2015 Predictions By Our Galactic Friends

31 12 2014

2015 and onward promise to manifest great change for individuals, humanity as a whole, and our planet.  We are truly living in the New Earth, one in which we are becoming the change we wish to see in the world.

Pleiadian Predictions 

The Pleiadian Collective channeled by Wendy Kennedy 12/07/14.

Sirian Insight: 2015 – 2020 World Predictions 

Adronis from Sirius predicts major changes coming between 2015 and 2020: political and economic reform, extraterrestrial disclosure, New Age trends, the end of war, and much more! Channeled by Brad Johnson 11/20/14.

Bashar 2015 Predictions

Reptilian Predictions 2015

“TReb” the friendly reptilian from Capella predicts coming events for the New Year 2015. Channeled by Rob Gauthier 12/01/2014. For private readings, group sessions, and upcoming events with TReb please visit http://www.trebchanneling.com for more information.

“TReb” Reptilian Predictions for 2016
(RE: Bashar’s prediction that “Everything Will Change in the Fall of 2016”–See text below)

Bashar Predictions 2015-2020+ (Summary)

2015 – The Sassani and Yahyel frequencies will be “pumped” into Earth via the Sedona portal.
2016 – Extraterrestrial life will be discovered.
2016 – Economic collapse and revamping of our taxation system. The United States will be instrumental.
2020 – Economic structure will be dramatically different.
2020 – New political system.
2015 – 2025 – Free energy emerges.
2017 – 2019 – Another devastating terrorist action.
2015 – 2020 – Another nuclear meltdown.
2020 – 2030 – A new Space Race decade of unprecedented inventions. Open contact occurs here.
2030 – 2033 – Full knowledge of disclosure and extraterrestrials.
2050 – Earth becomes an initiate member of the Interstellar Alliance.
2015 – 2050 – The oceanic levels increase by 35 – 50 feet. We go into a minor ice age. Many coastal cities will no longer support human life.
2020 – 2025 – The existence of Atlantis will be confirmed. Someone will find the last Hall of Records. History will be rewritten.
2020 – 2025 – Most knowledge of the Library of Alexandria will be recovered. This marks a new Golden Atlantean Age on Earth.


29 12 2014


At this point in time it seems that most people are more open to the notion of REINCARNATION regardless of their religious beliefs. In some ways it makes it easier to understand the concept of “eternal life” as it doesn’t necessarily contradict Christian beliefs since the spirit or energetic “Light” (i.e. an aspect of the Soul) that animates the body (or vehicle/vessel) exists for eternity and lives on into the afterlife only to return again and again (from body to body) in physical or other form in this world or another one entirely.  All is energy, and the conservation of energy is an absolute law according to physics. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  It simply changes forms.

So what are IMPRINTS?

JoanOfArcIt is said that imprints explain how multiple humans seem to recollect (in regression therapy or other form of past life recollection) being the same historic or famous individual in the past. Popular incarnations include Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Mother Mary, etc. An imprint is basically the soul “downloading” the past lives of other people for a few reasons as a point of reference prior to incarnating on this planet:

(1) It may have been quite some time since the spirit has reincarnated on the planet, and so is in need of refreshing its understanding or knowledge base of the values, customs/mores, culture, …essence of being human in this world.

(2) The being has NEVER incarnated on this planet before and so is brand new to this world (e.g. Starseed volunteers). It is said that this scenario is more common now than ever before with the past three generations of advanced Light beings incarnating on this planet in order to raise its frequency and usher Earth into its Golden Age.

(3) Another reason is that the being is seeking to gain further and/or specific understanding, skill sets, or expertise in an area such as leadership, for example; hence, that being would imprint the lives of Earth’s most prominent past leaders (e.g. presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens, CEOs, etc.)

It is considered to be of NO distinction between downloading or imprinting a life versus actually LIVING it for the energetic gain is the same. Because of this, it is of lesser importance who the original being was
who actually lived (or physically experienced) that life. The point is that the knowledge of the life in question is available to all who seek it in order to share and expand consciousness (i.e. Light).

JesusChristThis is particularly true of the life of Jesus Christ, Buddha and/or other prominent religious teachers. At this point in time, all who choose to experience the path of “unconditional love” have indeed imprinted the life of Christ who is known as the personification of unconditional love incarnated. (Christ is said to bring to this planet the energy of Heart Consciousness, aka the Sacred Heart in Catholicism, etc.) Those who awaken the Christ Consciousness within (also known as the “born again” experience) have actually activated their imprint of Christ (which has always been there!). This is true for other imprints when the personality (or Lower Self) awakens and becomes aware of these beings of higher consciousness and applies the life wisdom of these teachers within their own lives.

Interestingly, one might do upwards of 500 imprints just to live 5 actual lives here on earth (these are most likely recent Starseeds getting a better understanding of how humans behave, interact, connect, respond to human emotions, operate, work, etc. on this planet). On the other hand, those humans who have reincarnated on this planet since its inception would have likely lived over 500+ actual past lives and barely imprint a single life.

It can be rather complex and gets even more expansive, but I’ll leave it at this for now.

by Mae McCaw

(My understanding of these concepts is sourced from the works of Dolores Cannon in her book “In Between Death and Life”)

Revisiting George Van Tassel from the 1950s/60s (RE: Advanced Galactic Beings, Jesus Christ, Time Travel, UFOs, Integratron) – 8 videos

19 12 2014

(1)  UFO Archive: 1956 – George Van Tassel lectures at the Yucaipa, CA Rotary Club

(2)  UFO Archive: 1955 – Council of the Seven Lights Transmission of George Van Tassel (Part 1)

“Council of the Seven Lights Transmission of George Van Tassel. Van Tassel claimed contact with flying saucers and aliens via radio transmission and channeling. At Giant Rock he introduced his Adaphone, which allowed two-way communications to take place. The following recordings are George Van Tassel allegedly communicating and channeling with various aliens using his special equipment. A rare look inside Van Tassel the man and his penchant for hoodwinking people.”

(3)  UFO Archive: 1955 – Council of the Seven Lights Transmission of George Van Tassel (Part 3)

(4)  UFO Archive: 1958 – George Van Tassel Lecture from the Gray Barker Audio Series 

(5)  George Van Tassel 1964 Interview on Aliens, UFOs and Time Travel
(Time Travel Formula:  Frequency = 1/Time)

(6)  What is the Integratron? Part I (Narrated by the woman who conducted our own sound bath @ Integratron, one of two sisters who bought the Integratron property.)  Feb 16, 2009 RE: “What prompted one of the world’s great spiritual thinkers, Paramahansa Yogananda, to send three of his direct disciples to help build the Integratron. . .Three disciples who would later marry the only three daughters of the creator of Integratron [George Van Tassel]?  What prompted the prominent aeronautical engineer, Van Tassel, to move his family to the middle of the desert in the early 50’s and commit the next 18 years of his life to build the Integratron? What is it about the Integratron that has drawn the likes of Yogananda, world renown scientists, rock stars like Robert Plant, TV shows like Jay Leno and MTV to visit the Integratron? Find out the secret and the unique power of the Integratron.”

(7)  What is the Integratron? Part II

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