Revisiting The Arcturians

28 02 2014

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Save One Life. Save The World.

10 02 2014

Sir Nicholas Winton who organised the rescue and passage to Britain of about 669 mostly Jewish Czechoslovakian children destined for the Nazi death camps before World War II in an operation known as the Czech Kindertransport. This video is the BBC Programme “That’s Life” aired in 1988. The most touching video ever.

The Story

In December 1938, Nicholas Winton, a 29-year-old London stockbroker, was about to leave for a skiing holiday in Switzerland, when he received a phone call from his friend Martin Blake asking him to cancel his holiday and immediately come to Prague: “I have a most interesting assignment and I need your help. Don’t bother bringing your skis.” When Winton arrived, he was asked to help in the camps, in which thousands of refugees were living in appalling conditions.


The Munich Conference was held September 29-30, 1938, following Hitler’s demand to annex the Sudetenland, a region in Czechoslovakia populated largely by ethnic Germans. The resulting crisis led Britain and France, who had adopted a policy of appeasement, to pressure Czechoslovakia to accede to Hitler’s demands. No Czech representative was present at the conference, and the agreement led to the destruction of the Czech state. Following the conference, Winston Churchill warned: “Do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning.”

In October 1938, after the ill-fated Munich Agreement between Germany and the Western European powers, the Nazis annexed a large part of western Czechoslovakia, the Sudetenland. Winton was convinced that the German occupation of the rest of the country would soon follow. To him and many others, the outbreak of war seemed inevitable. The news of Kristallnacht, the bloody pogrom (violent attack) against German and Austrian Jews on the nights of November 9 and 10, 1938, had reached Prague. Winton decided to take steps.

“I found out that the children of refugees and other groups of people who were enemies of Hitler weren’t being looked after. I decided to try to get permits to Britain for them. I found out that the conditions which were laid down for bringing in a child were chiefly that you had a family that was willing and able to look after the child, and £50, which was quite a large sum of money in those days, that was to be deposited at the Home Office. The situation was heartbreaking. Many of the refugees hadn’t the price of a meal. Some of the mothers tried desperately to get money to buy food for themselves and their children. The parents desperately wanted at least to get their children to safety when they couldn’t manage to get visas for the whole family. I began to realize what suffering there is when armies start to march.”

In terms of his mission, Winton was not thinking in small numbers, but of thousands of children. He was ready to start a mass evacuation.

“Everybody in Prague said, ‘Look, there is no organization in Prague to deal with refugee children, nobody will let the children go on their own, but if you want to have a go, have a go.’ And I think there is nothing that can’t be done if it is fundamentally reasonable.”


On December 2, 1938, Jewish and Christian agencies began rescuing German and Austrian Jewish children on Kindertransporten (children’s transports). The “Refugee Children’s Movement,” a group under the auspices of the Central British Fund for German Jewry or CBF (which later became the World Jewish Relief organization), urged concerned Christians and Jews to support “Operation Kindertransport.” An extensive fund-raising effort was organized and the British public responded generously, raising half a million British pounds in six months. A large portion of this money was used to care for the children who were rescued. Between December 1938 and May 1940, almost 10,000 children (infants to teenagers) were rescued and given shelter at farms, hostels, camps, and in private homes in Britain. However, this effort did not include the children of Czechoslovakia; and this is why the work of Nicholas Winton was so vital.

Independently of Operation Kindertransport (see sidebar), Nicholas Winton set up his own rescue operation. At first, Winton’s office was a dining room table at his hotel in Wenceslas Square in Prague. Anxious parents, who gradually came to understand the danger they and their children were in, came to Winton and placed the future of their children into his hands. Soon, an office was set up on Vorsilska Street, under the charge of Trevor Chadwick. Thousands of parents heard about this unique endeavor and hundreds of them lined up in front of the new office, drawing the attention of the Gestapo. Winton’s office distributed questionnaires and registered the children. Winton appointed Trevor Chadwick and Bill Barazetti to look after the Prague end when he returned to England. Many further requests for help came from Slovakia, a region east of Prague.

Winton contacted the governments of nations he thought could take in the children. Only Sweden and his own government said yes. Great Britain promised to accept children under the age of 18 as long as he found homes and guarantors who could deposit £50 for each child to pay for their return home.

Because he wanted to save the lives of as many of the endangered children as possible, Winton returned to London and planned the transport of children to Great Britain. He worked at his regular job on the Stock Exchange by day, and then devoted late afternoons and evenings to his rescue efforts, often working far into the night. He made up an organization, calling it “The British Committee for Refugees from Czechoslovakia, Children’s Section.” The committee consisted of himself, his mother, his secretary and a few volunteers.

Winton had to find funds to use for repatriation costs, and a foster home for each child. He also had to raise money to pay for the transports when the children’s parents could not cover the costs. He advertised in British newspapers, and in churches and synagogues. He printed groups of children’s photographs all over Britain. He felt certain that seeing the children’s photos would convince potential sponsors and foster families to offer assistance. Finding sponsors was only one of the endless problems in obtaining the necessary documents from German and British authorities.

“Officials at the Home Office worked very slowly with the entry visas. We went to them urgently asking for permits, only to be told languidly, ‘Why rush, old boy? Nothing will happen in Europe.’ This was a few months before the war broke out. So we forged the Home Office entry permits.”
On March 14, 1939, Winton had his first success: the first transport of children left Prague for Britain by airplane. Winton managed to organize seven more transports that departed from Prague’s Wilson Railway Station. The groups then crossed the English Channel by boat and finally ended their journey at London’s Liverpool Street station. At the station, British foster parents waited to collect their charges. Winton, who organized their rescue, was set on matching the right child to the right foster parents.

The last trainload of children left on August 2, 1939, bringing the total of rescued children to 669. It is impossible to imagine the emotions of parents sending their children to safety, knowing they may never be reunited, and impossible to imagine the fears of the children leaving the lives they knew and their loved ones for the unknown.

On September 1, 1939 the biggest transport of children was to take place, but on that day Hitler invaded Poland, and all borders controlled by Germany were closed. This put an end to Winton’s rescue efforts. Winton has said many times that the vision that haunts him most to this day is the picture of hundreds of children waiting eagerly at Wilson Station in Prague for that last aborted transport.

“Within hours of the announcement, the train disappeared. None of the 250 children aboard was seen again. We had 250 families waiting at Liverpool Street that day in vain. If the train had been a day earlier, it would have come through. Not a single one of those children was heard of again, which is an awful feeling.”

The significance of Winton’s mission is verified by the fate of that last trainload of children. Moreover, most of the parents and siblings of the children Winton saved perished in the Holocaust.

After the war, Nicholas Winton didn’t tell anyone, not even his wife Grete about his wartime rescue efforts. In 1988, a half century later, Grete found a scrapbook from 1939 in their attic, with all the children’s photos, a complete list of names, a few letters from parents of the children to Winton and other documents. She finally learned the whole story. Today the scrapbooks and other papers are held at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority, in Israel.

Grete shared the story with Dr. Elisabeth Maxwell, a Holocaust historian and the wife of newspaper magnate Robert Maxwell. Robert Maxwell arranged for his newspaper to publish articles on Winton’s amazing deeds. Winton’s extraordinary story led to his appearance on Esther Rantzen’s BBC television program, That’s Life. In the studio, emotions ran high as Winton’s “children” introduced themselves and expressed their gratitude to him for saving their lives. Because the program was aired nationwide, many of the rescued children also wrote to him and thanked him. Letters came from all over the world, and new faces still appear at his door, introducing themselves by names that match the documents from 1939.

The rescued children, many now grandparents, still refer to themselves as “Winton’s children.” Among those saved are the British film director Karel Reisz (The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Isadora, and Sweet Dreams), Canadian journalist and news correspondent for CBC, Joe Schlesinger (originally from Slovakia), Lord Alfred Dubs (a former Minister in the Blair Cabinet), Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines (a patron of the arts whose father, Rudolf Fleischmann, saved Thomas Mann from the Nazis), Dagmar Símová (a cousin of the former U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright), Tom Schrecker, (a Reader’s Digest manager), Hugo Marom (a famous aviation consultant, and one of the founders of the Israeli Air Force), and Vera Gissing (author of Pearls of Childhood) and coauthor of Nicholas Winton and the Rescued Generation.

Winton has received many acknowledgements for his humanitarian pre-war deeds. He received a letter of thanks from the late Ezer Weizman, a former president of the State of Israel. He was made an Honorary Citizen of Prague. In 1993, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, awarded him the MBE (Member of the British Empire), and on October 28, 1998, Václav Havel, then president of the Czech Republic, awarded him the Order of T.G. Masaryk at Hradcany Castle for his heroic achievement. On December 31, 2002, Winton received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II for his services to humanity. Winton’s story is also the subject of two films by Czech filmmaker Matej Mináč: All My Loved Ones and the award-winning Nicholas Winton: The Power of Good.

Today, Sir Nicholas Winton, age 97, resides at his home in Maidenhead, Great Britain. He still wears a ring given to him by some of the children he saved. It is inscribed with a line from the Talmud, the book of Jewish law. It reads:

“Save one life, save the world.”

Nostradamus, Recent Ice Storms & Geo-Engineering

30 01 2014

With regard to the subject of GEO-ENGINEERING to control weather, the following news comes to us from 500 yrs ago in HIS present time via DOLORES CANNON in a book she published 24 yrs ago entitled “Conversations With Nostradamus” with the help of yours truly (NOSTRADAMUS) to interpret his own predictions.

Nostradamus noted that we would be in full force making major attempts to control the weather (via cloud seeding aka chemtrails and other methods), but he didn’t believe it was for malicious reasons on our part (the U.S., that is). We are like children being handed the atomic bomb (type metaphor). Our enthusiasm to enable global change (with good intentions) of this magnitude is trumped only by the disasters caused by our own ignorance.

As noted by Michio Kaku (the famous astrophysicist), he explained that a Level 1 civilization has learned to harness the power of the sun and control global climate among other advanced accomplishments. (We are currently at Level 0 still using fossil fuels yet inching our way to Level 1.)  See video:

In Nostradamus’s predictions, he basically said that (years from the time the book is published, but still within the author’s time) there will be extreme and irregular ice storms in the new world. He said that at first everyone believes that it’s part of a natural cycle. They have no idea that it’s caused by our government’s/scientists’ attempt to control the weather. The irony is that he said even the scientists and government also don’t know that it is caused by their technology!

Again, all of this has come to mind due to the current snow/ice storms happening in our own country.  As noted, there’s much talk of the Georgia ice /snow storms created (and elsewhere in the country) as suspect, inorganic and/or synthetic due to its chemical compound, a product of geo-engineering by scientists. Before this notion is dismissed as conspiracy, note reports of this as “fake snow” spreading throughout the internet. (See:


Here is the excerpt that could very well refer to recent events with regard to the icy weather in January 2014.:

Conversations With Nostradamus, Vol. I by Dolores Cannon, pg 166 “The Near Future” (Note that Vol. I was published in 1990.)

Note: “D” is Dolores Cannon, author, and “B” is the vehicle through which Nostradamus communicates.

D: …He says this is an event in the future. That mankind will have developed some devices to moderate the weather and be able to have some say as to how the weather will be. The machines that are in charge of these computations and calculations will become too clever for their own good, for they will not have common sense. Common sense is what is gained through the experience of living. Consequently, through the fault in their programming, which will not be spotted until too late, they will accidentally cause the weather to misfunction so as to cause a great deal of damage through unseasonal ice and hail. The
men running this will not realize that if one tries to force the weather to do one thing for too long that the natural pattern will finally overcome the interference and perhaps cause some unseasonal weather in the process of trying to get things back in balance again. As a result, these computers, while trying to overcome the natural forces that are trying to get things back in balance, will blow a fuse, so to speak, and become damaged beyond use.

D: What do these names mean?

B: He was naming places that will suffer the worst damage from the unseasonal weather.

D: This is one that the translators couldn’t understand at all.

B: He says he wrote it down fairly clearly because he knew the concepts involved were already obscure enough that no one in his time would
be able to understand them.

D: They were not thinking of machines at all. They thought because he’s a doctor that this was referring to something medical, like a petrified
embryo removed from a woman’s womb. That would be a thing existing without any sense.

B: He says this is true. That would be a thing without senses. However, he says that man’s devices such as computers and such have no senses either. He just shrugged his shoulders and said,”Well, if people insist on being narrow that is their choice to make.”


Here’s an excerpt of another one of Nostradamus’s discussions on geo-engineering (with regard to the Russian efforts to one up the U.S. by using weather manipulation to create famine in the U.S.):

Conversations With Nostradamus, Vol. II by Dolores Cannon, pg 236 Note:  “D” is Dolores Cannon talking and “J” is the vehicle through which Nostradamus is communicating.:

D: What does he mean by environmental feature?

J: It looks like the eye of a hurricane. He says it causes weather patterns to fluctuate in the United States, and it has been controlled by man. There are weather control studies that are being conducted by the United States, as well as the Soviet Union. The reason why America is a great nation is because of her food supply; this is her wealth. Russia has a hard time because of its harsh climate. So the Soviet Union will try to strip America of its wealth by manipulating the weather. Thus, they will feel that they’re given parity with the United States. They have planned this storm center. It has been in the making for the last four years and they think it will cause destruction or famine for the United States. In actuality it won’t, because the United States will offset it using its own scientists and engineering. As a result, there will be better trade and friendship between these two countries in the future.

D: Can he give a time when this will happen?

J: Yes. It’s been happening since 1945.

D: Have they been experimenting with controlling the weather that long? It seems strange to think they can do that.

J: He’s saying that in your lifetime you’ve seen them seed clouds to produce rain. This is a practice that was begun earlier in your century. He’s not saying all this, but he’s showing me in the mirror.

D: Is it similar to cloud seeding?

J: They use all different types of methods. Also there’s space technology and satellites that affect the weather.

D: These are things that we don’t know about, as a rule.

J: You should!

D: I mean there are many things that are kept secret from the people. The government doesn’t tell us everything. What did he mean by karmic
relationships between our country and Russia?

J: There are strong ties between the two nations. He says, “Just like England and France have a strong tie. We’ve fought and argued and had difficulties with England. We are part of its balance.” You see, part of his philosophical treatise is on karmic ties and that’s why he made that correlation.

D:’ I’m not used to thinking of karmic ties between nations.

J: Everything has a karmic balance, doesn’t it? It’s the law of cause and effect or the law of retribution. Nations, races, even the planet has a sense of karma As do all living things from the smallest blade of grass, through the minerals, rocks, and oil to the animals. All animated and inanimate things have a sense of purpose, he says. He’s showing me a big green field and all of the connections within it.

D: The translators thought this quatrain dealt with submarines because of his mention of the eye of the sea.

J: No, he says they’ve got that wrong. They take things too literally. He says it doesn’t mean that. It represents the eye of the sea which is an
area of the sea. The area he’s showing me is what they call “El Nino.”

D: I thought that might be what he was referring to.

J: And this is also eye of the sea. He said this isn’t really an anagram, but there’s a correlation between “eye of the sea” and the Spanish word “El
Nino.” This phenomenon has been geophysically (he had difficulty with that word) manufactured by the Soviets. He says they have used submarines as well as surface ships in that area to create this weather pattern that can bring havoc to America, especially in its grain basket.

D: There have been questions about El Nino. Meteorologists think it occurs more often and at times of the year it’s not supposed to.

J: Realize that it’s being manipulated by scientific men. He’s not telling me this, he’s showing me in the black mirror. El Nino is a weather phenomenon characterized by a warm coastal current that flows south along the coasts of Ecuador and Peru about Christmas time. The warm surface waters and biological disturbances associated with El Nino extend southward to Chile and northward to British Columbia Its name is derived from the Spanish el nino Jesus (“the Christ child”). It’s the largest irregularity in the year-to-year fluctuations of the oceanic and atmospheric systems. It usually starts around Christmas and lasts for a few weeks, but major events may last longer. Various catastrophes are associated with major El Ninos, including torrential rains and flooding along the normally dry coast, the absence of fish, and the starvation of fish-eating seabirds. Other disturbances in the El Nino can affect much of the globe. Australia and parts of Indonesia suffer drought; winter weather over North America is abnormal; storms over the North Pacific increase; and patterns of hurricane occurrence change…

The inference by Nostradamus that a weather feature of such proportions can be manipulated by man is almost unfathomable. But then it’s not any more preposterous than the many other things we have been shown. It was often difficult for me to not pass judgment, and to merely report without comment. I had to remember that these things must have seemed even more unbelievable to Nostradamus than they do to us.

The Church of the Cosmos: Temple of Light supports the invaluable work of Dolores Cannon.  We recommend all three volumes of “Conversations with Nostradamus” available on

Vol. 1  -

Vol. 2 -

Vol. 3 -

Discerning Light Beings from Dark Reptilian Energies and Beings Posing as Light.

24 01 2014

by Mae McCaw

The Heart is definitely the tool (and “going within” the method) by which we can and do discern benevolent “UNSEEN” extradimensional advanced Light/Angelic beings from your run-of-the-mill wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing Reptilian ETs, but not just them. It would appear these “Allies of Humanity” are also referring to those whom we view as “benevolent” ETs such as the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, etc. In essence we are urged to question how we “think about” and “perceive” these beings since they have the ability to manipulate our MINDS (notice, however, this doesn’t really address how we “feel” about them as a way of discerning our truth).

“HEARTS”, “FEELINGS”, “EMOTIONS” unique to the human species and hardwired into the body as the direct connection to our Higher Selves is both our greatest strength (in LOVE) that enables our Spiritual Awakening and that which often defines the human condition. In contrast, these feelings/emotions are also our greatest weakness, a demise of our species when adhering to the opposite end of the emotional spectrum–FEAR…and having little to no control over how we respond to it emotionally.

Love in its highest form is the language of Light (or “our” SOURCE) that animates each human vessel ultimately making us magnificent supreme beings; that is, of course, if one were AWAKE which means we would have transcended DUALITY in ALL its forms.  In the past prior to the “Shift in Consciousness”, ordinarily, duality was needed for the EGO to remain in conflict with itself as opportunities for personal growth set on a stage of relativity – in a rich continuum of good and evil – making our emotions subject to FREE WILL, the lesser of our decisions driven by uncontrolled negative discord–anger, greed, power, jealousy, etc. This can easily make many of us vulnerable, that is, deliberately to the dark forces-that-be in the 4th density.  Yet it’s unbeknownst to us in the bigger picture since so few are aware of themselves as living antennas broadcasting energies in the form of emotions and information that feed the uni/multiverse across time, distance and dimensions.

Often we are warned by media and accept the status quo of our own innate fears against trusting ETs, yet we have less of our guard down when visited by energetic beings that come to us in meditation or in the physical claiming to be ascended masters, angels and/or archangels as they appeal either to our human hearts or (for those who are impostors) feed on our naivete of the spiritual unknown. Current (and upcoming) communications with ETs be it via CHANNELING (and you know there are tons of these types now both written as articles on the internet and as workshops or keynote speakers in global “Lightworker” or “Consciousness” type conferences, etc.), WALK-INS, LANDINGS (DISCLOSURE, per se), and perhaps the most daunting – hidden in plain sight – is that they’ve been here all along for countless milennia (i.e. the cold blooded, militant Reptilian Race from the Draco or Dragon Constellation, roughly 300 light years from Earth), along with the Grays, Zeta Reticuli, Alpha Centauri, and so forth.

Dr. Steven Greer’s initial 2001 Disclosure efforts revealed approximately 50+ documented ET races here now living among us or regularly visiting the planet. But those with the greatest influence making our lives inseparable and intertwined with theirs are the Reptilian Race, not to be confused with dinosaurs but are bipedal humanoids with IQs of 260+ (in contrast to the average Human IQ of 98). They pre-date the colonization of Earth millions of years before the Human species was seeded here from Vega of the Lyran Constellation, about 25 light years away. Note that this alien race makes its home – and its secret military bases – underground, undersea, in the sea, and as surface dwellers of the planet (like the rest of us).

Commonly known as the “Dark Cabal” (or “Illuminati”), it is said they are comprised of the 13 wealthiest families in the world (Zionist)–all of whom are pure and/or hybrid Reptilians, as follows: Bruce, Cavendish, De Medici, Hanover, Hapsburg, Krupp, Plantagenet, Sinclair, Rockefeller, Romanov, Rothschild (the most powerful said to be worth $500 TRILLION+ or half the entire planet’s wealth–, Warburg, and Windsor/Wales (The British Royal Family).  British public speaker and writer, David Icke, forged a career warning us against this alien species (among other conspiracies).  The Reptilian blood lines of the 13 families go as far back as the Sumerian Era, though are not necessarily of the same “Anunnaki” visitors of the Sumerian Pantheon as written and researched by Zacharias Sitchin in his books since the latter are said to be rogue aliens originating from the Pleiades via Ridel in Orion.

Whilst all humans have some Reptilian DNA within them, the Reptilians of the existing Cabal keep their bloodlines as pure as possible in order to enable shapeshifting into human bodies so they continually marry among themselves (and even more grotesque, are said to consume humans quite regularly in order to keep the human shapeshifting facade from revealing their true shapes, hence the countless missing men, women and children worldwide that are never found).

One source claims “The Illuminati stretch to all aspects of our daily life from the banking system, the media, news agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, the oil industry, governments, the stock market, most of the administration of justice, secret services, armies and the weapon industry. They influence science, school books, universities, journalism and Hollywood. They are the owners of the largest mines, casinos, through the CIA they control the entire drug scene, sex slavery, etc. They operate numerous organisations such as the Vatican, the United Nations, the World Bank, the CIA, the NSA, the FDA, the Smithsonian Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, NASA, Bilderberg Group, Thule, Skull & Bones and many others.”

They are also said to “form the most powerful organisation in the world, the freemasonry. And in their efforts to depopulate the planet, they are responsible for the creation and spread of AIDS, SARS/Bird Flu/vaccinations, Geo-engineering/Chemtrails/HAARP, GMOs and processed foods, Cancer by way of Electromagnetic energy from WiFi/Cellular technologies, and so much more.” Though, having said that, not all reptilians are of the dark side just as not all humans of our species have good intentions.  And yet what seems an insurmountable challenge in defeating negative alien beings said to possess the bulk of power on Earth is just part of the holographic universe from which our collective consciousness in its accelerated awakening (in the billions among our species with assistance from the Light) has but one choice to take back the power.   The dark forces don’t stand a chance against an unstoppable force of Love.  And while some “Light” forces as we might perceive them are said to be questionable in their intentions, this simply brings us back to the beginning of this article that our Hearts shall determine the truth for each of us when we are confronted by such energies.

Earth Changes: 2013 November | October

12 12 2013

Wondrous, terrifying, phenomenal and heart wrenching sights and sounds that make truth stranger than fiction. Catastrophic Earth changes, unexplained mysteries and so much more…in just the past couple months (OCT./NOV.).  There was a time when these events would occur over the course of several weeks or months, but lately, the RSOE EDIS app is spinning out of control with anywhere from a dozen to 20 global destructive events PER DAY–both by acts of nature and man made (e.g. bio hazards, HAZMAT, vehicle destructions, etc.)

In the past 24 hours alone, the list includes:

  1. Greece – two meteor fireballs have fallen
  2. Canary Islands – extreme winds
  3. Netherlands – HAZMAT (carbon monoxide poisoning evacuation)
  4. Hawaii, USA – plane crash
  5. China – bio hazard (poultry markets tested positive for HZN9 avian flu)
  6. Costa Rica – earthquake
  7. Hawaii, USA – bio hazard (12 ft tiger shark attacks)
  8. Australia – severe hail storm
  9. Indian Ocean – tropical cyclone
  10. Malaysia – bio hazard (avian flu)
  11. Mt. Sinabung, Indonesia – continuous volcanic activity
  12. Shiveluch, Russia - continuous volcanic activity
  13. Kliuchvskoi, Russia - continuous volcanic activity
  14. Quebec, Canada – blizzard
  15. Rio de Janeiro – floods


2013 IS STRANGE – November, Part #23

2013 IS STRANGE – November, Part #22
(Philippines Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, etc.)

SIGNS OF CHANGE – Oct/Nov 2013

2013 IS STRANGE – October, Part #21

SIGNS OF CHANGE – October 2013

Not Real/Holographic People: “Back Drop People”, “Back Fill People”, “Background People”

12 12 2013

Dolores Cannon: Back Drop People
Steven Guy Needle: Back Fill People

Carlos Castaneda: Background People

Many years ago prior to Cannon’s books and any mention by Needler of “back fill people”, Carlos Castaneda in his book, “A Separate Reality” noted that Humans have a luminous egg like energy field around them, and yet there are others that don’t have this as they are not [real] people although they take Human form.

(For more, click here to reference Carlos Castaneda’s / Don Juan’s Teachings.) 

Carlos Castaneda’s / Don Juan’s Teachings

12 12 2013

The Eagle’s Gift

Our total being consists of two perceivable segments. The first is the familiar physical body, which all of us can perceive; the second is the luminous body, which is a cocoon that only seers can perceive, a cocoon that gives us the appearance of giant luminous eggs.

One of the most important goals of sorcery is to reach the luminous cocoon; a goal which is fulfilled through the sophisticated use of dreaming and through a rigorous, systematic exertion called not-doing . I’ve defined not-doing as an unfamiliar act which engages our total being by forcing it to become conscious of its luminous segment.
To explain these concepts I’ve make a three-part, uneven division of our consciousness. The smallest, the first attention, or the consciousness that every normal person has developed in order to deal with the daily world, encompasses the awareness of the physical body. Another larger portion, the second attention, is the awareness we need in order to perceive our luminous cocoon and to act as luminous beings. The second attention is brought forth through deliberate training or by an accidental trauma, and it encompasses the awareness of the luminous body. The last portion, which is the largest, is the third attention. It’s an immeasurable consciousness which engages undefinable aspects of the awareness of the physical and the luminous bodies. The battlefield of warriors is the second attention, which is something like a training ground for reaching the third attention.
* * *
The compulsion to possess and hold on to things is not unique. Everyone who wants to follow the warrior’s path has to rid himself of this fixation in order not to focus our dreaming body on the weak face of the second attention.
The dreaming body , sometimes called the “double” or the “Other,” because it is a perfect replica of the dreamer ‘s body, is inherently the energy of a luminous being, a whitish, phantomlike emanation, which is projected by the fixation of the second attention into a three-dimensional image of the body.
The dreaming body is as real as anything we deal with in the world. The second attention is unavoidably drawn to focus on our total being as a field of energy, and transforms that energy into anything suitable. The easiest thing is of course the image of the physical body, with which we are already thoroughly familiar from our daily lives and the use of our first attention. What channels the energy of our total being to produce anything that might be within the boundaries of possibility is known as will .
At the level of luminous beings the range is so broad that it is futile to try to establish limits–thus, the energy of a luminous being can be transformed through will into anything.
We are not merely whatever our common sense requires us to believe we are. We are in actuality luminous beings, capable of becoming aware of our luminosity. As luminous beings aware of our luminosity, we are capable of unraveling different facets of our awareness, or our attention. That unraveling could be brought about by a deliberate effort, as we are doing ourselves, or accidentally, through a bodily trauma.
The old sorcerers deliberately placed different facets of their attention on material objects. By unraveling another facet of our attention we might become receptors for the projections of ancient sorcerers’ second attention. Those sorcerers were impeccable practitioners with no limit to what they could accomplish with the fixation of their second attention.

Be fluid, at ease in whatever situation you find yourself. Your challenge is to deal with people with ease regardless of what they do to you. Remember what I have said, that it is of no use to be sad and complain and feel justified in doing so, believing that someone is always doing something to us. Nobody is doing anything to anybody, much less to a warrior.
* * *
You must let go of your desire to cling. The very same thing happened to me. I held on to things, such as the food I liked, the mountains where I lived, the people I used to enjoy talking to. But most of all I clung to the desire to be liked. Those things are our barriers to losing our human form. Our attention is trained to focus doggedly. That is the way we maintain the world. Now is the time to let go of all that. In order to lose your human form you should let go of all that ballast.
* * *
Dissipating a mood through overanalyzing it wastes our power.

If you have the same vision in dreaming three times, pay extraordinary attention to it. When a dreamer dreams that he sees himself asleep he must avoid sudden jolts or surprises, and take everything with a grain of salt. The dreamer has to get involved in dispassionate experimentations. Rather than examining his sleeping body, the dreamer walks out of the room.
In dreaming what matters is volition, the corporeality of the body has no significance. It is simply a memory that slows down the dreamer . If you do not stare at things but only glance at them, just as you do in the daily world, you can arrange your perception. That is, by taking your dreaming for granted, you then can use the perceptual biases of your everyday life.
* * *
Wait before revealing a finding. Wait for the most appropriate time to let go of something that you hold.
* * *
Losing the human form brings the freedom to remember your self. Losing the human form is like a spiral. It gives you the freedom to remember and this in turn makes you even freer.

A warrior knows that he is waiting and knows also what he is waiting for, and while he waits he feasts his eyes on the world. The ultimate accomplishment of a warrior is joy.

Accept your fate in humbleness. The course of a warrior’s destiny is unalterable. The challenge is how far he can go within those rigid bounds, how impeccable he can be within those rigid bounds. If there are obstacles in his path, the warrior strives impeccably to overcome them. If he finds unbearable hardship and pain on his path, he weeps, but all his tears put together could not move the line of his destiny the breadth of one hair. Fulfill your fate as a warrior not as a petty person.

Detachment does not automatically mean wisdom, but it is nonetheless, an advantage because it allows the warrior to pause momentarily to reassess situations, to reconsider positions. In order to use that extra moment consistently and correctly, however, a warrior has to struggle unyieldingly for a lifetime.
  A warrior is someone who seeks freedom. Sadness is not freedom. We must snap out of it. Having a sense of detachment entails having a moment’s pause to reassess situations.
Formlessness is, if anything, a detriment to sobriety and levelheadedness. An aspect of being detached, the capacity to become immersed in whatever one is doing, naturally extends to everything one does, including being inconsistent, and outright petty. The advantage of being formless is that it allows us a moment’s pause, providing that we have the self-discipline and courage to utilize it.

We unwittingly focus on fear and distrust, as if those were the only possible options available to us, while all along we have the alternative of deliberately centering our attention on the opposite, the mystery, the wonder of what is happening to us.
* * *
There are no steps to anything a warrior does. There is only personal power.
      * * *
In the final analysis every dreamer is different. There are, however, general states. Restful vigil is the preliminary state, a state in which the senses become dormant and yet one is aware.
The second state is dynamic vigil. In this state one is left looking at a scene, a tableau of sorts, which is static. One sees a three-dimensional picture, a frozen bit of something–a landscape, a street, a house, a person, a face, anything.
The third state is passive witnessing. In it the dreamer is no longer viewing a frozen bit of the world but is observing, eyewitnessing, an event as it occurs. It is as if the primacy of the visual and auditory senses makes this state of dreaming mainly an affair of the eyes and ears.
The fourth state is the one in which you are drawn to act. In it one is compelled to enterprise, to take steps, to make the most of one’s time. This state is calleddynamic initiative.
* * *
You have to look after someone and take care of them in a most selfish fashion–that is, as if they are your own self. Selfishness can be put to a grand use. To harness it is not impossible. The surest way to harness selfishness is through the daily activities of our lives.
You are efficient in whatever you do because you have no one to bug the devil out of you. It is no challenge to you to soar like an arrow by yourself. If you are given the task of taking care of someone else, however, your independent effectiveness will go to pieces, and in order to survive you will have to extend your selfish concern for yourself to include the one under your care. You must honor them regardless of what they do to you, and you must train your body, through your interaction with them, to feel at ease in the face of the most trying situations.
It is much easier to fare well under conditions of maximum stress than to be impeccable under normal circumstances, such as in the interplay with another under your care.
Further, then, you cannot under any circumstances get angry with them, because they are indeed your benefactor; only through them will you be capable of harnessing your selfishness.
You take care of them as a means of training yourself for the hardship of interaction with people. It is imperative that you internalize a mood of ease in the face of difficult social situations.
* * *
Dreaming begins as a unique state of awareness arrived at by focusing the residue of consciousness, which one still has when asleep, on the elements, or the features, of one’s dreams.
The residue of consciousness, called the second attention, is brought into action, or is harnessed, through exercises of not-doing . The essential aid to dreaming is a state of mental quietness, called “stopping the internal dialogue,” or the “not-doing of talking to oneself.” To teach you how to master it, I’ve made you walk for miles with your eyes held fixed and out of focus at a level just above the horizon so as to emphasize the peripheral view. This method is effective on two counts. It allows you to stop your internal dialogue, and it trains your attention. By forcing you to concentrate on the peripheral view, I reinforced your capacity to concentrate for long periods of time on one single activity.
The best way to enter into dreaming is to concentrate on the area just at the tip of the sternum, at the top of the belly. The attention needed for dreaming stems from that area. The energy needed in order to move and to seek in dreaming stems from the area an inch or two below the belly button. That energy is the will , or the power to select, to assemble. In a woman both the attention and the energy for dreaming originate from the womb.
Anything may suffice as a not-doing to help dreaming , providing that it forces the attention to remain fixed. The attention one needs in the beginning of dreaminghas to be forcibly made to stay on any given item in a dream. Only through immobilizing our attention can one turn an ordinary dream into dreaming.
In dreaming one has to use the same mechanisms of attention as in everyday life. Our first attention has been taught to focus on the items of the world with great force in order to turn the amorphous and chaotic realm of perception into the orderly world of awareness.
The second attention serves the function of a beckoner, a caller of chances. The more it is exercised, the greater the possibility of getting the desired result. But that is also the function of attention in general, a function so taken for granted in our daily life that it has become unnoticeable; if we encounter a fortuitous occurrence we talk about it in terms of accident or coincidence, rather than in terms of our attention having beckoned the event.
* * *
The only thing that really counts in making the shift into the dreaming body is anchoring the second attention. Attention is what makes the world. What is important is to store attention in dreaming.
The first attention, the attention that makes the world, can never be completely overcome; it can only be turned off for a moment and replaced with the second attention, providing that the body had stored enough of it. Dreaming is naturally a way of storing the second attention. In order to shift into your dreaming body when awake you have to practice dreaming until it comes out your ears.
I have given you three tasks to train your second attention. First, to find your hands in dreaming . Next, to choose a locale, focus your attention on it, and then do daytime dreaming and find out if you can really go there. I’ve suggested that you place someone you know at the site in order to do two things: first to check subtle changes that might indicate that you were there in dreaming , and second, to isolate unobtrusive detail, which would be precisely what your second attention would zero in on.
The most serious problem the dreamer has in this respect is the unbending fixation of the second attention on detail that would be thoroughly undetected by the attention of everyday life, creating in this manner a nearly insurmountable obstacle to validation. What one seeks in dreaming is not what one would pay attention to in everyday life.
One strives to immobilize the second attention only in the learning period. After that, one has to fight the almost invincible pull of the second attention and give only cursory glances at everything. In dreaming one has to be satisfied with the briefest possible views of everything. As soon as one focuses on anything, one loses control.
The last generalized task I gave you to train your second attention was to get out of your body. This task begins with a dream in which you find yourself looking at yourself asleep.
To elucidate the control of the second attention, I’ve presented the idea of will . Will can be described as the maximum control of the luminosity of the body as a field of energy; or it can be described as a level of proficiency, as a state of being that comes abruptly into the daily life of a warrior at any given time. It is experienced as a force that radiates out of the middle part of the body following a moment of the most absolute silence, or a moment of sheer terror, or profound sadness. Those things afford the warrior the concentration needed to use the luminosity of the body and turn it into silence.
For a human being sadness is as powerful as terror. Both can bring the moment of silence. Or the silence comes of itself, because the warrior tries for it throughout his life. It is a moment of blackness, a moment still more silent than the moment of shutting off the internal dialogue. That blackness, that silence, gives rise to the intent to direct the second attention, to command it, to make it do things. This is why it’s called will . The intent and the effect are will ; they are tied together.
We don’t feel our will because we think that it should be something we know for sure that we are doing or feeling, like getting angry, for instance. Will is very quiet, unnoticeable. Will belongs to the other self. We are in our other selves when we do dreaming .
 is such a complete control of the second attention that it is called the other self.
* * *
 is present everywhere. Intent is what makes the world. People, and all other living creatures for that matter, are the slaves of intent . We are in its clutches. It makes us do whatever it wants. It makes us act in the world. It even makes us die. When we become warriors, though, intent becomes our friend. It lets us be free for a moment; at times it even comes to us, as if it had been waiting around for us.

Again, human beings are divided in two. The right side, which is called the tonal , encompasses everything the intellect can conceive of. The left side, called thenagual , is a realm of indescribable features: a realm impossible to contain in words. The left side is perhaps comprehended, if comprehension is what takes place, with the total body; thus its resistance to conceptualization. All the faculties, possibilities, and accomplishments of sorcery, from the simplest to the most astounding, are in the human body itself.
* * *

The power that governs the destiny of all living beings is called the Eagle or the Indescribable Force . Providing the luminous shell that comprises one’s humanness has been broken, it is possible to find in the Indescribable Force the faint reflection of man. The Indescribable Force ‘s irrevocable dictums can then be apprehended by seers, properly interpreted by them, and accumulated in the form of a governing body. Thus the rule was formed.
The rule is not a tale. The rule states that every living thing has been granted the power, if it so desires, to seek an opening to freedom and to go through it.
To cross over to freedom does not mean eternal life as eternity is commonly understood–that is, as living forever. What the rule states is that one can keep the awareness which is ordinarily relinquished at the moment of dying. I cannot explain what it means to keep that awareness. My benefactor told me that at the moment of crossing, one enters into the third attention, and the body in its entirety is kindled with knowledge. Every cell at once becomes aware of itself, and also aware of the totality of the body.
This kind of awareness is meaningless to our compartmentalized minds. Therefore the crux of the warrior’s struggle is not so much to realize that the crossing over stated in the rule means crossing to the third attention, but rather to conceive that there exists such an awareness at all.
There is a common error, that of overestimating the left-side awareness, of becoming dazzled by its clarity and power. To be in the left-side awareness does not mean that one is immediately liberated from one’s folly–it only means an extended capacity for perceiving, and above all, a greater ability to forget.

One has to be utterly humble and carry nothing to defend, not even one’s person. One’s person should be protected, but not defended.
It takes a very long time to clean out the garbage that a luminous being picks up in the world. We are so stiff and feel so self-important.
* * *
Stalkers deal with people, with the world of ordinary affairs. Stalkers are the practitioners of controlled folly as the dreamers are the practitioners of dreaming . Controlled folly is the basis for stalking , as dreams are the basis for dreaming . Generally speaking, a warrior’s greatest accomplishment in the second attention isdreaming , and in the first attention his greatest accomplishment is stalking.
In the absence of self-importance, a warrior’s only way of dealing with the social milieu is in terms of controlled folly.

Be frugal and utilize every bit of your energy without wasting any of it.
* * *
When I talk about time, I am not referring to something which is measured by the movement of a clock. Time is the essence of attention; the Indescribable Force‘s emanations are made out of time; and properly, when one enters into any aspect of the other self, one is becoming acquainted with time.
The wheel of time is like a state of heightened awareness which is part of the other self, as the left side awareness is part of the self of everyday life. It can physically be described as a tunnel of infinite length and width; a tunnel with reflective furrows. Every furrow is infinite, and there are infinite numbers of them. Living creatures are compulsorily made, by the force of life, to gaze into one furrow. To gaze into it means to be trapped by it, to live that furrow.
Will belongs to the wheel of time. It is something like the runner of a vine, or an intangible tentacle which all of us possess. A warrior’s final aim is to learn to focus it on the wheel of time in order to make it turn. Warriors who have succeeded in turning the wheel of time can gaze into any furrow and draw from it whatever they desire. To be trapped compulsorily in one furrow of time entails seeing the images of that furrow only as they recede. To be free from the spellbinding force of those grooves means that one can look in either direction, as images recede or as they approach.
* * *
Warriors have no life of their own. From the moment they understand the nature of awareness, they cease to be persons and the human condition is no longer part of their view. You have your duty as a warrior and nothing else is important. So do your best.
The challenge of a warrior is to arrive at a very subtle balance of positive and negative forces. This challenge does not mean that a warrior should strive to have everything under control, but that a warrior should strive to meet any conceivable situation, the expected and the unexpected, with equal efficiency. To be perfect under perfect circumstances is to be a paper warrior.
I will give you a formula, an incantation for times when your task is greater than your strength;

I am already given to the power that rules my fate.
And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend.
I have no thoughts, so I will 
I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.
Detached and at ease,
I will dart past the Eagle to be free.

It takes an enormity of strength to let go of the intent of everyday life. One must place one’s attention on the luminous shell. A warrior must evoke intent . The glance is the secret. The eyes beckon intent .
The reason why seeing seems to be visual is because we need the eyes to focus on intent . Our eyes can catch another aspect of intent and that’s called seeing . The true function of the eyes is to be the catchers of intent .
* * *
You should trust yourself. On the left side there are no tears. A warrior can no longer weep. The only expression of anguish is a shiver that comes from the very depths of the universe. It is as if one of the Indescribable Force ‘s emanations is anguish. The warrior’s shiver is infinite.
* * *
The act of remembering the other self is thoroughly incomprehensible. In actuality it is the act of remembering oneself, which does not stop at recollecting the interaction warriors perform in their left side awareness, but goes on to recollect every memory that the luminous body has stored from the moment of birth.
This act of remembering, although it seems to be only associated with warriors, is something that is within the realm of every human being; every one of us can go directly to the memories of our luminosity with unfathomable results.

Deal with the world exclusively in terms of controlled folly.
* * *
A warrior never loses his mind under any circumstances.
* * *
A warrior is never under siege. To be under siege implies that one has personal possessions that could be blockaded. A warrior has nothing in the world except his impeccability, and impeccability cannot be threatened. Nonetheless, in a battle for one’s life a warrior should strategically use every means available.
* * *
We must live our lives impeccably for no other reason than to be impeccable.
* * *
Although human beings appear to a seer as luminous eggs, the egglike shape is an external cocoon, a shell of luminosity that houses a most intriguing, haunting, mesmeric core made up of concentric circles of yellowish luminosity, the color of a candle’s flame.
Losing the human form is the only means of breaking that shell, the only means of liberating that haunting luminous core. To break the shell means remembering the other self, and arriving at the totality of oneself.
* * *
An unconquerable pessimism overtakes a warrior at a certain point on his path. A sense of defeat, or perhaps more accurately, a sense of unworthiness, comes upon him almost unawares. A warrior’s resolution to live impeccably in spite of everything cannot be approached as a strategy to ensure success.
The warrior enters into a state of unsurpassed humility; when the true poverty of his human resources becomes undeniable, the warrior has no recourse but to step back and lower his head.
It is monstrous to think that the world is understandable or that we ourselves are understandable. What we are perceiving is an enigma, a mystery that one can only accept in humbleness and awe. The two sides of a human being are totally separate and it takes great discipline and determination to break that seal and go from one side to the other. We have been put together by forces incomprehensible to our reason. The only thing we do not have is time. Every minute might be our last; therefore, it has to be lived with the spirit.

Perception suffers a profound jolt when we are placed in states of quietude in darkness. Our hearing takes the lead then, and the signals from all the living and existing entities around us can be detected–not with our hearing only, but with a combination of the auditory and visual senses, in that order. In darkness the eyes become subsidiary to the ears.
* * *
Power spots are actual holes in a sort of canopy that prevents the world from losing its shape. A power spot can be utilized as long as one has gathered enough strength in the second attention. The key to withstanding the Indescribable Force ‘s presence is the potency of one’s intent . Without intent there is nothing.

Be impeccable and practice meticulously whatever you learn, and above all, be careful and deliberate in your actions so as not to exhaust your life force in vain.
The prerequisite for entrance into any of the three stages of attention is the possession of life force, because without it warriors cannot have direction and purpose. Upon dying our awareness also enters into the third attention; but only for an instant, as a purging action, just before the Indescribable Force devours it.
* * *
Stalkers become lighthearted and jovial and enjoy their lives.
* * *
The second attention belongs to the luminous body, as the first attention belongs to the physical body.
Dreaming is in fact a rational state. In dreaming , the right side, the rational awareness, is wrapped up inside the left side awareness in order to give the dreamera sense of sobriety and rationality; but the influence of rationality has to be minimal and used only as an inhibiting mechanism to protect the dreamer from excesses and bizarre undertakings.
Our first attention is hooked to the emanations of the earth, while our second attention is hooked to the emanations of the universe. A dreamer by definition is outside the boundaries of the concerns of everyday life.
The dreamers ‘ power to focus on their second attention makes them into living slingshots. The stronger and the more impeccable the dreamers are, the farther they can project their second attention into the unknown and the longer their dreaming projection will last.
Dreaming is no illusion. It’s a step toward the control of the second attention; in other words, you are learning the perceptual bias of that other realm.

There is no way on earth that we can order anyone or ourselves to rally knowledge. It is rather a slow affair; the body, at the right time and under the proper circumstances of impeccability, rallies its knowledge without the intervention of desire.
* * *
The first principle of the art of stalking is that warriors choose their battleground. A warrior never goes into battle without knowing what the surroundings are.
To discard everything that is unnecessary is the second principle of the art of stalking .
Warriors don’t have the world to cushion them, so they must have the rule. Yet the rule of stalkers applies to everyone.
The first precept of the rule is that everything that surrounds us is an unfathomable mystery.
The second precept of the rule is that we must try to unravel these mysteries, but without ever hoping to accomplish this.
The third, that a warrior, aware of the unfathomable mystery that surrounds him and aware of his duty to try to unravel it, takes his rightful place among mysteries and regards himself as one. Consequently, for a warrior there is no end to the mystery of being, whether being means being a pebble, or an ant, or oneself. That is a warrior’s humbleness. One is equal to everything.
* * *
Apply all the concentration you have to decide whether or not to enter into battle, for any battle is a battle for one’s life. This is the third principle of the art ofstalking . A warrior must be willing and ready to make his last stand here and now. But not in a helter-skelter way.
The fourth principle of the art of stalking is; relax, abandon yourself, fear nothing. Only then will the powers that guide us open the road and aid us. Only then.
The fifth principle is; when faced with odds that cannot be dealt with, warriors retreat for a moment. They let their minds meander. They occupy their time with something else. Anything would do.
The sixth principle: warriors compress time; even an instant counts. In a battle for your life, a second is an eternity; an eternity that may decide the outcome. Warriors aim at succeeding, therefore they compress time. Warriors don’t waste an instant.
* * *
A recapitulation is the forte of stalkers as the dreaming body is the forte of dreamers . It consists of recollecting one’s life down to the most insignificant detail.
The first stage is a brief recounting of all the incidents in our lives that in an obvious manner stand out for examination.
The second stage is a more detailed recollection, which starts systematically at a point that could be the moment prior to the stalker sitting, and theoretically could extend to the moment of birth.
A perfect recapitulation can change a warrior as much, if not more, than the total control of the dreaming body . In this respect, dreaming and stalking lead to the same end, the entering into the third attention. It is important for a warrior, however, to know and practice both.
The key element in recapitulating is breathing. Recollecting is easy if one can reduce the area of stimulation around the body. Theoretically, stalkers have to remember every feeling that they have had in their lives, and this process begins with a breath.
Write down a list of the events to be relived. The procedure starts with an initial breath. Stalkers begin with their chin on the right shoulder and slowly inhale as they move their head over a hundred and eighty degree arc. The breath terminates on the left shoulder. Once the inhalation ends, the head goes back to a relaxed position. They exhale looking straight ahead.
The stalker then takes the event at the top of the list and remains with it until all the feelings expended in it have been recounted. As stalkers remember the feelings they invested in whatever it is that they are remembering, they inhale slowly, moving their heads from the right shoulder to the left. The function of this breathing is to restore energy. The luminous body is constantly creating cobweblike filaments, which are projected out of the luminous mass, propelled by emotions of any sort. Therefore, every situation of interaction, or every situation where feelings are involved, is potentially draining to the luminous body. By breathing from right to left while remembering a feeling, stalkers , through the magic of breathing, pick up the filaments they left behind. The next immediate breath is from left to right and it is an exhalation. With it stalkers eject filaments left in them by other luminous bodies involved in the event being recollected.
These are the mandatory preliminaries of stalking . Unless stalkers have gone through the preliminaries in order to retrieve the filaments they have left in the world, and particularly in order to reject those that others have left in them, there is no possibility of handling controlled folly, because those foreign filaments are the basis of one’s limitless capacity for self-importance.
In order to practice controlled folly, since it is not a way to fool or chastise people or feel superior to them, one has to be capable of laughing at oneself. One of the results of a detailed recapitulation is genuine laughter upon coming face to face with the boring repetition of one’s self-esteem, which is at the core of all human interactions.
The rule defines stalking and dreaming as arts; therefore they are something that one performs. The life-giving nature of breath is what also gives it its cleansing capacity. It is this capacity that makes a recapitulation into a practical matter.
A profound recapitulation is the most expedient means to lose the human form. Thus it is easier for stalkers , after recapitulating their lives, to make use of all thenot-doings of the self, such as erasing personal history, losing self-importance, breaking routines and so forth.
* * *
stalker never pushes himself to the front. In order to apply this seventh principle of the art of stalking , one has to apply the other six. Only a master stalker can be a master of controlled folly. Controlled folly doesn’t mean to con people. It means, as my benefactor explained it, that warriors apply the seven basic principles of the art of stalking to whatever they do, from the most trivial acts to life and death situations.
Applying these principles brings about three results. The first is that stalkers learn never to take themselves seriously; they learn to laugh at themselves. If they’re not afraid of being a fool, they can fool anyone. The second is that stalkers learn to have endless patience. Stalkers are never in a hurry; they never fret. And the third is that stalkers learn to have an endless capacity to improvise.
* * *
Stalkers face the oncoming time. Normally we face time as it recedes from us. Only stalkers can change that and face time as it advances on them. They see time as something concrete, yet incomprehensible.
* * *
We’re warriors, and warriors have only one thing in mind–their freedom. To die and be consumed by the Indescribable Force is no challenge. On the other hand, to sneak around the Indescribable Force and be free is the ultimate audacity.

What’s needed to enter fully into the other self is to abandon the intent of our first attention.


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