(4 Videos) Dwarf Star/Nibiru & Events, Interstellar Stargates/ Portals/ Wormholes, Archangels, Arcturians, Pleiadians, New Age Diet, Climate Change, etc.

11 07 2012

re:  #82 – dwarf star/neptune, triglycerides/synthetic milk/processed vegetable oils/gluten designed to poison the body, climate change/global warming, changes in the earth’s axis, effects on crops, techtonic restructuring, unconditional love/universe, etc.

re: #81 – angels/archangels, immortality, the iris is the mirror of the soul (eyes are the window to the soul), reincarnation, various grays and reptilians, enoch/taus, diet for the change of age, consuming (organic, not processed) animal protein (by eating its cheese/milk without killing it), cholesterol.

re: #80 – portal (triangular patch) in the sun, krulians created major routes to all corners of the galaxy, nasa, satarn gateway, earth colonization, 70 different races traveling through the solar system, worm holes, solar powered interstellar travel, haarp system, false alien attacks, etc.

re: #79 – enoch planet near the sun, pleiadians, population rise to level one, reincarnation, global pollution, ancient guides, govt controlled haarp system infiltrating the ionosphere, blocking brain functions, tesla’s original energy technologies, etc.

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