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24 09 2015

UFO Disclosure by G8 Cabinet Member & Citizens Hearing on UFO Disclosure 2013

4 06 2013




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Disclosure, Remote Viewing, Afterlife, Channeling, Light Phenomena…(C2C)

10 05 2013

re: Dr. Greer/Sirius UFO Disclosure, Ed Dames/Remote Viewing, Afterlife, Channeling, Light Phenomena & Mystery Booms, etc.

Sirius Disclosure Review

25 04 2013


For what it’s worth, I’ve been meaning to add my two cents to the Sirius Disclosure conversation since its premiere the other night.

To a large extent, I am in agreement with Dallas Edward Newman’s following four points (from the CE-5 Facebook Group):
(1) The clear non-incentive for the cabal to profit on this film that is obviously crowd-funded (not exactly the bells and whistles of a $500 million big budget Hollywood film)–that is to say, no one’s making any real coin from this project…which suggests a genuine concern to deliver its message (as opposed to some crazy puppet string cabal conspiracy that I’m just not buying.)
(2) Mass lull (or the UNawakened masses) with regard to Disclosure. Yes, that’s true. However, the numbers have shifted dramatically over the years with various polls reporting large percentages 60% and up with one survey claiming more than two-thirds of Americans say that the government is not telling the public everything it knows about UFO activity. Therefore, it’s not a complete uphill battle for the film to get its message across.
(3) Positive vis-a-vis negative ETs and Greer’s reason for focusing on the former. (More on that below…)
(4) The deliberate omission of ETs (or our “galactic family”) from the fields of Light…Well, it’s a delicate subject and perhaps strategically one that isn’t likely to scream its presence to mainstream America just yet. Were I to deconstruct the film’s objectives and the way it was presented, it’s clear why it can’t be EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE. Baby steps, people.

As I’ve noted a few times this week alone: “Each of us experiences the timeline that matches our vibration.” One word: karma. That, in and of itself, is reason to chill, sit back…let the “Universe” handle it. We are only really responsible for our own individual awakening. Unbeknownst to the “Awakened” under-achiever (who does not necessarily strive to encompass the responsibilities of the New Age or so-called pseudo science guru with a dualist ego complex), the very energy emanated by this awakened being (never mind that his efforts are passive) is plenty a contribution to set the stage for the rest of mankind to awaken, ironically (be it to “self realization” or “Disclosure”) as a result of raising the planetary frequency (i.e. vibration–together through the synergy of “the whole [that] is greater than the sum of its parts”–thank you, Bucky Fuller for coining that way back when…it suddenly makes more sense). My point here is that even if you were to convince the millions or billions of the existence of UFOs, it is said that they can only actually see them (experience them/lure them, etc.) based on their own individual vibration (which, we are learning, might well be determined by one’s heart consciousness). And that of those ETs which they draw to them – as in “good” or “evil” – can only match their vibration as such. So, clearly, the issue of point #3 – positive vs. negative ETs – is already addressed (if you follow what I’m saying). Though, I love the point that Dallas makes with regard to “influencing” the frequency with planted notions of false flag fear-driven assumptions of devious ET races. This is not to say that they do not exist, but Greer is wise NOT to capitalize on and/or promote an already fear laden human populace who would otherwise naturally attract its equal vibration be it from extradimensional origins and/or from galactic/stellar distances.

Now, if you haven’t already seen the YouTube video of Greer’s initial 2001 Disclosure at the Washington, DC National Press Club, then you might not realize its monumental significance at the risk of the hundreds of professionals (approximately 400) who testified as whistle blowers–the true frontier and foundation of this Disclosure, granted, the video was presented more as an appeal of testimonies than the rich multimedia experience and varying content presentation that is the film, Sirius Disclosure.

And then, of course, there is still the elephant in the room with regard to the film’s namesake–“‘Sirius’ Disclosure” (or is it intentional for a future sequel?). Either way, I can’t recall any such reference to the constellation as it pertains to ETs and/or disclosing Sirius as a source of human heritage or ET comraderie, unless perhaps David Wilcock may have mentioned something (as I got up to use the restroom) about the Dogons (ancestors of an African tribe) originating from Sirius. Anything further (which, again, is wise Greer didn’t elaborate) might have opened a can of worms to Earth’s hidden histories which, at this time, society and its institutions (including humans themselves) may not be ready for a deluge of this kind of information in the early stages of revelation (and I don’t mean Biblical, but it might as well be).

Best explanation in a sentence uttered in the film: “All points in time and space are connected.” That is the ring that binds them all!–psychic, scientific, spiritual, extraterrestrial, extradimensional, whatever. It’s just a more verbose way of saying (or referencing the time-eternal and space-omnipotent) “God”. Hence, connecting at this juncture or accessing this non-linear holographic aspect of Consciousness enables all of creation to find itself, a critical starting point that sets the stage for Greer’s Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS) approach using remote viewing methods as a means to draw these NECESSARILY benevolent ETs/UFOs (b/c of their abilities coupled with extremely advanced Consciousness technology to connect at this level)–this, of course, being THE MOST SPIRITUAL part of the film (a clear departure from the original 2001 Disclosure video).

So, it’s not ALL logical or technical exopolitical speculations or fore drawn conclusions (as if to address a skeptic audience). Though, having said that, the rest is a necessary evil (if you will) since, again, it cannot be EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE, and so, the film must address a demographic of the greatest common denominator–the skeptics with whom credibility IS everything. If you’re going to make a film to address this audience, then that, (un)fortunately, is the only path of least resistance a filmmaker would likely choose. BTW, that demographic should not be confused with the first wave of this film’s audience (“us”) since the vast majority of us are likely sold – hook, line and sinker – on the reality of ETs. The true potential of this film then becomes its power of reach and frequency to cast a net to the rest of mankind that remain doubtful or on the fence with this topic; and they, at this time, number in the billions. Youtube and Vimeo (or other future incarnation of these channels) will eventually become the vehicle to deliver the film’s message.

For now, it’s a start–one that MUST include the informational steps to help open and awaken the (untrained or unexposed) mind with understandably credible sources, events, images, and evidence as well as an analysis of intentions, ideas, and facts strung together with a fervent, real and dedicated commitment in pursuit of revealing what they believe is truth. The film attempts to do just that by providing viewers with critical information as follows:

(1) an economic brief on the mega profiteering machine of the military-industrial complex, a fraudulent Federal Reserve, and the Bilderberg group as global puppet masters
(2) science: molecular biology, epigenetics (DNA analysis at Stanford of the tiny ET in question to prove the existence of humanoids at all), nuclear physics and plasma fusion technology (research at Princeton) for interstellar travel, and astrophysics to explain the various category levels of civilizations as defined by their ability to harness energy.
(3) terrorism (and its faces–Hussein, Gaddafi and Bin Laden…) as the driving force of fear-driven politics to scapegoat any number of false flag events on a global scale leading to larger cover-ups with staged planetary attacks by so-called negative ETs.
(4) FREE and ABUNDANT new energies as key to liberating humanity from its current shackled white and blue collar status in society and the economy.
(5) over 2,000 nuclear detonations that put us on the galactic map drawing ETs to our planet
(6) real efforts at disclosure from over 24 countries releasing once clandestine UFO files to the over 4,000 documented sightings of UFO vehicles, a review of the 400 testimonies in the 2001 initial Disclosure, and the brave lives lost in that effort.
(7) touching on the importance of meditation, CTS, and CE-5 human initiated contact

Ultimately, the film urges viewers that Disclosure is a global grassroots movement of information from the bottom up (thanks to the Internet!) Yes, Dr. Steven Greer and his team did as good a job as any who are passionate about this topic. It might be preaching to the choir of those already in-the-know, but with all due respect, we are not necessarily its true audience. However, our more conservative acquaintances, co-workers, colleagues, and family members (parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles) might actually benefit more from this film. Either way, given its budget constraints in production, unconventional distribution as well as the constant life threatening circumstances, the film did a commendable job of getting its point across.

by M. McCaw (Facebook handle: Itsa Lovely Daye)

BTW, if by any chance Dr. Greer is reading this, I had the wonderful honor of being the only one to shake your hand as you walked into the dark theater at the L.A. screening.  What a pleasure to meet you and thank you for all your years of exceptional work.

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