Mystery Solved: How the Great Pyramids of Giza Were Built

9 12 2011

…”by levitational means and electromagnetic propulsion of many different sorts, including the use of [sonic] tones and mental resonance [or power].”

“[The Great Pyramid of Giza] is a monument to the accomplishments or pinnacle of success of the previous civilization [Atlantean] to the succeeding generations [eventually ours–]a mile marker to their achievement [and] the epitome of their understanding of the nature of reality.  The fact that this monument remains a mystery indicates to the successive generations their lack of understanding.  At such time as this pinnacle is understood, then this technology of that generation will have achieved a sufficient level of awareness, to be given the succeeding information, of which the pyramid speaks very little of.  It is a litmus test for that generation.  Such that the higher energies in charge of the dissemination of energies can perceive that the generation current on the planet at that time has reached a level of understanding, that they be given the remainder of the information available.  Until the complete understanding of the pyramid has been reached, it would be premature to allow the dissemination of the information which has been held.”

The Atlanteans were said to be the most technologically superior and “mentally” evolved civilization on Earth (to date) whose arrogance and belief that they were above the laws of nature and the universe eventually led to their demise and the sudden cataclysm of the planet (because of their negligence and abuse of crystalline technology to penetrate the core of the Earth).  Their psychic abilities were so commonplace (and developed from childhood i.e. they were fully conscious human beings) that even literacy for record-keeping and the use of gadgets for communications were considered unnecessary and/or inferior to mental telepathy and their abilities to store mass quantities of information about their history and existence in extradimensional energy levels or directly into the unified field (accessible by anyone who is “fully” conscious even today). For this reason, we have never discovered physical recorded evidence of their existence after the cataclysm. (All we have is a quote from Plato alluding to this great civilization.)

Just food for thought.  We’re not quite there yet, but our planet is shifting dramatically in consciousness, nonetheless.


Reference Material:  “The Convoluted Universe” (Book 1) by Dolores Cannon

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