships moving in and out of the craters
  36. US DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) | Nuclear Suberrenes | There are 132 DUMBs under the United States, an average of 5.36 to 7.24 cubic miles in size at an average of 1.5 to 4.5 miles underground, built in areas away from geotectonic areas | but there’s going to be lots of new geotectonic faults established when you have force 11, 12, 13, 14 earthquakes hit the Earth. The US was tunneling machines back in the mid-90s that could tunnel through a rock face at seven miles per day, that could cut through a rock face with high-energy impact lasers that could blow the nano-sized particles of rock so that there was no debris left, forming an obsidian-like core, and laying an inner core for unidirectional maglev trains that travel at Mach 2 to 2.8 underground between these very very powerful and organized cities. | Nuclear subterrenes work by melting their way through the rock and soil, actually vitrifying it as they go, and leaving a neat, solidly glass-lined tunnel behind them. The United States Atomic Energy Commission and the United States Energy Research and Development Administration took out Patents in the 1970s for nuclear subterrenes. The first patent, in 1972 went to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
  37. No, Know, Know (Blog)
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IX. 2012+
  1. The 2012 Prophecy (see website)
  2. Dec.21, 2012, 11:11 GMT | There are many interpretations of 2012.
  3. 256-day end of the Mayan “Universal Underworld”
  4. 12-year end of the Mayan “Galactic Underworld” (13th baktun)
  5. 5,125-year end of the Mayan “Long Count” (the end of the 4th cycle of the sun)
    1. Mayan National Council of Elders (Guatemala | Don Alejandro | Mayan Elder & Shaman)
  6. 25,920-year end of the Earth’s Wobble (aka the Precession)
  7. Planetary alignment once every 25,800 years
  8. Sun will align to the center of the Milky Way (happens once every 26,000 years) | Black hole in the center of the Milky Way | Superwaves from the galactic center in 2012 | Galactic Superwave | Galactic Alignment | Solar Eclipse Alignment
  9. Galactic Equinox | “Crucifixion” of Earth | Galactic Cross of the Autumnal & Vernal Equinoxes | Ecliptic & Celestial Equator
  10. The 2012 Nexus Event – An Unknown Form Of Energy Is Coming Our Way | Pane Andov | Michael Knight (.pdf ebook)
    1. Astralwalker Pane Andov bio
    2. Global Nexus 2012 Meditation Project (by Astralwalker)
    3. 2012 Global Healing Meditation
  11. Hindus | end of a 5,270 year dark age (of Kali Yuga)
  12. Tibetans-Chinese | 2012 Year of the Dragon (chi and breath)
  13. Taoists | I Ching oracle encodes a cycle ending in 2012
  14. Oceania-Aborigines | dreamtime of more than 40,000 years is concluding now | we’re moving into a higher dream
  15. Oceania-Maoris | current illusory matrix dissolving | physical and spiritual realms becoming one again
  16. Hopi Indians | Fourth World of Destruction ending | Fifth World of Peace beginning with the return of the Blue Star Kachina or Sirius | Isis
  17. Free Masons | government leaders covertly planning for the 2012 prophecies
  18. Cherokees | foretelling of the war in the heavens and the Venus Transit, that will be the feminine heralding the end of these times | lightning strikes of the Rattlesnake | constellation speak of the changing DNA and the ascension process
  19. Heliosphere | the sun’s heliosphere which is like a force field that surrounds it (including earth) protects everything within the heliosphere from the radiation in space. In the past couple years, however, this heliosphere has deteriorated leaving us exposed to the elements. They say this exposure culiminates in 2012 which may be responsible for affecting our DNA.
  20. Superwave from the galactic black hole arrives
[ Top ]
  1. Outcome of these “end times” events can only occur if they are part of the collective consciousness of the planet
  2. Nuclear Wars
  3. Pole Shift, Axis Shift (shift mountains, valleys, ocean basins)
  4. 19% chance of Solar Storms | Flares…caused by the elliptical orbit of the Dark Star (Planet X | Nibiru) around the sun
  5. 19% chance of Asteroid Impact or Dark Star (Planet X | Nibiru) if Nibiru & Earth are on the same side of the sun
  6. Orion Conspiracy (Gov’t staged UFO hoax attack | false flag)
  7. Natural Catastrophes | Tsunamis, Floods, Earthquakes, Eruptions, Hurricanes, Tornados, Fires
  8. Global Warming (National Security threat with no enemy) | All planets warming in the solar system (not just Earth)
  9. Global Warming by human interference: incessant wars, oil drilling, dams, coal mining, consumption, fear
  10. Global Warming collapse of the Thermohaline Circulation (i.e. Gulf Stream oceanic current) | Atlantic Conveyor may conceivably shut down, plunging Europe into a deep freeze | Advent of the next Ice Age (2005 Pentagon report estimates by 2020)
  11. Economic Collapse, Famine, Disease
  12. End of Days (Time) | Biblical Revelation
  13. End of The Age of Pisces
  14. These events can be influenced (prevented) by the aid of Kardashev Type III ETs (see HIGHER SCIENCE above)
[ Top ]
  1. Ascension…aka Planetary Mastery | Rapture | Resurrection | The Harvest
  2. Prana
  3. Light Body
  4. Keys to Ascension and Spiritual Evolution (Planetary Mastery):
    1. Transcendence of Negative-Ego Thinking
    2. Unconditional Love (Devotion to Service)
    3. Build your Planetary Light Quotient to 99% (then your Cosmic Light Quotient)
    4. Anchor and activate all 50 Chakras
    5. Anchor and activate all Bodies: (see CHARTS section on the Main Menu)
      1. Nine Bodies in the Keys of Enoch (overlap the Twelve Bodies below)
      2. Twelve Bodies
      3. Mayavarupa Body (Adam Kadmon Body or Divine Blueprint Body)
      4. Seven Cosmic Bodies (in the Djwhal Khul System)
  5. Merkabah: Mer = Light, Ka = Spirit, Bah = Body
    1. Ascension vehicle or Chariot of Ascension | God that carries and connects our consciousness to reach those in tune with the higher realms (or higher dimensions)
    2. It also means the spirit | body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of Light which transports spirit | body from one dimension to another
    3. Spirals of energy as in DNA
    4. It is a vehicle of Light consisting of two equally sized, interlocked tetrahedra of Light with a common center (3D Star of David) or Star Tetrahedron
    5. Merkabah fields enable us to move (or expand) ito the next set of dimensional fields of existence and progressively ascend
    6. Merkabah vehicle is a transient (not permanent) structure of interwoven energy spirals that exist as an integral part of ALL CREATION.
    7. Merkabah activation is required to achieve time travel, dimensional travel, stargate passage, and eternal life
    8. Merkabah is most easily described as a golden ball of light
  6. Temple of Ascension (Ascended Masters and Beings from Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Ashtar, etc.)
  7. Dawning of The Age of Aquarius (Era of Spiritual Evolution for Humanity)
  8. Arrival of Benevolent ET Light Beings | Pleiadians (Plejurans) | Humanoids | and not-so-benevolent ETs (non Humanoid)
  9. CHRIST (Unconditional Love Consciousness): Return of the 7th Avatar | Second Coming of the Messiah | Return of Quetzalcoatl
  10. (Metaphors) = HUMANITY TUNES INTO THE TEMPLE WITHIN (SELF REALIZATION OF BEING WITH GOD & ALL CREATION) | Spiritual Enlightenment | Universal Consciousness | 4th & 5th Dimension
  11. Mastery | Return to the Core of the Spiral | Acylone | Return to the One | Unified Field
  12. Entering the Photon Belt
  13. Theory | Co-create | Natural Cycle of the Universe | End of Linear Time | Beginning of a New Cycle
  14. Human DNA Rebundled | Evolving to 12-Helix Strands (Depletion of the Sun’s heliosphere exposing Earth to radiation and various elements)
  15. For details on Ascended Masters, go to the section on SPIRITUAL MASTERS (main menu)
    1. Spiritual Hierarchy tabl
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Microwave Transfer of Biological Information

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