Shiftmas – December 21, 2015

21 12 2015


Happy Shiftmas to each of you. It’s been three years now since 12/21/12–the date of the official “Shift” in consciousness (i.e. awakening of oneness and the goddess energy or Heart Consciousness in ALL that is as an integral part of Source self-realization). It marked the end of an era and the beginning of a consciousness of collaboration, appreciation and understanding across all walks of life here on Earth. It is part of our conscious evolution to ride this timeline (should we so choose it) among countless others experienced on this planet. Our expression of the heart/ emotions/ feelings not only manifests thought into the physical reality, it is the most powerful aspect that makes us human. Love is the language of Source and our exclusive means to connect to Spirit and Nature however way we express this through kindness, self respect and for each other, service to others, mindfulness, laughter, art, meditation, gratitude, healing, wonder, compassion, etc.


Film: Secrets of Mary Magdalene

29 09 2015

If you haven’t already seen this documentary on Mary Magdalene, its interpretations of history attempt to rectify certain age-old chauvinist beliefs about her as well as present claims of her marriage to Jesus. Together, according to the Cathars, the two produced a child (Sarah)  whose descendants would later start the Merovingian bloodline of French kings. The film notes that some believe Magdalene  “represented the Holy Spirit, …a manifestation of the feminine aspect of the divine”. Though not mentioned in the film, it follows and is worth noting that according to Judy Satori (who wrote and recorded the “Transcripts of Mary Magdalene”), Jesus came to Earth to bring in the Light whilst Mary Magdalene spent her 30 years living in a French cave (on a hill by Marseille, La Sainte-Baume or “Holy Cave”, Baumo in Provençal) anchoring this Light to the planet–this, contrary to popular belief that she spent those years in penance.   ~ by Mae McCaw

Youtube Description:
Published on Nov 29, 2014

“A documentary about Mary Magdalene and how important she is to the history of Christianity and the Modern World. Secrets of Mary Magdalene strips away the veils of history to reveal the flesh and blood woman who served as Jesus’ foremost apostle and possibly the love of his life. Based on the nonfiction book ‘Secrets of Mary Magdalene’ by bestselling authors Dan Burstein and Arne De Keijzer, this documentary special uncovers the latest information on one of the world’s most controversial religious figures.”

Link to Judy Satori’s “Transcripts of Mary Magdalene”:

Steven Greer. September 17 2015, London – ET Contact Disclosure & The European Connection SD

24 09 2015

Grace & Graciousness

24 09 2015

Cymatic & Solfeggio Frequencies: The Science & Spirit of Sound

29 08 2015

by Mae McCaw

Sound is the basis of form. Cymatic frequencies are the study of vibration and waves that influence the formation of structure, patterns and shapes. Such frequencies impact language, the human anatomy, animals, the environment, and so much more. This five-hour video details the science and ancient knowledge behind sound.

Note:  The filmmaker’s personal opinions are his own. COTC:TOL does not necessarily agree or disagree with all the information presented in this video.  We ask that you simply take what resonates with you for your own personal quest for truth, spirit, ancestry, and mastery.



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Something is Affecting the Entire Solar System.

17 07 2015

Parallel Dimensions and Illusion of Time by Dolores Cannon [Full Video]

15 07 2015


This also covers “backdrop people”, the hologram, and much more.

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