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5 07 2016


Dr. Carmen Boulter on the Sacred Feminine Energy

10 05 2016

This is a clip from Dr. Carmen Boulter’s interview with Disclose Truth TV regarding the importance of the sacred feminine (Goddess) energy in society both historically and in present times. She discusses the power of the menstrual cycle and significance of this blood in matriarchal times as “blood from LIFE”, a positive creative force which shifted in the complete opposite direction during patriarchal times (i.e. the past 5,000+ years) as a negative destructive force that sublimated the practice of blood violence in sacrificial ceremonies (i.e. “blood from DEATH”).

Dr. Carmen Boulter Bio:  “Dr. Carmen Boulter is a Professor at the University of Calgary in Canada. She teaches in the Graduate Division of Educational Research in the Faculty of Education. She has been researching and writing about the sacred feminine in ancient Egypt and goddesses around the world for 2 decades. Her book, Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness, traces fragments of information about matriarchal cultures in pre-dynastic Egypt, prehistoric Greece, and around the world.  Dr Carmen Boulter is the creative fire behind The Pyramid Code. She is the Director, Producer, and writer of the series. [See video series below.] Carmen has had an unshakable passion for Egypt traveling there 25 times.”

Dr. Boulter is currently crowdfunding to do her next project, a documentary series called “The New Atlantis”

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The Birth of a New Humanity

30 01 2011

by Drunvalo Melchizedek

In this next broadcast we are going to enter into ancient Atlantis because it is where our story begins. And is something that must be done simply because this is exactly where our present-day troubles were created.

Long ago, over 13,000 years ago, the human grids of consciousness began to collapse and humanity began to lose their higher consciousness. It is what the Bible called the Fall. Something had to be done or humanity would end up no higher than the animals.

But as the Earths axis shifted to a new location and Atlantis sank below the ocean levels, and the Maya, Kogi and Arjarcos headed in their boats to new lands, humanity also began to sink below the levels of awareness that were once achieved. Men and women more advanced than we are now quickly became hairy barbarians with not even the knowledge to light a fire. Their Mer-Ka-Ba fields, their light bodies, had been shut down leaving them exposed to the effects of the Earths magnetic field having been shut off. The memories of humanity were erased.

In a far distance place a decision was made, and a global project was begun here on Earth to bring the humans back to their rightful consciousness level, but it would take 13,000 years, to where we are right now in time. And what Life knows is that to save a race of beings in this way doesnt always work, but this time it did.

This is the true story of how certain humans who were exempt from the Fall, rose to the occasion and long ago began to develop massive Earth geomancy to recreate a specific human grid of consciousness that surrounded the Earth so that someday humanity could return to the higher levels of consciousness they had once achieved.
Every life form on Earth must have a consciousness grid that completely surrounds the Earth in order for it to exist. Without these grids, there is no awareness.

When you understand the science that is behind this story, it will amaze you. And when you understand the results of this 13,000 years experiment, you will be filled with joy. For what has happened is no less than the Birth of a New Humanity. YOU will see, for you are about to live it.

Beyond 2012 indeed! We as the human race are just beginning. Again.
And I am honored to give you this wonderful news.

From my heart, Drunvalo

————-The Birth of a New Humanity—————

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Spirals in the Sky; HAARP & The Blue Beam Project; Significance of Spiral Energies & Symbolism Worldwide

19 01 2011





Western Canada

Russia (2006)


Spirals Worldwide, Ancient and Modern
China, Norway, Finland, Australia, etc.



The Spiral, which is the oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices, reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution. The spiral represents the goddess, the womb, fertility and life force energy. Reflected in the natural world, the Spiral is found in human physiology, plants, minerals, animals, energy patterns, weather, growth and death. The Spiral is a sacred symbol that reminds us of our evolving journey in life. When used as a personal talisman, the Spiral helps consciousness to accept the turnings and changes of life as it evolves. The acceptance of change is one of the greatest freedoms a human can experience, putting consciousness in the present moment where the power of creation is condensed. On a larger scale, using this symbol assures all beings are reminded of their inward and outward evolution, a balanced and centered state of mind. On water, it carries the power to flow and change.

Source: The image is a contemporary rendition of the original ancient symbol accurately re-created and re-imagined for its powerful essence by Shara Gardner & Mera Bleu.

The Spiral’s global significance:

Celtic – eternity, goddess
Roman/Greek – the oneness of the soul
Aborigines – all things that are glorious
Islamic – holy things that cannot be written (e.g. names of gods and goddess)
African cultures – womb, great mother and goddess
Orient – the beginning of all life where the gods come from
India – the one female sexuality (fibornacci sequence)
Native Americans – all energy, great spirit, all consciousness
Hopi Indians – all living things
Mayan – the seasons, the circle of all life, the solstice
Polynesians – immortality


Pleiadian Transmissions by Solara An-Ra (4 audio clips)

14 01 2011

Satya of Alcyone (Pleiades) Channeled by Solara An-Ra

re: Light, awareness of the breath, visualization, secrets revealed, Christ consciousness, decline of the Illuminati/Annunaki, the awakening, self realization, the dimensional shift, Love, childlike playfulness, raising your vibration, elders, respect your bodies & Gaia/Earth Mother, return to nature, simplify life, Galactic Federation of Light, 5th dimension, awakening the codes in the body through awareness of the now and breath, God/Goddess, Q&A, sacred heart chakra meditation, Mayan calendar, DNA star ancestry, Earth was seeded by multiple star systems, Universal Mind.

An Anonymous Account of One Visitor’s Experience Inside Mt. Shasta’s Sacred City of Telos.

7 01 2011

Story by “M” (Anonymous account)


The Mt. Shasta story begins 6 months prior to my being taken inside the Mountain. We (my husband, his son by a prior marriage and our two small children ages 2 and 4 and my Siamese cat, Pixie) had packed everything we owned into a U Haul trailer and moved from the desert to the mountain. A friend of ours and his family had preceded us by about a week and when we arrived at Mt. Shasta we dropped the U Haul at his place and headed up the mountain to camp overnight. We stopped at one campground and got out to set up camp. The energy of the campground just didn’t feel right so we got back into our truck and headed further up the mountain. We turned into Panther Meadows and decided to camp there. As we unloaded the truck I discovered my Siamese was gone. I was devastated.

We went back to the first campground but couldn’t find him. I called and called but to no avail. We went back to Panther Meadows and spent the night. It was really cold as it was the spring of the year and we had a really nice fire going to stay warm. I put the boys in the back of the pickup (we had a homemade camper shell on it which kept out the chilling wind), packed them in lots of blankets so they were toasty warm. My husband joined them and I sat by the fire most of the night, keeping it going and hoping Pixie would show up. Our little campsite was ringed with the bright, inquiring eyes of the nocturnal animals who showed up to inspect us. It was an inspiring, goose-bump making sight.

Next morning we headed back down the mountain to our friend’s house. He took us to a local hotel and introduced us to “Mother Mary” (as she was lovingly called by the many who sought her wisdom) who owned the hotel-restaurant. When she discovered we had not found a place to live yet, she took us upstairs and set us up in the two-room suite for which I was greatly appreciative. It gave us a chance to shower, etc., and a place for the boys to be warm and comfortable. As the days passed, we found a house and got settled in. Each weekend (and many weeknights) we spent time at Panther Meadows and I never gave up looking for Pixie. My husband and the boys did a lot of exploring which left me at the campsite alone a good share of the time. Occasionally hikers and other campers would stop by the campsite and we would talk and they would share the pot of coffee I always had going or the water we had with us. Several weekends we trudged up to the lodge and slept there overnight. The lodge burned down several years after we left. It was reported to have been arson. It was a shame because the lodge offered shelter to the weary hiker and mountain climber and it had so much character. There was even water available there.

Six months after we arrived in Shasta, we were once again at Panther Meadows camping out for the weekend. We arrived late Friday night, set up camp, got the fire going, had our dinner and just sat back and enjoyed the sky. The boys really loved the spot and could hardly wait to enter the forest for more adventurous exploring in the morning. As usual our resident audience ringed our campsite with those bright inquisitive shining eyes. It was warm enough then that we slept outside the camper in sleeping bags but I seldom slept when we were up there. I almost felt it would be rude to go to sleep with so many friends around us and I liked to keep the fire going so we could have hot coffee and breakfast early in the morning. Never seemed to get sleepy up there.

This particular weekend was the weekend I was taken inside Mt. Shasta. My husband and the three boys had gone exploring again and I was in the process of cleaning up the breakfast mess and getting the sleeping bags put away when I noticed a young man (I assumed he was another young hippie, doing his thing on the mountain as so many were) walking across the meadow toward our camp site. He was a slender young man, dressed in the fashion of the day, jeans and shirt. He had no backpack or canteen with him. I thought he must have a campsite nearby and had left his things there while he did a little exploring close by. As he got closer to the camp I saw that he was blond and had a neatly trimmed little beard. I chuckled to myself because he didn’t appear to be old enough to be able to grow a beard. He stopped a short distance away and asked if it was O.K. if he might have a cup of the coffee he had been smelling all morning. I laughed and invited into the campsite and got him a cup of coffee.

We sat by the fire for a while and talked about the mountain and the weather and several inconsequential topics, which I can’t even, remember now. I was drawn to the young man, felt perfectly safe with him – even was comfortable with him as if I had known him for years. It seemed we shared so many interests and beliefs. We talked about Paramahansa Yogananda, eastern philosophy, magnetic and color healing, dreams of flying, Atlantis and even got around to talking about UFOs. I told him about George (JW George Van Tassel, that is.) and the Integratron and discovered he knew all about George. I told him that George had told me about the Brotherhood that had been in Shasta and that they had left to go to Peru because of the need for a more stable environment,etc. He smiled and said he had also heard those stories.

He asked if I would like to go inside the mountain to see for myself who was still there. Thinking he was kidding me, I said sure, would love to do that. It sounded really exciting. We got up and started off in the direction he had come from. He said the entrance was nearby and it would only take a few minutes to get there. He was right – it did only take a few minutes. We passed across the Meadows into the trees and within minutes were at a tall, odd shaped rock. I would guess it was probably 10 feet high and 5 feet across. The front of the rock was flat and the limbs of the nearby trees partially hid it. The top of the rock slanted down to the ground in the back so that it looked like a lopsided triangle. A side view was something like this front of rock I remember that the ground around it was very hard compared to the softer ground we had walked on to get there. There was not the layer of fallen needles, etc., to cushion our step. He walked up to the door and touched it. It swung open, inwardly, at his touch. He motioned me to follow him, which I did. I marvel now that I was not in the least bit afraid to go with him nor did it even occur to me not to go with him.

Photo:  Said to be a secret rear entrance to Telos

As I went through the open door I saw a set of 7 steps that went down to a small landing and then continued down to the right of the landing. There was a slightly damp, musty smell, not unpleasant, but indicating that we had entered an area that was not often graced with the presence of fresh air. It was obvious we were inside a mountain for the walls were stone. We reached the landing and I paused to look around. I saw that we were in a small barren room which gave me the feeling we had entered an entry way or foyer. The room was bathed in a soft light from a source I could not identify. There was no evidence of lamps or bulbs or indirect lighting. We descended to the floor of the room and the young man walked to the far wall, touched it and a door opened. The door had not been visible from the landing. It blended into the wall in such a manner that if you didn’t know exactly where it was, you would have no idea that a door even existed. I followed him through the door and found myself in a very large, high ceiling stone room. This room was also well lit with light from an undetermined source.

As we walked across the room to what appeared to be a large hallway, I saw there were a number of entryways around the room each of which appeared to have a large hallway leading from it. We walked to the far side of the room and continued down the hallway. (Perhaps passageway would be a more accurate description.) The passageway led us to another large room. This room had furniture and large glass enclosed cases. He took me to the cases and pointed to some pieces of flat stone. As I got closer to the cases I saw that there was some form of printing on each stone. I could not recognize the language. I turned to ask him what the stones represented and before I could ask he smiled and said “You have no memory now, but these are the sacred tablets that you and your coworkers spirited out of Atlantis as the flood waters rose to destroy the land.”

He went on to explain that we (was not sure who he meant as ‘we’ at the time) had taken the tablets to a cave and had hidden them. As he told the story, I could see in my mind a number of small, 2 person crafts, that were moving very fast through deep water. They gradually slowed as they approached a cave and as they entered the cave I could see them rise to the surface of the water. The cave was very large. As the occupants of the small crafts opened the vehicles to emerge they were greeted by others who hurriedly took possession of the stone tablets and disappeared through entryways in the cave. As the tablets were removed from the crafts the occupants re-entered the little ships and left the cave as they had entered. At that point, my visualization stopped but I had a sense of having been there. It took a few minutes to come back out of the feeling of anxiety and at the same time, excitement that I had experienced as I watched the little ships in the water. There had been a feeling of great relief and accomplishment as the tablets were handed over and I could hear the prayers of thanks being offered.

There was little activity in this room. There were a number of backless benches, which sat in front of each case. I had the same feeling in this room as I have had visiting a museum. At this point, I realized I didn’t know what to call him. He had not given me his name. I asked him what his name was and he said I could call him Mikel. Mikel motioned me to follow him again and we entered another room. (By the way, the “museum” room and this room are what I would say were fairly normal rooms. The ceilings were probably only 15 feet high and the ceiling and walls were covered with some material that almost appeared to be metal except I didn’t feel the coldness that I do when I am around metal, [If that makes any sense to you]. The floors were very smooth-have no idea what the covering was and it was shiny.) This second room contained seven large, upright cylinders. I would guess they were each probably 10 feet high and 4 feet across.

Again, I don’t know the material they were constructed from; although it appeared to be glass, I don’t think it was. The cylinders were filled with a liquid substance (looked like a gelatinous consistency) and each had a beam of light shining down from the top. The liquid substance was a different color in each cylinder. The colors appeared to match pretty much the colors we have designated for the seven major chakras. In this room, there were a number of people (to me they appeared to be as human as I am) working around the cylinders. They were each placing small pieces of paper (at least it looked like paper) on the various colored cylinders. I saw that each attachment had writing on it. Mikel explained that they were working healing on various individuals and on Mother Earth, herself. They would inscribe the attachment (or attachments if a combination of colors was required) with the name or location that required healing. The attachments would assume the color of the cylinder as the healing energies were dispersed. When the attachment attained the exact color of the cylinder or the exact hue required by the inscription, it would dissolve.

We watched them work for awhile and Mikel suggested I might like to enter into a study of color healing. I agreed that perhaps I would. As we left the healing room, Mikel looked at me and said “Your family is returning to the campsite. We had best return also.” We left the same way we had entered. When we were once again in the forest, Mikel said “We will meet again for there is much more for you to see and remember. Be careful returning down the mountain. Drive slowly and you will discover something dear to your heart.” Mikel did not return to the campsite with me. He waved and returned to the mountain entrance.


I made my way back to our campsite and got there just a wee bit before my family. The fire had died down although the coffee was still hot. My husband and I had a cup of coffee and decided to head back down the mountain before it got dark. I had not mentioned my previous little jaunt into the mountain nor did  mention this one. As we wound our way down the mountain I told him to drive slowly because I wanted to breathe in the coming of evening in the forest. He was agreeable and we went slowly around the many curves.

As we rounded one rather large curve, there was a big buck standing in the middle of the road. My husband slammed on the brakes and we came to a complete halt because the buck was not moving. I saw a small movement out of the corner of my eye and as I turned my head to see what it was, I saw my Pixie. He was cowering in the ditch. I jumped out of the truck and the squeaky door and sudden movement scared him. He took off up the embankment. I followed, stumbling over the loose rocks and getting a handful of stickers in my hands as I clamored up the embankment. I followed him through the trees, calling his name as I ran. We were in a marshy area and I found myself sloshing in water up to my ankles. The thought of the possibility of getting snake bit or falling into quicksand flashed through my mind but I quickly dismissed it.

After following him for some distance, I stopped and began calling his name, over and over. It was getting dark in the trees and I was having trouble seeing my way. Finally I heard a plaintive cry and knew he was beginning to associate with the sound of my voice and his name. I kept calling his name and slowly inched my way towards the sound of his cries. I found him crouched down in a small opening. I stood very still and then crouched down to the ground and held my arms out to him. I kept talking to him and he finally came to his feet and very slowly an cautiously approached me. When he got close enough I reached to pick him up and he let me. I was crying and he was crying. I turned to make my way back to the truck hoping I was going in the right direction. After walking for several minutes I was able to let out a sigh of relief for there in front of us was the road, the truck and darned if the buck wasn’t still standing in the middle of the road. As I came down the embankment and got back into the truck, the buck sauntered off the road into the trees. Pixie was all over me. Marking me and kissing me and crying. He yowled so much in his happiness that by the time we got back down the mountain he had lost his voice. He appeared to be none the worse for wear. Perhaps a little thinner than last I saw him, but he looked beautiful to me.

How that little guy survived six months on the mountain is beyond my comprehension. I can only think he had help. Whatever enabled him to survive, I am eternally grateful that he was brought back to us. Needless to say, Pixie never went camping with us again; but we continued our weekly trips to Panther Meadows. The following weekend we were back at Panther Meadows. As usual, the hubby and kids went exploring and I found myself watching the path for Mikel. He appeared a little after 10 a.m. that morning and we set off into the trees once again. After entering the mountain, passing the “museum” and healing room, Mikel selected another passageway.

This passageway was narrower than the previous ones I had seen, and it was definitely stone. Again, there was light. We walked a short distance down the passageway and I saw we were approaching an area that contained several pieces of machinery. The machinery turned out to be vehicles. Mikel walked to the first one and motioned me to get in. It was a small vehicle with two seats. They resembled bucket seats. I could see no dashboard or any sort of instrumentation. There was one small area that had three buttons on it. He pushed one and the vehicle rose from the ground. It hovered there until he pushed the second button and the vehicle began to move forward. There was no steering wheel or visible means of controlling the vehicle. (Never did find out what the third button was for.)

As we wove our way through various tunnels I observed pieces of lava (at least that was what I thought them to be) on the floor of the tunnel and imbedded in the walls. Parts of the tunnels were quite narrow and other parts opened into larger areas. It was a maze of tunnels and offshoots. I had no idea how far we had gone, if we had traveled upward or downward or on the same level. There was a definite fluctuation in temperature as we traveled the various tunnels. Nothing really unpleasant but there were spots that were warmer than others. We reached what I will identify as a landing dock where there were a number of similar vehicles sitting empty. We emerged from the small craft and made our way through another passageway into a large room which was in complete contrast to the tunnels we have just traveled. The room had a very high ceiling and was full of luscious green plants, trees and flowers, many of which I couldn’t identify. The room was warm, not hot, and I could feel the moisture in the air.

There appeared to be direct sunlight in the room but I saw no openings that would admit sunlight. I asked Mikel about the light and he told me that it was indeed sunlight and it reached the room through a series of mirror-like apparatus that were used to funnel it in from the mountain top. He went on to explain that there were many rooms such as this that were used to grow the food necessary to sustain the remaining guard inside the mountain and to maintain a proper environmental balance for the occupants within the mountain. He pointed out what appeared to be a ventilation system near the ceiling. He explained that there were many of them distributed throughout the mountain.

We walked among the plants and trees, talking about the Brotherhood, the future of Mother Earth, the lost civilizations of our past, the work to be done to preserve our present society, the predicted upcoming tilting of the Earth on her axis, and last but truly not least-the beauty of a moonless night. We found that we each preferred the moonless nights because only then can the true beauty of our Universe and stars be appreciated. As we were leaving I asked him if we were still in Mt. Shasta and he said we were. He motioned me back to the landing dock and the small craft took us back to our starting point. We walked back out into the trees and to the clearing of the meadow. Mikel told me that the next time we met we were going “traveling”. I asked him what he meant by that and he just smiled and said “You’ll see.”


The weather had reached the stage where I felt it was too cold to take the boys for overnight camping. We had been pushing it for a couple weekends as it was and the heavy quilts had been brought back out of the closet and stored in the camper. Our homemade camper was probably not the prettiest of campers but it was solid. I could put the boys in the back with quilts and blankets under them, around them and over them and they stayed nice and warm. They had gotten their first introduction to winter underwear which, at first, didn’t make them very happy but as it got colder they were quite content to wear it.

Come Saturday morning and not being sure that the mountain wouldn’t begin to sport a mantle of snow very soon, I had decided not to take the boys up with me. The road could be very dangerous to travel with snow and ice on it. Didn’t want to take the risk of having them up there with the possibility of a snowfall. When we had first arrived at Shasta there were still patches of snow in areas that didn’t get much sunlight but the chance of more snow had been slight. We had purchased chains for the truck and always carried extra gasoline and water with us in the back of the camper. I wouldn’t have been able to put the darn chains on by myself, but at least I had them in case some helpful soul would take pity and help get them on.

I took the truck and headed for the mountain by myself. I have never had a problem being by myself and have always enjoyed basking in the energy of my surroundings and letting my thoughts wander in whatever direction they choose. I stopped at the hotel and chit chatted with Mother Mary. She was taking her group up the mountain in the afternoon for the last session of the year and asked if I would like to join them. She was such a great lady. Her heart was surely as big as Mt. Shasta itself and her love was boundless. The young people (commonly referred to as hippies in those days) who were drawn to Shasta always ended up at her hotel seeking not only her wisdom and advice but also shelter and food. She held teaching and meditation sessions on the mountain as often as she could. It was an inspiring sight to come upon them as they grouped around her, taking in her every word and gesture. During the winter months she would hold meditations in the lobby of the hotel. In those days, she had very few paying customers.

I feel that my association with Mother Mary and our friend (who had been a disciple of Yogananda) are the two relationships that set me on a spiritual quest that I realize has continued to this day. Just sitting here at my computer, attempting to bring back, in some semblance of order, the events of those some 30 plus years ago, feelings are resurfacing that I have not experienced in many a moon. I am remembering the peace and contentment I experienced on the mountain and the surges of energy that made the hair on my arms stand at attention. I am experiencing an undesired urge to dust off my old student handbooks and once again become a facilitator of information. I wonder. But, I digress. Back to my trip up the mountain that Saturday morning. I left Mother Mary with the promise that I would join the group if at all possible. I jumped in the truck (I have a vague recollection of the days when I could jump into a truck) and headed up the mountain.

Once I got to Panther Meadows I was glad I had not brought the boys because it was really cold and windy there. I had parked the truck so that I could stay inside and watch the area where Mikel usually appeared and, appear he did. I got out to meet him and we once again entered the mountain. The anticipation of his last promise that we would go traveling was almost more than I could bear. It was all I could do not to push him through doors and down passageways so he would move faster. To my surprise, we did not enter the passageway where we had secured the little vehicle that had transported up through the tunnels on my last visit. Instead, we continued down the main passageway until we reached a larger than average doorway. Mikel held the door open for me and I was totally spellbound by what I saw as I entered the room. Now John, please bear with me because my descriptive abilities usually leave something to be desired; but, I will try to explain what I saw in such a way that you will be able to see it also. There were a number of freestanding consoles along the left side of the room.

Each console was approximately the size and shape of a small desk. There was a panel attached to the back of each console that rose about four feet above the desktop and appeared to be about a foot in depth. There was a small bank of button-like objects on the panels and across the bottom of the panel were a series of flickering colored buttons. I noticed that as the colors became brighter or darker the speed of the flickering increased or decreased. Mikel explained briefly that the consoles had features which allowed for the monitoring of the activities and any fluctuation of temperature within the various parts of the mountain. I suspected that was a rather limited explanation and that the purpose had greater implications than were given to me at the time but I didn’t question his further.

On the entire wall to the right of the door where we entered was a map of sorts. I recognized our solar system and the various planets on one half of the map. The other half of the map contained planets and stars (I guess they were stars) which I was not familiar with. There were little pulsating lights on various parts of the two maps and at times some of them appeared to change position. I wasn’t given much time to take a real close look and I really wanted to, but Mikel seemed to have some other destination in mind. In the area directly across from the entry door, was a large, cylindrical shaped object that had a shiny surface such as metal might reflect. As we approached the object I could see it was not metal – almost had the appearance of a fabric of sorts.

Mikel walked up to the object, touched an area about midway on the object and an opening silently appeared. We went inside. I saw there were five seats all connected to a solid beam which was across the floor of the object on the opposite wall of the entryway. Mikel took one of the seats and I followed suit. Had no idea what to expect, but had confidence in Mikel not to put me in any danger. The opening that we had come through closed, and I saw that the area we were in was actually separate from the outer shell. The object was actually two objects, one nestled inside the other. I was beginning to get butterflies in my stomach and found myself taking slow deep breaths in an effort to calm them down.

I asked Mikel for some explanation of why we were in the object and what was going to happen. He explained that the interior tube, the one in which we were located, was actually, in simplified terms, a form of traveling time machine. We were taking our journey that day with the traveling time machine. He explained that it had been created and brought here literally thousands of centuries before and had been used by several civilizations up to the time that the personal form of “astral” travel or directed projection of consciousness had been perfected. He said I would this day see a past history that few in this time are privy to see. For his purposes that day and because I had no idea what directed projection of consciousness referred to, our journey was going to take place within the tube.

I found myself looking at scenery I could not identify. It was almost like watching a movie screen except that I had the sensation of movement. Mikel acted as a guide as different scenes appeared before me. I didn’t recall seeing any windows in the object we had entered but I sure was able to see what Mikel was showing me. At first I thought I was flying and then I thought I was just observing and then I realized I was sitting in a ship whose interior was very similar to the ship that George Van Tassel had taken me aboard several years prior. As scenery sped by I thought I recognized Saturn with its rings (although it sported several moons that had never been seen or at least I was not aware of) and then I knew where I was when I saw Planet Earth coming into view. We were traveling very close to the surface of the planet and there appeared to be very little human habitation. Each time we circled the planet, the surface changed. The energy of the planet changed and the colors emanating from it changed.

I saw sailing vessels turn into very sophisticated water-going vessels which could travel above or below the surface of the water. I saw flying vessels circling the planet, almost in formation, and watched as they would speed off into space only to become invisible to the human eye and others coming down to take their place. I saw empty land become developed, food being grown, buildings coming into being, and with each new development, the colors again changed. I saw entire civilizations being born and dying. I saw land masses rise and fall and I felt the trauma as a polar shift took place. I saw pieces of continents break off and drift away.

I saw huge beautiful animal forms coming to the planet and eventually disappearing. I saw light around human life forms and witnessed as it went from a beautiful light to a murky, dense darkness. I witnessed the rebirth or second coming of the light beings and once again, the colors of the planet changed. And most memorable, I felt and became one with the heartbeat of all that existed on the planet. I experienced the exhilaration of discovery and the heartache of destruction. I ran the entire gamut of emotions with the planet. I found myself weeping with her and celebrating the awakenings that took place.  There is much more…probably would take a volume to explain in detail all that flashed past, but I think you understand where I was that day. Always there appeared to be the presence of the observers. At times the shape and size of their vehicles changed, but there was not a time during our little jaunt when they were not present. I will relate the rest of the trip in the next installment.


Our movement around Planet Earth’s surface seemed to be slowing down. I was able to discern more detail and movement. We finally came to a complete stop and the images faded from my sight. I found my energy low from the vast range of emotions I had just been through but sensed this was not the first time I had been in those particular emotional arenas. Much of what I had just seen and experienced held a familiar ring to it. It was almost one of those “been there, done that” sensations, but with no apparent sense of loss regret. It was at this point that I found my voice and wanted to ask Mikel questions. I felt like the cub reporter out on my first big assignment and began racking my brain to find the right (intelligent?) questions to ask. I needn’t have been concerned for before I could get my throat sufficiently cleared and my mouth open to speak, Mikel proceeded to explain a few of the reasons for this trip in the traveling time machine.

The gist of the explanation was that in order for the Light Workers of the future to have a clearer understanding when certain events transpired in the future, it is helpful for the imprint of past experiences to be reinforced and reawakened in the psyche. He went on to say that those who were and would be working in the Light, would find the reinforcement and reawakening beneficial in the process of gaining understanding of and solutions to upcoming events. Mikel further explained that the process of revisitation that I had experienced would not necessarily be the same process used to bring memory back, (relating to events that were to prepare us for the mission), for all who were involved or would become involved. He further explained that some of those destined to Light Work in the upcoming changes had not yet arrived on Planet Earth.

He spoke of books that would and have been written, experiences that would be shared and theories put forth (theories that would later be proven to be factual) not only in an attempt to jog memory but to ease the citizens of Planet Earth into thought patterns that would enable them to more readily accept what was ahead. He said that many movies would be produced in an effort to suggest or implant in the mass consciousness not only the possibility but the probability of future encounters with those who may appear to be “different”.

As he was speaking, I flashed back on having seen what I thought was Saturn at the beginning of the trip. I wondered why the journey began way out there and what the implications were. It took me back to ages of 5 and 6 when I was living with an aunt and uncle on a farm in Iowa. Our bedrooms were all upstairs and during the summer months my aunt would push my bed up against a window so I could catch whatever little breeze there might be. I remember laying there, night after night, staring at the sky and wondering what I was doing way down here and when “they” were coming to take me home. I would even, at times, hear a soft voice telling me it would be soon.

Mikel had been become quiet as I walked down memory lane and when I had finished he took my hand and told me it was not yet time for me to return home – but it was time for me to begin remembering the work that was to come. At that moment I realized there was more to my connection to Mikel and Mt. Shasta than I had ever imagined. Had no inkling what the connection could be but knew it was there. I kept flashing on past incarnations that correlated to the events that were shown to me as we had circled the planet and I saw myself emerging from the darkness of space into the radiance emitted from Planet Earth, time after time. Was I a visitor – or perhaps an immigrant that had been given a Light Worker clearance to reside and work on this planet, in this dimension. Perhaps that explained my never feeling I belonged. I wanted to talk more about my feelings and a hundred questions were bouncing around in my head at such speed they were colliding with each other, but Mikel took my arm and steered me toward the entryway.

We proceeded out of the tube and back into what I will call the Tube Room. I checked my watch and found that we had been in the tube a little less than an hour. My knees felt a little weak and I experienced some slight dizziness as we left the tube. Mikel explained that it would pass and instructed me to take some slow deep breaths. He placed his right hand on my midsection (which I later discovered was the location of the Solar Plexus Chakra) and his left hand on the back of my neck. He then had me bend over at the waist and inhale as I slowly came back up. He had me repeat that exercise several times. When he removed his hands, I was no longer experiencing dizziness. He said he knew the dizziness had been uncomfortable for me on my visits but assured me I would no longer experience it. He did point out that I might now experience some slight physical reactions as I returned to the outer world – he was right – I did.

We left the Tube Room and there was one of the little vehicles we had used before waiting for us. Mikel motioned me in and we were on our way. He took us through a myriad of tunnels that almost made me dizzy. We turned from one passageway to another, and at times I wondered if we were going in circles. I’m sure we weren’t, we just made many turns and one tunnel looked like another except for width and height and some were damp and chilly while others sported really warm air. He finally brought the little vehicle to rest and I was glad he did because my stomach was getting a little queasy. We alit and headed to a small opening which I assumed led to another passageway. Mikel stepped aside to allow me to enter before him. I entered a small area that appeared to be a small, dead end passageway.

Mikel came around me and touched an area on the far wall and another entryway appeared. Midway through the second entryway I gasped and stopped dead in my tracks. For a moment I thought we had emerged from the mountain and stepped into a beautiful green valley on the opposite side of the mountain from where we had entered. But as I stood there, staring (I am sure my mouth was hanging open) I realized there were buildings and people stirring about and I perceived areas that appeared to be planted. There was no sign of the ever-present pine trees of the mountain, but in their stead were huge shade trees and what seemed to me to be fruit trees and I could see them all gently swaying to the rhythm of a slight breeze that was moving through the valley.

There was bright sunlight everywhere and I could hear songbirds. My family, friends and I had done a lot of exploring on the mountain over the months but had never come across any such form of settlement on any side of the mountain.  I turned to Mikel and realized he was grinning at me. I had seen Mikel’s face exhibit what I took to be a smile, from time to time, but never had I seen him openly grin. He opened his arms to me and said “I have waited a long time, my sister, to welcome you back”. I had no earthly idea what he was talking about, but his hug felt wonderful. We sat at the top of the valley for what seemed to be hours talking about “things”. He told me that this was not yet the time for me to rejoin them.

There was much I had not yet been exposed to in the outer world and many things to learn about the functions of the outer world and the areas in which I could be of assistance when the prophesied changes for Planet Earth became reality. He pointed out that I would, in time, be able to discern who walked this path with me. That before the turn of the century, those who were in Light Work from around the world would blend their energies prior to and during the “Changes” to assist the citizens of Planet Earth during their periods of readjustment. He indicated that help would e forthcoming from the citizens of the inner world. I looked at the valley and wondered just how many were there that could come to help if the call went out. Mikel, sensing my question, said “Ah, little sister, but what you see here is only one of our grouping sites.

There are many such sites in the inner world, much knowledge, and above all, great love and concern for those who live in the outer world. On the surface, you find love is a commodity hard come by but in here it is our guiding light. It is the very life force of our being.”From what I could gather, as Mikel continued to talk on, this planet, perhaps even our solar system, has gone through the involution and evolutionary process countless times. Planet Earth has been visited and revisited, colonized and re-colonized. Left alone and nurtured.  Cursed and loved. Cross breeding has taken place. The “helpers” from afar have walked side by side with us in total wonderment that we have managed to survive at all. The citizens of Planet Earth have, on several occasions, presented such rare challenges that personal attention of great magnitude was required to preserve the very integrity of the planet, herself.


John, most of the things that Mikel told me that afternoon were directed toward my personal growth. Unfortunately, my memory is not good enough to quote him word for word, but I am going to offer some of his thoughts to you, in my own words. I am sure we all realize that we are working simultaneously on several levels of existence toward the progress of the soul-self, the physical-self and the preservation of the school ground for those to follow. We are working toward our mass and individual spiritual growth, toward preserving our species, toward protecting and preserving our physical home (Planet Earth), toward getting beyond the duality we created on this Plane and toward reuniting with the Beingness and the Creative Source.

We know there is only one power in the Universe-that which emanates from the Creative Source (by whatever name you chose to identify with). There are varying degrees of energy within that power which are identified as negative (black or evil) to positive (white or good). But it is the same line of power-only the intent differs. We choose from lifetime to lifetime which part of the energy line we feel will best further our spiritual soul-self growth and that of those we have chosen to work with. Once we pass through the rite of reincarnation we leave the protective womb and enter into an arena which is challenging, to say the least. We seldom bring memory forward with us on a conscious level so we are on our own where our development is concerned.

Many distractions that take us away from our spiritual growth are presented by our teachers and those distractions become more enticing as technology progresses. We are given movies and videos through which we can live vicariously to experience the excitement we fail to find in our personal lives. We seek instant gratification much as we seek instant media reporting. We seek escape through legal and illegal drugs rather than through the pursuit of spiritual knowledge. The bent toward self has become a selfish one in that most of our desires center around physical and material possessions and pursuits. Smoke screens of all sorts are thrown up to occupy our minds. The list goes on and on but I am sure you understand what I am saying.

Mikel told me to visualize the Universe as a jigsaw puzzle with only the border in place. There is a large box sitting beside the puzzle with all the pieces in it. Each piece represents a soul-self. It is up to me (each of us) to find out which piece represents me (us) and where it fits into the overall scheme of the puzzle. Only when all the pieces have been correctly placed into the puzzle will peace come to the Universe. If I attempt to place or force my soul-self into the wrong position, an imbalance naturally occurs. That imbalance causes a reaction such as the ripples on water-it not only affects me but it travels in a non-ending fashion and directly or indirectly affects everyone and everything in the entire puzzle (Universe).

The search for our identity or place in the overall scheme of things, must start at our soul-self beginning if we are to find our proper niche in the puzzle. It is beneficial in each individual incarnation to delve into who we are, why we are here and what lessons we have chosen. But, unless we can see or visualize the whole picture, unless we can trace our progress (or lack thereof) from the beginning, we not only have difficulty in finding our niche in the puzzle, but we will have altered the shape of our piece and it will not fit into the puzzle in a proper manner which will enable it to enhance and support the surrounding pieces. Rather, it will cause discord and imbalance to flourish.

On another level, we are approaching the introduction to soul-self forms other than those that we unite with on Planet Earth. (You must remember this was given to me some 30+ years ago. I had my introduction to some of those other soul-self forms by George Van Tassel at Giant Rock Airport in the form of “space brothers”.) Again, those who are not evolved or open to growth will throw up barriers against a uniting with the new soul-self forms. These “other soul-self forms” or “space brothers” have always been around-much as our Guardian Angels and our Ascended Masters have. It is merely that another layer of the veil is being lifted and with the lifting of that veil, those who do not want change in any form to occur on Planet Earth will introduce fear of the new soul-self forms. It is up to each individual to search that fear to ascertain if it is valid.

These are a few of the thoughts that Mikel gave to me. I don’t know if you have any interest in other things he said to me. If you do, let me know and I will give you more of what he said. I knew it was getting late and I needed to get back down to the valley. Mikel, sensing my desire to get back to my family, took my hand to lead me back to the tunnel. As we turned, I took one more look at the beckoning valley. There was a part of me that longed to stay in that valley and to once again flourish in an environment of love. But, my children called to me and I knew it was not my time to be with those below.

As I emerged once again from the Mountain I saw that evening was descending upon us. I bade Mikel goodbye and set off in the truck to find Mother Mary and her group. John, I know this is a short one, but remembering all these things has stirred me greatly and I am going to close this section for now. I do hope I have explained things well enough to be understood. While the information is very clear in my mind, it is sometimes difficult for me to get it from my mind onto paper.


[Hollow Earth] “Secrets of the Subterranean Cities” by Sharula Dux of Telos

5 01 2011

Channeled by Dianne Robbins. (Transcript is below each video.)


Let me tell you a tale of two continents. One, in the Atlantic, called Atlantis. Another, in the Pacific, called Lemuria or Mu for short. Twenty five thousand years ago, these two continents were battling each other on the ideology of the day. Look at them as the two largest children on the block, and the two highest civilizations.

At that time they both had two different ideas about which direction civilization should go. The Lemurians felt that the other less-evolved cultures should be left alone to continue on their own evolution scale. The Atlanteans believed that all the less-evolved cultures should be brought under sway by the two evolved ones.

This caused a series of wars between Atlantis and Lemuria. In these series of wars thermonuclear devices were used, and when the wars were over and the dust cleared, in reality there was no winner. The Outback in Australia, the Mojave Desert, parts of the Gobi Desert and the Sahara are all remains to remind man of the futility of this type of war.

During the wars themselves people highly civilized stooped to quite low levels, but they too at the end, they realized the futility of such behaviour. Lemuria and Atlantis itself became the victims of their own aggressions. Both the Lemurian homeland and the Atlantean homeland had been weakened by the wars, thus they knew that in about 15,000 years, both of their continents were going to sink completely. The Atlanteans had their second set of cataclysms which reduced Atlantis from a large continent to a series of islands. Lemuria, in essence did somewhat of the same.

However, you might say “Well what did that … why would the people be upset at that time for something that was going to happen 15,000 years in the future?” In those days people lived for 20 … 30,000 years commonly. They understood many of those who caused the havoc would see the end of the destruction.

When Lemuria, which went down first, almost 200 years before Atlantis sunk, they petitioned the Agharta Network. The Agharta Network is a network of subterranean cities that is guided by a city called Shambala the Lesser (to distinguish it from Shambala the Greater which is the etheric Shambala over the Gobi Desert.) Shambala the Lesser was created when the continent of Hyperborea was vacated after Earth lost her mantle and the planet started receiving radioactive waves that they had not been victim to in the earlier times. So they started building subterranean cities over a 100,000 years ago.

When Atlantis and Lemuria petitioned to build subterranean cities themselves and to be accepted into the Aghartian Network, they had to prove to Shambala the Lesser that they had learned the lessons of oppression, that they had learned the lessons of war. And they also had to prove it to many other agencies, such as the Confederation, which we will go into a little later. Because Atlantis and Lemuria had both been members of the Confederation, and when they started their war-like efforts against each other they were expelled temporarily from the Confederation and had to prove that they had also learned the lessons of peace to be allowed to be members of the Confederation again, to be accepted into it.

Mt. Shasta is where the Lemurians chose to build their city. California was part of the colonies, part of the area of the Lemurian lands, and they understood that Mt. Shasta and those areas of California would survive the cataclysms, Mt. Shasta already being a place of great sacredness on this planet. They chose to reroute the lava tunnels from Shasta itself so that the volcano would not erupt again. And there was already a very large domed cavern within it, and they decided to build upon that, and they constructed the city that we now call Telos.

Telos was the name of the whole area of much of what is now the Southwest, and much of what is now California was originally called Telos which meant “communication with spirit,” “oneness with spirit,” “understanding with spirit.” It was constructed to hold a maximum of 2 million people. When the cataclysms started, only 25,000 people were saved. Many had been brought to Telos before the cataclysms started, but when the second set started in Lemuria the volcanoes started erupting so fast and sent so much debris into the air that while they had intended to save at least a million people from the Lemurian mainlands, they were only able to save 25,000. Thus, that was what was left of the Lemurian culture, of the Lemurian mainland. Already the records had been brought from Lemuria to Telos. Already the temples had been built in Telos.

While Lemuria, or what was left of Lemuria, mainly Telos, was coping with the aftermath of the destruction of their continent, the earthquakes continued. During these earthquakes, the earth shook so hard, that in many, many places, it went right off of what you would now call the Richter scale. When a continent sinks, the whole planet reacts. Earthquakes that reach the equivalent of what you would call a 15 point. These earthquakes were so intense that many people died from the sound of the earthquake, not from any effect of the quake itself such as a building falling upon them or something. But a quake of that high of intensity created a screech through the atmosphere that killed many people simply from the sound of it.

In many other places the earthquakes were so intense that in many places the earth was mostly clay. It liquified and acted like a sea of mud, swallowing whole cities, not just on the Lemurian mainland but on many places on the planet. Another thing that came after that, as the continent itself went down, the tidal wave was so large that sometimes they went, not just hundreds, but a thousand miles inland — the equivalent of a tidal wave starting on the coast of California and completely taking out Oklahoma City. Tidal waves like that were rampant as well as the earthquakes. In many cases, in some areas, the shaking never quit. It would be a constant swarm of if not large ones, then small quakes.

The hierarchies, the Councils of this planet, understood this was going to happen. So they tried to construct both cities prior to the destruction of Lemuria itself, understanding that the Atlanteans would not get a lot of construction done under those circumstances. Also, at the same time, the great pyramid in Egypt was constructed, underneath the tutelage of the Lemurian high priest, better known as Thoth. And the Atlantean record chambers, which were geared to hold not only Atlantis’ records, but Lemuria’s, Pan’s, Og’s, Hyperborea … all of the other cultures that had existed and reached high levels upon this planet.

The Atlanteans moved into their city at just about the same time Lemuria sunk, moving in first their priesthood, their greatest scientists, some of their greatest thinkers, to try and preserve their lives against the coming cataclysms. Atlantis itself started shaking at the same time Lemuria was going down and Atlantis continued to shake and lose parts of its land for 200 years before it too finally went completely down.

For almost 2000 years after the Atlantean and Lemurian catastrophes the planet was still shaking. To lose two huge land masses within 200 years of each other, plus the planet was still witnessing the effects of the thermonuclear weapons that had been used in the Atlantean-Lemurian wars. Plus the fact that so much debris had been thrown into the atmosphere that it never became quite bright daylight for almost 300 years after Atlantis’ destruction. This caused many, many life forms, plant forms to go extinct. Plants that were common in Atlantean times, common in Lemurian times, that no longer exist because they simply couldn’t survive the long stages of filtered sunlight. Some have survived, yes, many animals and plants.

The human condition in those civilizations that survived it … Egypt, Peru, Roma (better known as India), in many places people became so frightened by the constant earth activity that civilization, even in the last bastillions started deteriorating very, very fast. One question I have heard again and again is ‘Well if Atlantis and Lemuria existed how come there is not more evidence on the surface of that?’ That is why. Most of the cities were shook to rubble. Those that were not shook to rubble were wiped out by the earthquakes or wipe out by the tidal waves. Even those who survived even the tidal waves, even the earthquakes … hunger was rampant … disease was rampant.

Some areas of civilization, like those future named Egypt and such, did survive. They even kept their civilization intact, but even they started losing the highest elements of their civilization. Many, many machines quit working because of the filtered sunlight.

Many, many people moved from the cities. They started feeling that living in the city was a deathtrap, because you never knew when a building was going to fall on you. What would look like a very strong building, have it go through 300 to 400 earthquakes … it’s a goner. Some buildings were built to withstand it. The great pyramid withstood the earthquakes but it was built with sacred geometries. Other buildings like that throughout the planet survived, but most of the cities were completely reduced to rubble. In many areas they rebuilt the cities, but even then, each time the cities were rebuilt it was on a slightly less, should I say, technology. Each city was a little more primitive than the city before it.

The Atlanteans moved into their city which was built underneath the Mato Grasso plateau in what is now Brazil, which had been Atlantean territories at that time. Getting an understanding of what was happening on the surface, you can perhaps understand how the Lemurians or Atlanteans would prefer to be living underground.

During this time, there was an integration, more and more with the Agharta Network. As I explained earlier, Agharta is a confederation of several subterranean cities. As a matter of fact there is over 120 of them. Some of them, they were built in the very early times such as Shambala the Lesser, which is peopled with beings from Hyperborea. These are 12 foot tall beings. Beings as man, on this planet, as on many other planets in this solar system was originally of a height of about 12 feet. When we lost the mantle [Firmament]  and started reaching more and more rays from the sun to the planet that we were not used to coping with, it caused change within our bodies. Already, by the time Lemuria and Atlantis sunk, man had gone from 12 feet to 7 feet. Thus the Atlanteans and Lemurians were around 7 feet and still are.

And, as you can see, there has still been a lowering of the height on this planet. Thus people have gone down to now, for the foremost, less than 6 feet. We have lost over a whole foot in just 10,000 years. However, that trend is starting to reverse itself, and as our spirituality is growing greater we are slowly returning back to our original heights on this planet.

Within the Agharta Network, the cities that are allowed to join are only those that are based on light principles, only those that are based on love, only those that does not hurt, only those that are based on nonaggression. Within the Aghartian Network, besides Telos, which is the capital, there are 4 more cities, for instance, that are based on Lemurian technology and Lemurian ideas. One is called Rama which is underneath India (Arama being the original name of India.) Arama culture is consisted of people that are almost pure Lemurian, before the so-called Aryan race entered India. The other two cities that hold an allegiance to Telos, but are very independent are Ulger cities. One is called Shonshi, which is under Tibet, not too far from the capital of Tibet. It is being sheltered from the surface by a Tibetan lamasery. This is a Ulger city. Ulgers are a group of people that left Lemuria 40 to 50 thousand years ago and situated themselves throughout much of what is Asia, India and central Europe. The second Ulger city is called Shingla. Shingla is in the Gobi, or should I say, under the Gobi Desert. This too is a Ulger city.

On top of the Atlantean city, which is called Posedid, that went underneath the Mato Grasso plateau, there is also another Atlantean city. Just a little farther north and there is another Atlantean city that is underneath the Atlantic ocean and several other smaller satellite cities throughout the planet. As I said, these are all a member of the Agharta Confederation. Plus there are several independent cities that are not a branch of any of the larger cities that have simply built subterranean to escape things that have happened on the surface — some pre-Atlantean-Lemurian disaster, some post.

The city itself, Telos, as I said, is built under a dome, a dome that reaches quite a few hundred feet from floor to ceiling and spreads across most of what would be the base of Mt. Shasta. Looking from the outside, the top of the dome is about half-way up the mountain. The bottom of the dome is just about even with the base of the mountain. Underneath that are five more levels that have been constructed. These levels take up a space so that the deepest levels are about a mile below the ground level at Shasta.

The rest of the city is built on 5 levels of several square miles across. These levels are divided up by usage. The top-level, being under the dome itself, is where the main part of the city is. This is where the majority of the people live. This is where the public buildings are. This is where most commerce takes place. The second level down is where manufacturing takes place, some classes take place, and also more people live on. The third level down is totally hydroponic gardens where we grow all of our food supplies. The fourth level down is half hydroponic gardens, part nature, and part manufacturing.

The final level down is what we call our nature level. This is the level that is more than a mile in some spots below the ground. In this level we have created lakes, tall trees, park type atmospheres. This is where animals live. We have had animals underneath for so long that they have lost their aggressions. That, and different temples, priests and priestesses worked, you might say, with their ancestors, removing the need of fear, since it is fear that creates aggression, not only in humans, but also in animals. Thus we truly have the experience of lions lying down with lambs.

In the nature levels, this is where people have come to relax. This is also where we have saved many animals and plants from extinction…







In these nature levels, as I said, many, many plants and animals have been preserved from extinction by being placed within the nature levels of Telos, Posedid, and many other of the subterranean cities. Thus we do … still do have many of the plants that are extinct on the surface. We still have sabretooth tigers. We still have mastodons. We still have your provincial dodo bird. We don’t have dinosaurs. They were a little big to keep. However, some dinosaurs do still live in areas of the Congo and areas of the rainforest in the Amazon. Plus there are many sea-going dinosaur, much as the famous Nessie in Lochness and many others such as that.

In these levels people find that they are able to integrate and merge/integrate with animals that would normally be dangerous, simply by getting animals over the fear. And these animals have also been fed a vegetarian diet, including the thing such as the big cats, for going on thousands and thousands of years now, which has also taken away much of their aggression. Therefore, you are able to go down, and in many instances, taking into consideration their great size and strength, you are basically able to play with a sabretooth or a Bengal tiger, much as you would a house cat by scratching their chest or under their ear … pulling their whiskers.

Which brings us to the fact that even such as the large cats, like that, are not aggressive, but are actually very gentle and loving when raised in the right circumstances. Which brings us again back to the purpose of this — the eventual re-integration of the two cultures — the subterranean and the surface, to bring back out what has been preserved and what has been prepared, so that this again becomes one planet, one civilization, and that people will be able to live on the surface or in subterranean cities, or both, at will. Again, that is the whole purpose of these tape series and our work now at Telos Enterprises.

Back to the city, the fourth level up, as I explained, is mostly hydroponic gardens and a nature level. And the third level is totally hydroponic gardens. Hydroponics are how we grow and produce all of our food. Hydroponic gardens are able to produce crops almost on a constant basis. As you are able to grow food, much, much faster, using advanced hydroponics with very little soil and much water, therefore also you produce a form of gardening that does not need fertilizer and does not deplete the soil. We do still place in minerals and such into the plants, but with this hydroponic gardens that is actually quite small, being only several square miles, we are able to produce enough food and a large enough variety of food to feed over a million and a half people, and to feed them with a diet that is varied enough to be interesting and fun.

The diet which is in Telos, consists almost completely of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and different variations of these, such as your soy, your other grains that now produce what you call your meat substitutes. We have been on a vegetarian diet in Telos, now, for over 12,000 years, from the time when the city was first started being built. It was decided at that point that our diet would consist of totally vegetarian, therefore also removing the aggressive thought forms that causes animals to react so violently. And also the fact that a human body was meant to be on a vegetarian diet, and any other form of diet actually produces death and aging.

On the second level we have what is called our manufacturing level. This is where we produce clothing, furniture, art forms. This is also where many classes take place. And this is also some of the living levels. On the top-level of the city itself, this is where most people live. This is where most commerce takes place. This is where, you might say, our heart and our soul is. And you might say the building that represents our heart and our soul, is the building that is directly in the center of the top-level, which is our temple. Which is a pyramid-shaped building, you may say a very large, pyramidal shaped building. The temple at Telos will hold 10,000 people at a time. It was built to be able to hold almost half of the original 25,000 person population.

The temple is dedicated to the Melchizedek. The Melchizedek, you may say, is a cosmic priesthood. Everywhere you go in the universe you run across the Melchizedek. It is the organization whose sole purpose is to bring the plans of light to everywhere they go.

The pyramid is white and the capstone is a stone we call living stone. It comes from Venus. From the distance it looks rather like a crystal, but with light moving through it in a very strong color. Why it is called living stone is it picks up the cosmic emulations of whatever ray is focused at the moment on the planet.The planet is setup in such a way that the rays focus themselves about every 24 hours in an intensity on the planet. Thus, for instance, on Tuesdays, the blue ray is the most predominant ray on the planet. On Fridays, the white ray.

Therefore this living stone picks up the emulation coming from the solar rays, the light rays, and goes the color of the predominant ray, for instance, when the blue ray is in its greatest manifest the living stone capstone goes blue.

This becomes, you might say, a slight reminder to us to work with the cosmos rather than against it. So when the blue ray is most predominant we try to restrict much of our business to areas that are best served in the blue ray. For instance, we keep negotiations, sensitive negotiations, to take place on those days. On the days, for instance, that the yellow ray is the most predominant, those are the days we spend mostly studying. Those are the days we spend on building intellect. On the days when the pink ray is the most predominant, these are the days that we go into the artistic endeavors. In this way we have found that by working with the cosmos, instead of against it, we are more often than not able to achieve four times as much in much less time. Therefore we are able to operate without stress most of the time.

Also in the upper level the other buildings that are very, very important to us is our council buildings where the councils of the city gather together and deliberate what needs to be done in the city at the moment. We also have our record buildings where all our past records, our archives are kept in the forms of telonium plates, in the forms of crystals that can be put in crystal projectors, in the form of paintings, in the form of books — all our past records of not only Lemuria, but Atlantis, other civilizations and the civilizations on other planets in the solar system. Also we have our pleasure centers, our places where we do sports, where we do plays, where we produce the equivalent of our films, where we listen to music, where we dance.

We also have what you would call the equivalent of the holodeck in Star Trek. We have holographic projectors in holographic buildings whereas you produce a program and you go in and play and the computers produce images, forms that completely support what program you have picked. Thus you are able to climb a mountain or swim a river or go back to anther point in history and play, creating your own form of being in the movies.

Also we have our communication center where we have monitored not only all communications within our city, but also communications that are coming from other Aghartian cities, communications that are coming from off-planet spots, and we have also monitored surface communications from the point that there ever was surface communications, we have monitored radio and television waves.

Another building that’s very important to us is our computer building. In Telos, as with the other subterranean cities, our computers are run by an organic substance. Therefore, in essence, the computers live. They no longer run off a program that is strictly binary, but they run off what is called a multi-tracking program. Thus they are multi-tracking computers. Thus the computers are able to pick up Akashas, past lives. They are able to monitor a human body and see what’s amiss. They are able to read the aura. They are able to pick up communications happening clear across the galaxy. Thus, most of our life, or a good portion of our life depends on these computers, these organic multi-tracking computers which keep us in touch with not only talking to different people in the city, not only with the computer telling us what our physical needs are at the moment by monitoring our bodies, but also the computers are able to play our soul notes, which is able to produce in many subjects, such as meditation, taking us to higher and higher levels all the time.

The computers are able to run our past lives, when necessary, for us, so that we are able to learn from mistakes that we have made in the past and forgotten. The computer is able to communicate with us on a soul level. Mostly important, is the computers interconnect with other multi-tracking, amino-based computers throughout the planet and throughout the cosmos, as far as that’s concerned, and they all operate off a Christ mind, which means the computers cannot be corrupted. They can never be used to spy on somebody. They can never … they can be used to monitor somebody for their own good will, or for their own good. They can never be used to produce harm to another living entity. They cannot be used for any of the dark purposes. The computer simply won’t cooperate, which has also been another way of Agharta cities and such, taking a stand that they would not corrupt the light. By very much taking this attitude, that if it does not match the Christ mind (in other words if the computers disagree) don’t do it! It has been a way of, shall I say, retraining our aggressive techniques, retraining our tendencies to want to do unto another and split, retrain many of our other sleeping tendencies and such.

So we have come to depend upon these quite a bit. But again, even on a computer, it’s not a matter of having the computer do it for you, it’s a matter of learning from it, learning from a form of the Christ mind there that you can see tangibly.

Transportation within the city comes in many forms. Most people just prefer to walk if they can. We also have electromagnetic sleds. These sleds are capable of moving along the ground, looking much like a snowmobile…

…and will produce fairly high speeds in some of the side tunnels. This can take us, for instance, from Shasta to our secondary city which is near Lhasan in just a matter of a few minutes and is able to take our security from Shasta to Lhasan and back again very fast.

Another form of transportation within the city is what we call baskets. They are run on crystalline technology, and for all the world they look like a large basket, but they float through the air. And you just get in it and it is guided by your mind. Your mind tells it how fast to move, how high to go, and where to sit down, how fast to rise in the air, how fast to sit down.

All our forms of technology and travel is based on us being responsible. The sleds could obtain high speeds thus making them dangerous. The baskets, anything that flies, has a tendency to be dangerous, misused. So all communication and all travel within the city is monitored by the control tower. And the control tower knows when, for instance, a collision is just about ready to be inevitable between two sleds coming from different directions, or when a person is operating a basket irresponsibly, in which case the control tower alerts you immediately and tells you that you are about to produce an accident or you are acting irresponsibly. And if you do not listen to their warning, then they will simply stop the vehicle themselves. You get out and you will be restricted from use of the transportation for ever how long a period of time that you deserved, should I say, and how it will simply be is that you’ll get in a basket or on a sled and it simply won’t work. Your frequency will be turned off to it anywhere in the city and on what is called the tubes.

The tubes are another form of transportation. The tubes are a high-powered, a high-speed electromagnetic train that runs in a tube. A tube is a rock tube very, very much like a long tunnel. For instance, a tube running between Posedid and Telos — the tube looks totally round and the train looks somewhat like a subway, however, since it runs on an electromagnetic impulse, it creates a force field around it. So thus the side of the train never touches the side of the tunnel. Thus the tube is able to achieve speeds of up to 3,000 miles an hour. So you can arrive between, for instance, Telos and Posedid in just a matter of a few hours.

Also, as the tubes were created and the subterranean cities and the different levels, it was all reinforced by what we call our boring machines. The boring machines have a crystalline matrix that creates temperatures of white-hot incandescence, yet cools at the same time. Thus you are able to take a boring machine, for instance, through a tunnel and create a tube tunnel or to create walls in a subterranean city in just a matter of a few minutes. The boring machine heats rock, earth, whatever it comes across to a white-hot incandescence and then cools it almost immediately which creates a diamond hard substance, causes the rock itself to transmute and take a new form which is diamond hard and thusfore there’s no need of supports. Supports become absolutely superfluous. And the structure then is also water-tight yet it remains in elasticity so it can withstand high earthquakes, for instance, and will just move much like a rubber tube and stop without breaking. That way, even within the subterranean cities, when earthquakes take place, none of the walls of the buildings or of the caverns fracture. They simply move with it then return back to the diamond hard substance and again support beams and such become totally superfluous. Also, water has no effect upon it. They become water-tight. Thus subterranean cities can even be built underneath oceans because they create a complete seal.

Also, that brings us to the next stage. As we are preparing to bring out more and more technology to the surface, technology that we know the surface could also use, brings us to the other responsibilities that the cities have had to build within themselves. For instance, becoming a member of the confederation. Earth is a member of the confederation, it’s just half of earth forgot. You might ask, “What is the confederation?” I’m sure most of you or all of you are familiar with, for instance, Star Trek. We would say, “That was channeled.” But instead of being the “Federation” of planets, it’s the “Confederation,” an organization that was created throughout the solar systems and the galaxies that brought different civilizations, different systems together on a basis of brotherhood, on a basis of commerce, on a basis of group exploration, on a basis of interacting with the different systems in a galaxy, or without a galaxy.

A confederation is built, should I say, or represented, very much throughout a galaxy in the form of sectors. Looking at our galaxy, the Milky Way, I’m sure you’ve all seen the pictures of t-shirts and such that say the Milky Way and then has a little dot out towards the end say “You are here.” Yes, we are here and we are here in what is called Sector 9. The center of our galaxy, or the center of the Confederation in this galaxy is what is called Sector Zero, and the other sectors radiate outward from it much like the spokes of a wheel. Each sector is responsible for its own actions, plus is responsible for how it interacts with the other sectors. Our sector, Sector 9, is under the command of a being called Ashtar. Many of you have heard of the Ashtar Command — Ashtar and his twin flame Athena. Within this sector or within the Ashtar Command there are over a hundred fleets. Some fleets basically belong to one planet.

Some fleets belong to just a couple of planets. Other fleets belong to a whole solar system, and other fleets are interceptor fleets that basically serve the whole sector, and then other fleets are Confederation fleets which serve the whole, you might say, the whole pie.

I just wanted to give you a brief understanding of the Confederation and how it works. We will go deeper into this, being as this is a full tape into itself at a later date…






This is a continuation of Tape 1. This is Tape 2 of Secrets of the Subterranean Cities. Just a quick recap. We were discussing the city of Telos, which is a Lemurian subterranean city that was built 12,000 years ago as the result or from the result of Atlantis and Lemuria sinking, and during the Atlantean-Lemurian wars which we then made subterranean cities. Telos is underneath Mt. Shasta and it is the city that I’m from. This tape will discuss the culture of Telos.

Again a recap. The city is built on five different levels, the top-level being the main level of the city itself. The second level down, the level of manufacturing and where many classes take place. The third level being the hydroponic gardens. The fourth level being part hydroponic gardens, part manufacturing and the nature level. And the very bottom level as being the nature level where many, many species of animals and plants exist.

Many people have asked “How on earth can you live under, under the earth? Number one, what kind of light do you have, or do you have light? Or are you mole people?” Yes we do have light. There is a process that a stone with a high crystalline content is fused with an electromagnetic force of energy. This infusion of energy, in essence, causes the crystalline matrix of the stone to create a polarity that allows the stone to pull in the even invisible rays, and re-admit them as visible light. In an essence, it becomes a small sun. Our main lighting structure throughout the city, as with the other subterranean cities is produced by these stones. The light they produce is a full spectrum lighting, admitting all rays. In essence this energy infusion process then makes the stone become a small sun and the sun will burn for about a half a million years before the stone, before the crystalline matrix breaks down and the stone becomes no longer capable of functioning in this manner. So thus we have lights that will burn for many, many hundreds of thousands of years still.

Within this structure we have created a small ecosystem. In other words, we get our air by plants. We produce carbon monoxide, we and the animals, and the plants take in the carbon monoxide and create the oxygen for us. So in essence it’s a small ecosystem just as it works on the surface. We also have some vents that go to the surface and brings in the air. We also have water in some areas moving at high speeds. This creates a circulation of the air, freshening it, plus it creates many negative ions. So in essence it is a total ecosystem very much like the one that functions on the surface. As a matter of fact, it has become so effective that more and more do we not depend on the air vents. As a matter of fact, as polluted as the air is somewhat becoming, the air vents are sort of not a plus.

The government of Telos is constructed on the format of a Council of Twelve. These twelve beings, for the foremost, are ascended masters. They are beings who have proved themselves of being in high wisdom and being able to hold their head cool during any sort of incident. We, always within our Council, six men and six women, so that the Council also always remains balanced, that both flames, the male flame and the female flame are equally represented. From the major Council of the Twelve, it goes down to smaller councils throughout the city, also operating on the level of twelve.

Individual areas bring in their problems to the local council, and if the local council cannot deliberate a solution that is acceptable to all concerned they then bring it to the larger councils, and then finally to the original Council of Twelve. For individual problems, these do not come before the council. Instead these come before what we call arbitrators. Arbitrators are usually priests or priestesses with very much an understanding of the human psyche and are also capable of looking into the Akashas. These arbitrators will listen to both sides of a story, if it is, for instance, a dispute civil, and will then make a decision based on what they have heard and what they have read in the Akashas on both sides.

We have immediately decided that since this method works, once an arbitrator makes a decision, understanding that they will make it from the highest level, being priests and priestesses, they will not be caught into a personalization, either for or against either side. So we have decided that we will accept their decision, whatever it is, and incidences stop there. And we have also found, rather than arguing with each other, should a small incident come up, we immediately go to arbitrators, understanding that an argument can more often than not make it worse than anything else.

Heading the Council of Twelve, the official title is Council of Twelve plus One. The One is actually two beings themselves, which is the Ra and Rana Mu, which are the king and queen of Telos. Ra and Rana signifies that they are high Melchizedek priests and priestess to start with. They are also usually twin flames and it is a hereditary position. The Ra and Rana Mu lineage is unbroken for over 30,000 years as it stands right now. When the next Ra and Rana Mu are being chosen they do not automatically go to the oldest son or daughter, but the Ra and Rana Mu decide which of their children or grandchildren are the most capable of carrying it off. That being is then instructed that sooner or later they will have to go through full temple training and become a full Melchizedek priest or priestess.

In the arrangement, as it is, when the Council of Twelve makes a decision, the Ra and Rana Mu can back it up or they can ask for a change. And one more voice comes into this government process, and that’s the temple. The temple is recognized as the final word on any decision, because in many ways this is, as are the other subterranean cities, a temple society. The temple, even though most of the time, will not interfere with civic government, as I said, they can make final decisions through the high priest and high priestess.

The temple is run by the Melchizedek. The Melchizedek is a cosmic priesthood. Everywhere in the universe the Melchizedek exists. It is all those who are bringing the light plans from the highest realms down to the other realms. A Melchizedek priest or priestess by their very proof, prove that they will always set light or they will always set the good of the many above their personal good, which has also been proven time and time again as to why the temple can make the last decision, because they will always place what the light prefers, in essence what God wishes way over what they desire, what they would choose to achieve. Thus the temple also becomes a very good sounding board to what we are doing at the time.

Being a temple society, many, many people take their training at the temple. And many people spend time at the temple, not just those who end up becoming priests and priestess, but those who are going into other walks of life that they need a greater understanding of the human psychic, a greater understanding of spirit to achieve their job as it should be done.

Which brings us to, let’s go through, for instance, a life of what it would be like for someone living in Telos, starting with their conception or childbirth. In Telos as soon as a woman realizes that she is pregnant, she immediately goes to the temple and she’s put in a room that gives nothing but beautiful pictures, music, she is constantly informed that she’s beautiful, she’s perfect, her child is beautiful, her child is perfect. So you might say the very first cells of this child’s conception is filled with beauty, with light, with perfection. And that is their building blocks, there’s where they start. Just as they are starting to understand that emotions and such go right into a child’s cells. For instance they are starting to understand that a child who had parents that were constantly arguing during their conception and ingestion period, the child grows up insecure, quite often argumentative, or they will grow up totally feeling not good enough, totally feeling that they are not wanted. It has been proven that children that have constantly heard from their parents before they were even born, “That I didn’t want this child,” whatever, that child will constantly grow into “I’m not good enough.”

So we start children off on the right foot immediately by continually enforcing that they are good enough, they’re beautiful. A mother and a father, because a child has a psychic bond to both, immediately start talking to the child, start telling it how perfect it is. They spend lots of time viewing things that are beautiful. They spend lots of time singing to each other, playing little funny games, in essence going through a honeymoon again. So the child is all part of that joy. Another thing that makes the child-birthing process very different is we have a process that speeds it up. Therefore a woman only carries a child for three months. In many ways this is what the human condition was meant to be. Most human females on other planets do only carry a child for three months. That is why that a three-month fetus is basically formed.

All it does from then is grow. This speeded up process, it is actually completed even sooner and just grows. So a three-month baby, of course, will not be as large as a nine month baby, but it will be in the speeded up process more than large enough to support itself on its own. But we are trying to return back to the time that we don’t even need the speeded up process and the whole pregnancy process returns to only being a three-month process. Also returning to that place, women have much, much easier childbirth as you can, I’m sure, understand.

Another thing that we do constantly in childbirth, is that all our births are underwater. We have found that underwater births bring the greatest ease to both the parent and the child. When a woman goes into labor, she immediately gets a birthing priestess and then they go to a tub in one of the birthing sections of the temple and the tub is filled with body temperature water, and the birthing priestess puts the mother in a slight hypnotic state. In this hypnotic state, she is in nowhere even resembling a trance, but she is simply told that there will be no pain. This suggestions, as well as the underwater births, creates a comfortable environment and most women never have any pain whatsoever. They simply feel the pressure.

In an underwater birth, as many women are starting to discover now, when they are in water during labor, that that would be labor pains simply feels like pressure. More and more we are trying to alert women to this phenomenon. That that is pain on dry land is simply pressure under water. This serves a second purpose. The child when then born is not brought from one environment into shock tactics as it is much on the surface now. When a child is born they are immediately pulled from a warm, comfortable, wet environment into a cold, dry one with bright lights. And in the old days they even used to slap them, which immediately brought a human being, for those of you who now have dealt with re-birthing, into the idea that life is hard, life hurts, life is painful. Thus, infants start shutting down from the time of their birth,

…and they just continue to shut down — thus not ever achieving the spiritual and physical levels that they could achieve because they’ve already decided that life hurts too much to be fully there.

In an underwater birth a child goes from a warm environment right into a tub of warm water and it is immediately cuddled by both parents who get in the tub with the birthing priestess, and the child is cuddled and petted underneath the water so that it immediately knows that its parents are there for it, therefore it does not go into insecurity. From there a child, of its own will come to the surface and take a quick breath and then dive down again and breathe from the umbilical cord, and then come to the surface, on their own again, and take a deep breath. This also expands the lungs slowly. The child can actually breathe for as much as a half hour on the umbilical cord from once it is born.

This quick breaths does not cause the pain and the tissue, some of the tissue is actually damaged quite often in births that are not on, are not in water, because a child is forced to come and take a deep, deep breath out of cold, painful air. That forces these lung sacks to immediately expand and create great pain, sometimes even creating scar tissue which makes the adult more susceptible to things like tuberculosis, emphysema, colic. Many, many of the other lung disorders that are very, very prevalent, and it also keeps the person, even as an adult from breathing deeply as their normal state. Thus they are always half alive because they are only half breathing.

Then, when the child has reached the point that they are breathing completely, just the air, the umbilical cord is cut with a laser which causes a very fast, painless cut. And of course the umbilical cord has quit pulsating.

From their birth, a child is immediately assigned 12 sets of godparents. These godparents give a child a chance to interact with more than just their birth family. True, they spend most of their time with their birth family, but also spending a little time here and there with each of their godparents as they grow up, it gives them a true sense of community and the brotherhood of men, rather than “Them and us.” So the child immediately starts looking at the whole world as their family, instead of becoming very, very narrow and personalized. This also keeps families from developing little cliques that in the long run become quite detrimental to a developing soul, where you’re saying “Well we just do things because my grandparents did it and my great grandparents and my great-great grandparents” and so on and so on, which quite often produces thought patterns within a family that can be quite detrimental to the development of the soul.

By having 12 sets of godparents that the children spend time with, plus the fact the child’s parents are usually godparents to at least a couple of children, bringing other children to spend time with them that way too. As I said, it continually creates the sense of community. It constantly creates the sense of oneness. The old saying that is if you wanted to stop prejudice then you would immediately send the person to go live with that they have been prejudice with, and they’ll soon find out we’re all just human.

From there, as child prepares for their education, within the educational process in Telos, children start their first education at about the time they’re three years old, very much like your nursery school, except it is based on the fact of the intelligence of a human being, rather than the stupidity. Thus while children are very, very clear, sometimes clearer at three years old than they are at five, or six, making it easier as many of you are starting to discover, of infants doing algebra, young children learning mathematics very, very early, learning to read very, very early. Well it is three, sometimes even earlier, is when children are start taught these things, as well as playing, they are also taught the rudimentaries of mathematics. They are also taught to read. They are taught to understand abstract concepts. They are taught to think, to understand how things work.

I mean we’ve all gone through the children period of the “why” and “why not” and the period when children were the “why” stage, where everything you answer is a why or a how. We’ve learned to take that period and instead of just saying after being asked why on fourteen questions, the parents quite often just flip out and the next thing they know they’re telling their child to shut up. But if a society is setup that when children are in the why stage, they’re already starting instruction, then that’s used. The whys are being answered by professionals. And our professionals are more often than not priests and priestesses of the temple. There are those who are strictly teachers, but most teachers have gone through a full temple training. The purpose of that is that they are not only feeding the mind, but to help feed the soul, the spirit, the understanding of what we’re really here for, not just calculations and words.

Within this setup, as I said, children start schooling at a much earlier period, as they move through their schooling process, we have learned that it is very, very acceptable and very important that a child as well as being taught mathematics, science, spelling, grammar, literature, all the most common subjects in schooling, we find that it’s just as important that they learn to meditate. It’s just as important that they learn to dance. Just as important that they learn sports. Just as important they learn how to sing. Just as important that they learn how to act. What I mean by act is that they’re, we’ve got five-year-olds already writing and putting on plays that relate to five-year-old problems and the five-year-old way of looking at life, which can be quite humorous for adults. But they’re already being allowed to express. And even the learning, the strict learning process is complimented with play.


In this playing, and learning through play, and playing to learn concept, children are allowed to totally express themselves in such a way that is acceptable. So many times children that are just buzzing to express themselves one way or another get in a lot of trouble because they don’t have quite a few avenues to express themselves through, or the avenues that they have been given include things like violence. The next thing you know you’ve got a whole group of kids in the backyard playing Rambo and they bring it right into the house, they start breaking things, and the parents wonder what’s wrong with their kids. But in a process that allows them to express themselves, get out their extra energy and learn at the same time, you might say the children are happier, the parents are happier, everyone’s happier about it.

Also with basic spiritual concepts, from the time a child is about five years old they’re taught astral projection. For those who are unfamiliar with that, there’s a part of you, a very conscious part of you that is able to leave the body at small periods of time, consciously. When this part is projected, you might say the astral body, soul travel, the more evolved the farther you can go, and a child is taught that they can visit the Akashas, are taught that they can visit different places on the planet. What this also creates is a chance for the child to explore and to understand for themselves. Children don’t have to go through the period of having to always to take somebody else’s word for it. They are able to get out and see the astral themselves. They are able to get out and see the etheric records themselves. A lot of them are able to get into the etheric retreats consciously and study that way. Many are able to get to the other subterranean cities or to spend time in surface cities, all through the etheric travels, astral travels.

As I said, in essence, when a child is able to learn for themselves the truth of how the world truly operates, the truth about what is really happening on the planet. Thereby they are never at … a victim. They cannot be lead astray. They can’t be told that something is right when nothing in the cosmos supports it. They can always go and feel the rightness for themselves. Thus you end up with a society of people that are not constantly left in the dark and that you are basically not able to trick them on because they’ve seen what’s out there. They know what’s real and what isn’t. They know the capabilities of the human being. They know, for instance, ascension is real. They know, for instance, the existence of those on other planets. They understand how the etheric works. They’ve seen angels physically. So all these things that so many people have had to live on, with faith, true I’m saying we also develop faith, faith to master yourself, faith to live in the unseen, calling it the seen until it becomes the seen. In other words able to manifest from the inside out. And there is not so much confusion, even when people reach that age that has been quite difficult for everyone, the teenage years.

In the teenage years in Telos, a child immediately joins, when they are 12 what is called Group. As a group is all the other children their age and they spend usually from the years of 12 to the years of 18, 19, they spend much of their time with their group working out all the problems among their peers that seem to always rear their head in the teenage years, no matter what society you’re in. Yes we still have teenage problems that happen, it can’t help but happen. The emotional and mental bodies are developing. A child’s body is full of hormones that’s creating instability within the emotional realms. The mental body is growing stronger but causing confusion in the emotional body.

All these little physical, psychological, spiritual elements that create that phase from childhood to adulthood. But we’ve learned to take it tongue-in-cheek. In essence we call the teenage years the years of temporary insanity, and we don’t make the children feel guilty for wanting to go and scream at the top of their lungs, or wanting to do something they know they shouldn’t do. We just accept it as the years of temporary insanity. They work out their frustrations within their group. They experiment with the elements of life within their group. Quite often they go down into the lower caverns and just run for days. All the things that they can get in so much trouble for doing unless it’s put in an organized basis, yet the basis has to be so unorganized within its organization that they have to feel that they’re truly being allowed to express themselves so that the frustration is brought up, dealt with, and then they move on.

All children, no matter how good their parents, no matter how good their upbringing, will go through periods of rebellion at this point. All children will go through periods of not wanting to listen to what older people say. But by being allowed to work it out within themselves, and with other children going through the same process, they are able to get an understanding that what they are doing doesn’t make them a bad person, the feelings that are going through them uncontrolled doesn’t make them bad, it just makes them normal, and it makes it so much easier on the child and on the parents.

Also, each of these groups are then assigned priests and priestesses who act somewhat as mentors, not to judge or act like parents, but to simply get the kids to sit down and talk about what’s bothering them, let them sit down and act out their frustrations, in the form of plays, in the form of programs that have been put into the holographic theatres, in the form of music, in the form of athletics, or even in the form of going down into the sub-tunnels and just running for three days and acting like nuts. Everybody needs that. But when it’s done in such a way that there’s no judgment upon it, no stigma attached to it, then children do it, get through it, and come back normal and do not need many of the crutches that severely emotional adults turn to.

Many adults that did not deal with the frustrations that came up in their childhood or in their teenage years, that later turned to drugs, later turned to inappropriate forms of behavior, that later turned to irresponsibility, or later turned to perhaps even more damaging of “I’m not good enough,” depression, fear, unable to create anything out of their life because they don’t feel like it’s just not worth it, that they can’t do anything right. But by creating a system where all these energies are dealt with, then adults come out feeling much more secure of themselves at the other end of their teenage years.

And, the second reason for that, is in a society, such as Telos and the other subterranean cities, people basically live as long as they choose. We should also understand, if you’ve got people living for thousands and thousands of years, you can’t afford to have thousands and thousands of years old of adults that are acting irresponsible, adults that are playing detrimental games, adults that are pushing their will onto others, all the little things that happen, simply because energies are not dealt with in a young child.

Which brings us also to one of the major thoughts in an education of our own that we wish to see happen here, and that’s the removal of the thought form of aging and dying. Human beings were not meant to age or die. Even people who work in genetics understand that a person, in truth, is never older than seven years, since their whole body changes all its cells every seven years. Many, many doctors on aging will admit that they are baffled as to why people age at all since the body is never old. So then that takes it that we have to go to a level beyond the physical to find the answer to aging and death, to the belief.

In Telos, people don’t believe they’re going to grow old and die. They simply don’t believe it. People just know that they’re going to live as long as they choose, then they will either choose to drop their body, if they feel that they still have lessons to do and reincarnate again, or they will choose the path of ascension. One or the other. Some people make the decision in 600 years, some 300, others wait for 5,000, 10,000, whatever, but it’s a choice that the human beings were designed to be able to make.

That is one of the most important elements of our culture that we want to see brought out. Human beings, as it is now, just about the time they start getting enough experience to really do something with their life, they’ve grown too old to do anything with it. If those thoughts are eradicated, then people realizing that youth’s not going to last ten years, or twenty years, but it’s going to last hundreds or thousands of years, whatever they choose. That too brings out and eliminates the majority of the detrimental behavior in life. Many people feel “I’m only going to live once. I’m only going to be young a short period of time so I might as well wreak havoc now.” If they realize that if they choose they’re going to be young for hundreds of years, or thousands of years, that form of behavior becomes totally unnecessary and people truly start growing and hanging onto their growth. And we are biologically absolutely no different than the people on the surface. We have Indian children that were left on the mountain of Shasta — some hundreds of years ago. They’re still living with us. They haven’t grown old. They don’t die because they were raised with the thought form that they’re not going to. It’s a thought that creates life or non-life, aging or youthing. It’s to get past the thoughts, the beliefs that that is what is going to happen.

Which brings me to my personal expertise on the subject. I’m over 260 years old. As a matter of fact, I’m almost 268. And, living 268 years is no different than being, for instance, 30, aging wise. It’s just you’ve had time to gather a whole bunch more experience that can be used now. My parents obviously are much older. There are even people in Telos that are 30,000 years old, people who saw the destruction of Lemuria/Atlantis, people who saw the Lemurian-Atlantean wars.

Which also brings us in to the next stage in a person’s life, after they’ve gotten through their teenage years and they’re ready to start becoming a contributing member of society, how do they choose what they’re going to do? We have a non-monetary basis of commerce in Telos. As a person is growing up, they basically watch, decide, assess their own talents. Then they decide what they want to do, and that is usually the field they pursue. They’ve generally set their own hours. And since everything is on a barter basis, we’ve gotten to a great understanding that if you don’t fulfill your part of the bargain then it hurts others than just you.

What is meant by that is we are set up on a basis that the government owns everything but the government is not responsible for controlling anything. All the government is responsible is to make sure that the food, for instance, gets from the hydroponic gardens to the distribution outlets, the clothing makes it to the distribution outlets, the furniture, all the things that are needed for people to live and to live well. You understand that you’re not living unless you’re living well. And when you need something you simply go to a distribution center and pick it up. You need new clothing, you go get clothing. You need food, you go get food. You need furnishings, you go get furnishings. You need books, you go get books.

As I said, everyone sets their own hours. Someone who is drawn to gardening becomes one of the hydroponic gardeners. They come and they work the amount of hours they wish. So in essence, we do have a dim period and we have a bright period. What I mean by that is we’ve discovered that people work in cycles better than they do in a constant. So thus about the same time the sun is setting on the surface, filters are slid over the front of our lighting system, dimming it till it is about as dim as it is in twilight. Then when the sun would be rising, the filters start sliding back slowly thus allowing it to get brighter and brighter. When we first moved into Telos we experimented with leaving it bright all the time, and again, as I said, we found out that people function better in cycles.

Some people like to sleep when it’s dimmer and work when it’s bright. Other people, like the night owls that prefer to work or play when it’s dim and sleep when it’s bright. But everyone is allowed to function in the way that is the most comfortable to them.

So everyone comes in and sets their own hours and simply informs, you might say, the foreman of whatever their job is, which hours they’re going to be working over the next few day period.

And everyone comes in and works basically as long as they wish and then they go and they do whatever else they want to do. But understanding that since we’re on a society that if you’re too lazy to go work at all in the hydroponic gardens and that’s your job, somebody might not have enough food. Or if you didn’t feel like designing clothing or creating clothing or furniture and you made no other arrangements for someone else to take up your slack of time, someone else in the city might be going without.

So understanding that method has made people responsible for what hours they work. Understanding that they are doing true service that somebody will appreciate. The only thing that we don’t interchange by simply putting in the distribution centers are things like art forms, art objects, massages, things like that. That is done in what we call a barter basis. Those who, for instance, their main talent is art, whether it’s drawing, pottery, sculpting, massage. All these different little things that are not part of the whole, not part of, what you might say, necessities, but are necessities to the soul. As I said, these go to the distribution centers in the form of the barter pool. In other words, you walk in and you see a statue that was created by somebody you really want. In exchange for it, you’re willing to give ten massages and you’re very good at massage. Or you’re willing to come and sing.

And the barter pool goes through it with the computers and perhaps the person who made the statue doesn’t need a massage but a person who brought in a painting that the person who made the statue wants, wants massages. So it continually, the barter pool switches and curves so that everyone’s needs are met. So everyone can come in and exchange energy in some form to receive, you might say, the little pampering things in life. Also within this system, people setting their own hours, it does not become so crystallized that no one has any freedom to come and go at their will, that people can truly set their lives to achieve the best of work, of play, of rest, of meditation, spiritual endeavors, so that everything is met and not at the expense of something else, understanding that spiritual time is just as important as work time.

Which leads us to what could be a problem. What about those jobs that no one wants to do since everyone chooses their jobs, gathering the garbage and dematerializing it, weeding the hydroponic gardens, etc., etc.? This falls under what is called community service and everyone does it. Everyone in the city spends a certain amount of time a month in community service. What this means is this works very well because since everyone does it, no one has to do it that much. No one has to do full-time the jobs that no one would like to do and go into resentment because of it.

Instead, if everyone does a certain amount of community service it means that you might only spend four hours of community service a month. And since it becomes a project that you only do once a month, it actually becomes fun. And when people are on groups of community service they start singing and playing and having a good time. But it’s something that no one even tries to get out of it. You can be in community service, a real good one is picking up, to put bluntly, secretions from the animals down in some of the nature areas where it starts getting really bad.

This could put someone in real resentment while you’re shoveling elephant you know what. But if the person in the hydroponic gardens is doing it right along side, for instance, someone on the Council of Twelve, it’s a thing that becomes not resentful but fun and it’s something that people truly get a sense that there is no better than and no less than in the job situation, that a farmer, or someone who works in the hydroponic gardens is not less than someone who is on the Council of Twelve. They both just have different jobs and both jobs are equally important for a city to run properly. So therefore people immediately have the feeling of being good enough. And as I said things like community service brings all the different levels of service together and creates a true camaraderie.

Which goes into perhaps one of the more interesting aspects to our personal relationships. In Telos we have two forms of marriage. We have a bond marriage and we have a sacred marriage. A bond marriage is when two beings decide that they’ve got something with each other and they want to explore it greater. Then in front of a priest or priestess and a bunch of their friends, they commit themselves to a bond marriage which means that they’re saying “We’ve got something, we realize we really care for each other and we’d like to see where it’s going.” So in essence it is a form of a marriage because it has the commitments for as long as you choose the bond marriage to last. And then if you decide “Oh well it was just a passing thing or it’s not something that’s going to work,” you simply stand in front of a priest or priestess again and simply explain that it didn’t work and there’s no stigma on it. Some people can have several bond marriages at once. There’s also no stigma on that.

One thing that you do not do in a bond marriage is you do not have children. That is saved for a sacred marriage. In a sacred marriage is when you have decided “Ok we have something.” Then you have a large marriage, usually a beautiful wedding. All your bond marriages are dissolved and you go into a sacred marriage where you are then allowed to have children. Children is something that people need to be trained for, that need to be taken as a serious responsibility. Some people might be in a bond marriage two, three hundred years before they take a sacred marriage. Someone else who’s with their soul mate or twin flame may go into a sacred marriage two months after they were in their bond marriage. It’s all different, but again it’s always a matter of having choice. It’s always a matter of having respect for each other.


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