The Law of One | The Ra Material (51 Videos of the Ra Channelings)

2 11 2011

“To serve one is to serve all.” With the upcoming 11/11/11 date of “Oneness”, it seems appropriate to revisit the “Law of One” (i.e. the One Creator) from the “The Ra Material” channelings as a reminder to each of us that we are all One–one thought, one being, one collective consciousness (of the One Creator) living in a distortion of separateness.  “Consciousness is the microcosm for the Law of One.”

Based on the books published by Don Elkins, Jim McCarty, and Carla Rueckert, the following videos present a conversation that took place in 1981 between the Questioner (i.e. interviewer) and the collective being known as “Ra” by way of the instrument (or channel), Carla Rueckert.  The Ra channelings were transcribed and published into a series of books.  Because the language can be very technical, logical, and/or unusual at times, a brief glossary and link below may be useful.

Excerpt significant to the 2011 time/space:

QUESTIONER: In 30 years this will be a 4th density planet. Is this correct? (1981 + 30 = 2011)

RA: This is so. [This session was held in Jan. 1981.]

QUESTIONER: Our planetary population has only a certain amount of time to progress. This time is divided into three 25,000-year cycles. At the end of 75,000 years the planet progresses itself. Why is this so precise?

RA: The living flow creates a rhythm which is as inevitable as one of your timepieces. Intelligent energy offers a type of clock. The gateway from intelligent energy to intelligent infinity opens regardless of circumstance on the striking of the hour.


Click to watch as a continuous stream of 51 videos on Youtube (audio books):


instrument = vehicle or person acting as the channel for Ra
distortion = illusion, way
body/mind/spirit complex = the human/person
vibratory sound complex = name

Click here for a list of unusual words (and their definitions) used in the channelings.


Click here to purchase the publications if you prefer to read the “Law of One” instead.

Online Resource of the Law of One:

Pleiadian Transmissions by Solara An-Ra (4 audio clips)

14 01 2011

Satya of Alcyone (Pleiades) Channeled by Solara An-Ra

re: Light, awareness of the breath, visualization, secrets revealed, Christ consciousness, decline of the Illuminati/Annunaki, the awakening, self realization, the dimensional shift, Love, childlike playfulness, raising your vibration, elders, respect your bodies & Gaia/Earth Mother, return to nature, simplify life, Galactic Federation of Light, 5th dimension, awakening the codes in the body through awareness of the now and breath, God/Goddess, Q&A, sacred heart chakra meditation, Mayan calendar, DNA star ancestry, Earth was seeded by multiple star systems, Universal Mind.

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