Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution

by Amorah Quan Yin

Download the book here (85 pages pdf file):


What does it mean to be living in a microcosmic solar system – or “solar ring” as the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light call it – made up of planets such as Venus, Mars, Maldek, and Earth that are considered to be cosmic stepping stones? This solar ring itself is merely a microcosm of an unimaginably vast existence. Does it make your life, your past lives, your future, and your world seem extremely small and insignificant? Does it make your ego cringe a little? It is intended to do so, and yet, beyond ego, it need not.

We are living in a world made up of sequentialness in time and space. This is demonstrated by the precession of time measured in minutes, days, seasons, our lives, the order in which the planets in this solar ring have been inhabited, and the movement from one millennium into another. This sequentialness is the natural order of any evolutionary process, and the third dimension is just that. We might think of ourselves as divining rods for our Higher Selves who learn and feel through our experiences. We are impulsed by our own Creators in order to magnetize the life experiences we need to complete our goals in each life. Until we awaken, we are mere creatures of survival who are self-centered, identified with ego-personalities and bodies, with little sense of anything beyond our immediate lives. Up to the point of our spiritual awakenings, we are even unaware that we are unaware.

Then one day, while in the middle of a lifetime of being ourselves doing what we always do, a pause happens: a gap in consciousness during which an unsettling feeling comes over us. This might be followed by such thoughts such as, “Who am I really?” or “Oh my God, what am I doing here?” or else tears might simply begin to flow for no apparent reason. Our hearts open. We put down the newspaper or turn off the television, and say silently, “There has to be more to life than this.” Something stirs inside and we do not know what it is; but we know we have to find out. We know that things will never be the same again, although we have no definition for these changes or explanation why. We become seekers of Truth.

The angels and our guides send out a big “hurrah!” A great celebration is held in the higher dimensions in honor of you; your own Higher Self and future Ascended Master Self attend for you. You feel it. A new energy is directed your way. You feel inspired and filled with determination and enthusiasm. Joy of a new kind radiates through your whole body. You have felt the call to freedom, heard your own inner voice, and stopped what you were doing to pay attention. You feel like everything in your life has led you to that moment. You have a deep sense of knowing, and yet you do not understand. Now what?

The avalanche of books, yoga teachers, spiritual teachers, workshops, unusual dreams, and synchronicities begins. You opened the door, and existence rearranged itself to place all the right people, situations, and materials in your lap. Your mate thinks you are crazy. With a deeply concerned look in her eyes, your best friend recommends counseling or a vacation. That is it. You have been overworking. You need a rest. You just smile and say, “No, it’s not like that. Something is happening to me. I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but it feels right. I just know that I have something special to do in this life; and I have to find out what it is.” Your friends and family continue to have mixed reactions, so after a while, you just stop talking about it. You hide the latest book on angels and extraterrestrials in the night-stand on your side of the bed. Inside the book you hide your astrology chart after staring at it one last time in awe and wonder at how the astrologer could have been so accurate about your life up until now. You recall what the astrologer said about your past-life karmic pattern of denying your own inner spirit and adhering to the status quo. You shiver a little as you remember. And then you go on with your life. Your new spiritual/psychic interests are a little piece of this ongoing life; but they are not integrated with the rest of it. You live in duality.

The average story goes on to include how your family either starts to join you in your spiritual pursuits, or you separate from your spouse and later divorce. You need time for soul-searching, exploring, finding out who you really are, meeting like-minded others, and redefining your priorities. Friends drop out of your life as new friends enter. Emotional and physical bonds either change or they are broken. Then you have your first clear vision. Perhaps you re-experience a past life, or see Jesus, or remember flying in the stars with an angel. Your memory begins to be objectified. Another phase of renewed enthusiasm and inspiration ensues. The emotional pain of change and separation are temporarily removed from focus as you embark upon the path of remembering.

Past-life regressions, hypnosis, shamanic journeying, meditating, and focusing your attention usually come with the path of remembering. Your dreams become more vivid, with obvious lessons. Your crown and third eye are buzzy, or you feel pressure in them. You see flashes of colored lights occasionally, or catch fleeting glimpses of light in peoples’ auras, or around trees. It is all falling into place now, or so you think. This must be it!

Then the karmic lessons really begin. You are challenged on any level at which you are still ego-identified. You attend a workshop at which everyone else is in bliss and you just feel agitated and do not know why. You would like to punch the next person who says, “Oh yes, I get it!” Or you just feel sorry for yourself and pine away about how unworthy and “less than” you are. Whether your negative ego game is to make yourself feel better than or less than, your ego does not care as long as you feel separate and special. And you do. Either all those people are a bunch of flakes, or “poor you” is the only one whom God/Goddess has chosen to omit from the Divine Plan. Both are your negative ego’s games. So what do you do about it?

You could give it all up and go back to your level-headed spouse. Begging your old friends to take you back might work. But would you be able to be happy, or at least content? No way. The door has been opened too wide, and you saw too much of what awaits you on the other side to turn back now. You are a seeker at the point of no return. Face it, it is this or nothing else. You know by now that suicide would only lead you to more pain in your next life, so you may as well decide to go for it. How long it takes you to get to this step will be determined by the amount of struggle and resistance you go through. Eventually, however, surrender is the only alternative. If your surrender comes from believing you have no choice and you are angry about that, it will be difficult for a while. If you begin to understand that you create your own reality, and if you are humbled by and accept this fact, your surrender will be much more gracious. If your heart feels a deep longing and hunger to be the best you can be and you eagerly begin the process of self-examination, dissolution, and transmutation of your negative ego, you will become a spiritual adventurer. Everything new and challenging will renew your enthusiasm, inspiration, and determination. Your attitude at this stage makes all the difference. The self-help and clearing techniques given in chapters 5 and 6 of The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka are invaluable at this stage, as well as throughout your path to enlightenment. Certainly other schools of thought and clearing will work also. Whatever methods you use, you need to know how to stay grounded and focused; how to keep cosmic energy running into your chakras; and how to clear yourself of unwanted psychic influences, beliefs, contracts, and denser, repressed energies. This stage of the spiritual journey is one of self-clearing. It is followed by your consciousness redefining itself as your Divine Essence instead of as your ego.

Additional individual stepping stones that normally follow are: refinements in your spiritual growth and identity; aligning with your Higher Self; clearing your multidimensional hologram; purifying your consciousness; and, eventually, enlightenment, embodiment of your own Christed Self, and ascension. The Pleiadian Workbook, beginning with chapter 7, provides one path for attaining these goals, as do other spiritual books and practices. What is important is that you know inside the way that is right for you. It is not necessary that you understand fully why one path is correct for you personally and not another. The inner knowing is what is crucial. It is also important that you do not project your path onto others. What is correct for 90 percent of the people may not be correct for the other 10 percent. We are here to learn unity in diversity: to accept and trust that every individual has the innate ability to know what is right for himself or herself.

The Supreme Being for this solar ring is also called The Spirit of Oneness. (Because this great being is androgynous, I will use the pronoun “it” when referring to the Supreme Being.) It was chosen as Supreme Being not only because of its spiritual vastness and Light, but also because the very nature of its essence is what we are here to become. The Spirit of Oneness holds the divine capacity of every individual in our solar ring to transcend duality, heal the male/female split, and unite with the higher consciousness of God/Goddess/All That Is. This is the ultimate goal of existence. By being offered opportunities throughout our lives to experience every alternative to Oneness, we are ultimately led home. Through the sequential evolution of third-dimensional lifetimes and spiritual growth, we gain empirical wisdom. When we finally realize we cannot do it all alone, we are humbled. Then we reach out to our guides, angels, and Ascended Masters. After a time, our own higher-dimensional aspects conjoin with our human selves, and we choose to surrender our individual wills to divine will. Divine will is truly nothing more than the will of your own future Ascended Master self that has become one with God/Goddess/All That Is. When you surrender to divine will, you surrender to the truth of your own highest destiny. Ego identity is passé, or becoming so, at this stage.

The book you hold in your hands is about individual and collective spiritual evolution. It is about the movement along the stepping stones of life and lifetimes toward Oneness. It is about compassion and non-judgment of yourself and everyone else along the way. And it is about how each person’s life is a microcosm of some greater myth within the Divine Plan. What is your role in it all? Are you a Venusian archetype who obsesses on your own body’s sex appeal and that of others? Are you an artisan whose entire sense of self-esteem is wrapped up in your art form? Or is your tendency more Martian? Do you still try to control others, or play the victim and give your power away? Is your sexuality based on lust and dominance/submission roles? Or are you a Maldekian archetype? Do you distrust everyone, even yourself? Do you fail to make good, discerning choices? Are you subject to blind faith, competitiveness, or shame?

These are a few of the basic tendencies that we humans have derived from these planets which, each for a time, housed third dimensional life. And yet, in each of these planetary civilizations, there were those who became spiritually awakened, enlightened, and ascended. Each planet also developed its own lower-astral planes, which were filled with negative thought-forms, denied ghostlike aspects of the people who lived there, and parasitic entities – just like we have on Earth now. So what does knowing about them have to offer you now? The answer is: a macrocosmic view and a microcosmic one simultaneously.

The broader view pertains to our own pre-Earth history, and the development of the karmic patterns within this solar ring. As you explore the lives and cultures on these other planets, including their growth and achievements, as well as their seeming failures, you begin to witness the sources and patterns that brought about their successes as well as their declines. These patterns are intricately interwoven into your own psyche. Whether you are dominantly a Venusian-, Martian-, or Maldekian-type personality, you have traces of all of them. They are the most immediate heavenly bodies within our solar ring. The same sacred Sun shines upon us all, and is reflected back to each of the planets within our solar ring from the others. Those reflections of light travel in refracted rays to Earth from all of the other local planets. And Earth reflects back to these planets the successes and declines of her own inhabitants. In other words, “everything affects everything.” Every thought, action, and “ah-ha” impacts not only everyone on Earth, but everyone and everything throughout our solar ring and beyond. Our solar ring most directly impulses – and is impulsed by – the Pleiades, Sirius,
Orion, and on and on.

Therefore, from the standpoint of the big picture, we are simply individual players living out the greater myths that unite us. From the microcosmic viewpoint, Earth and our solar ring are the playground for the gods and goddesses, as humans have called them throughout time. The paradigms and predispositions of all aspects of all beings, lower and higher, impact us all the time. We are the divining rods for higher consciousness. We are the ones who were split apart from the higher-dimensional realms for the very purpose of giving our own Higher Selves the opportunity to experience linear time and space.

When we think of ourselves as puppets to higher puppet-masters, we become angry, rebellious, disillusioned, hopeless, revengeful, and ego-identified. When we think of ourselves as the sparks of consciousness emanated from our Higher Selves into the creation of our souls, then we realize, as third-dimensional emanations, we may not have chosen to be human beings with souls. But you must realize that at the time of your own creation, the spark with which you normally identify was still part of a greater whole self. And that greater whole self did choose to send part of its own self to be a soul. That creation came about through a tantric-like melding with another; and from that union, your soul was conceived and later born. But you are indeed a part of that greater whole self who chose to incarnate at the soul level. There are no victims of Creation here.

The Divine Plan was always for each of us to learn through experience, to awaken, to love and care deeply for one another and all of Creation, to transcend all beliefs in the supposed limitations of the physical plane, become enlightened, blend completely with our higher-dimensional selves, ground higher consciousness and Oneness into all dimensions, and then to ascend. Eventually all of our experiences, understandings, and attainments become integrated into our united whole selves.

So, microcosmically speaking, this solar ring that houses the Sun, Earth, Mars, Venus, and all of its other planets is a melting pot for the Milky Way and other galaxies. There are beings here from all over existence at this time. Life in this solar ring is the greatest experiment of unity in diversity that has ever occurred. If you could see beyond these earthly costumes we call bodies to the origins of our true selves, you would see something akin to a bar scene in Star Trek or Star Wars. Every imaginable type of being from all over the galaxies has come here to experience cohabitation, resolution of differences, and a final grand Harmonic Convergence in which win/win is the only acceptable motive and outcome for all action. Whether these beings hang out in human bodies, fourth- and fifthdimensional planes of Light and Dark, subterranean cities of Light and Dark, or in the subastral planes, we are all in this together.

The stories of Venus, Mars, and Maldek – and their culmination here on Earth – will mostly emphasize the human beings who lived or live on these planets and their perspectives of reality. As you move lightly across the stepping stones of each colony, civilization, and planet, remember that each one reveals a little more of your own psyche, whether through experience or heritage. Allow the stories in this book to move you, to help you feel more deeply the roots of your own myth, and to understand compassionately how and why we sometimes appear to devolve in the overall process of spiritual evolution. As you find these beings more and more endearing, as you react to them, forgive them, and love them again, you do so for yourself and for your fellow humanity as well. As you are willing to recognize the ego traps into which you still get caught, and choose to make those areas different in your life, you, as a microcosm, impulse the macrocosm with integrity and spiritual attainment. You create a map for others to follow. Simultaneously, your sense of your true self is restored as you acknowledge those behaviors and attitudes that are not inherent to your own God/Goddess nature, or your Divine Essence. If you have already transcended many of the ego vices and traps, then there is a deeper learning to be attained: the lessons of compassion, mastery, and enlightenment. These may appear subtler than the grosser lessons of ego. Yet the snowy white lotus emerges from the mud; or as Buddhists chant, “Na-me ho renge kyo.”

Most of this book is channeled by Ra, a representative of the Pleiadian Archangelic Tribes of the Light, who are members of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. Those of you who have read The Pleiadian Workbook are familiar with Ra and these Pleiadian groups. For the rest, I will give a brief description of who they are and why they are here assisting Earth beings at this time. Earth and our entire solar ring orbit the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone. Our Sun is the eighth star of the Pleiades. As the furthest removed solar ring of the Pleiadian cluster, we are also the last to become a spirituality-based group of beings. The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light comprise a large group of highly spiritually evolved beings who are fifth- and sixth-dimensional guardians of our solar ring. They have played a key role in the lives, cultures, and spiritual development of every planet and being in our solar ring, teaching everything from beginning-level to advanced healing and spiritual growth processes to beings on each of the thirddimensional planets discussed in this book.

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light include Light Beings who function as psychic surgeons, healers, and guides from the fifth dimension as well as the Pleiadian Archangelic Tribes of the Light from the sixth dimension. There are other Pleiadians, mostly of the Light. But there are still a few who have rebelled against the Light, seek control, and are totally self-serving. Therefore, it is recommended that when calling upon them for personal healing or guidance that you use the full name, Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. As most of the information in this book has been channeled, I want to clarify what I mean by channeling information or Light Beings. I never bring other entities into my body nor do I intend to. It is extremely hard on the body, sometimes even dangerous except in rare cases. Most entities or beings who come into human bodies do not know how to take care of the human body so that it remains unharmed by the experience. Besides, it is just simply unnecessary to bring in beings this way.

I am extremely clairaudient as well as clairvoyant, clairsentient, and intuitive. (Respectively, full sensory hearing, vision, feeling, and knowing.) To channel is to go into a full multidimensional, Higher Self alignment. After that, one of two things will happen. The being may stand in front of or above me presenting itself to my clairvoyant vision and talking to me. If I am teaching a class or giving a private session, I then repeat the message word for word. When alone, I merely listen and assimilate or write it down.

The other way it happens, especially with the Pleiadians more than the Ascended Masters, is that I will receive the words through my Higher Self channel and spontaneously voice them or type them into my computer. When it happens this way, I do not know what is to be said prior to speaking or typing. I do, however, hear the words inside my head as they are transmitted to me, since I always remain in my body. Afterwards I can usually remember the essence of what was said, but not the details. This is because I am in a trance, or an altered state, during these transmissions. So even though I am in my body, my consciousness is operating from a deeper state, and one of a higher frequency than in normal conversations with my eyes open. Ra, as the spokesperson from the Pleiadian Archangels who has been assigned to communicate with and teach me, is the teller of the evolutionary history that follows. The channeled information about third-dimensional life on Venus, Mars, Maldek, and Earth is intended to trigger your own subconscious patterns and memories. The stories are presented in a specific manner for this purpose, and Ra and the Pleiadians are very clear about what needs to be told at this time.

Before Ra’s stories of the history of evolution in this solar ring begin, I would like to make one more important point: Earth, our solar ring, and the entire galaxy are at a crucial turning point. By the year 2012, the face of Earth will have drastically changed. As we come to the end of a 26,000-year orbital cycle of our Sun around Alcyone, we are entering a photon band that is approximately 2000- years wide. The frequencies of this band are so high that humans with repressed emotions, over-stressed nervous systems, lowervibrational thought patterns, and ego identities will not be capable of withstanding them. Unless we spiritually evolve now, activate our divine Ka’s (the light bodies of our Christed Selves), and become, in general, less dense and more spiritual, the times ahead will be unnecessarily chaotic.

Earth changes will affect the entire planet, and have already begun. Volcanic eruptions, pole shifts, giant tidal waves, atmospheric fires, and earthquakes of unheard of size are all predicted. And yet, the gift in all this is that, with enough human beings who have attained their own Christ consciousnesses, we as a planetary race shall ascend to become fourth- and fifth-dimensional beings and bypass the worst of the cataclysms in the physical world. The main thing for all of us to do now is to be impeccably honest with ourselves about the karmic patterns and negative ego games we still need to transcend, and then transcend them. While cleaning up our acts, we must also hold the inner knowing that we are all little pieces of God/Goddess/All That Is and that we have value. Each of us has a multidimensional holographic self that is wise, compassionate, loving, forgiving, and dedicated to our human self. These Higher Selves are the stuff of which our true selves are made. Our Divine Essences are the only lasting truth about ourselves, and knowing that, we can more graciously and lovingly begin – or continue – the process of ridding ourselves of the illusions of limitation and ego. Inner house-cleaning and impeccable honesty are the stuff of which true and lasting self-respect, self-esteem, self-worth, and self-image are made.

We must now re-learn about the sacredness of all things. Whether people, animals, rocks, trees, streams, or anything else in the natural world serves an obvious purpose or not, they are all sacred and deserve our respect. Ra told me not long ago that within existence there are three primary natural forms that serve as record keepers and as guardians of our experiences and learning. These are crystals and crystalline rocks, whales, and trees. When he said this I spontaneously began to cry, releasing ancient grief about the misuse, abuse, and destruction of all of these sacred beings. Yes, crystals and trees are beings of consciousness as much as the whales are. And all three, within the last hundred years, have become endangered within the mineral, animal, and plant kingdoms. When a planet and its life-forms lose their record keepers, they cease to be. To destroy these keepers of our own learnings and experiences in the third-dimensional world is a grievous violation of sacred law. There is a fourth source of records and memory that must now be activated in order to save the other three: our own souls.

So it is time now for a renaissance in human consciousness and spiritual awakening and growth. The path of learning and remembering is presently being offered to all humans. It is up to each of us to choose – not from a place of fear, but from a place of sincerity and spiritual commitment. After all, what we think of as physical destruction is really just change. Spirit cannot die; only the body can. Yet when the body dies, the spirit still carries with it the priorities from its human life. Whether those priorities are love, spiritual respect, and wisdom, or greed, lust, and prejudice, they are with us until we heal and transcend all limits. The transformation, transmutation, and transcendence must be accomplished completely before we move on to higher realms and higher learnings. Why? Certainly not because it is forced upon us – but because our own spirits will not allow it be otherwise. At the core of each of our Divine Essences lies an integrity so deep and impeccable that nothing else could be so. And thus, in the name of the divine intent of each of us, I turn the book over to Ra, whose stories as given to me I will transcribe on the following pages.

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