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5 07 2016

Interview with 18yro Galactic Family Pleiadian Wes Annac [audio 1:03:32]

13 05 2012

…from the planet Erra, who in his first interview, will talk about the Pleiadians, what it’s like being an awakened 18 year old Starseed on earth, walk-ins, different concurrent timelines of earth, the rising of Atlantis, what his home planet is like, what the new earth will be like, the Norway Spiral, how the transition of earth is kick starting the Ascension of the entire universe, working with ancient civilizations, the cat/tiger people, holographic simulators, the importance of sending love and light to the dark, Project Blue Book and more.

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Graham Dewyea presents Our Galactic Family with Pleiadian Wes Annac.

Listen live Sunday evening at 8pm EST by calling in or clicking on the show link that appears at the start of the show. A recorded archive and description will be available after the show.

2011 Planetary Changes Reported by The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation (of Light) – 11.Jan.11

13 01 2011

Galactic Federation Update (Channeled) by Sheldan Nidle

We return to report on what is happening on and to your world. Until now, we have confined ourselves to broad brushstrokes in describing what is going on in your world and the solar system. Now it is appropriate to provide more details on some matters. As you know, Gaia is embarked on a massive series of changes that is to change drastically the reality you reside in. Recently, we informed you that she is in the process of locking in her major tectonic plates, and this is associated with the changes in the geomagnetic and electrical fields of your planet’s surface. The changes in these fields are starting to intensify. The many large earthquakes over the past six years are speeding up Gaia’s axis change and causing havoc with the internal magnetic compass possessed by all life on the planet. This accounts for the vast numbers of animal deaths recorded recently, and this death toll is further boosted by the effects of sudden climate change in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. But these changes have another factor that needs to be considered.

The dark cabal has made it a point to express its displeasure with the uncontrollable natural modifications of Gaia by perpetrating a direct and unrelenting assault upon her. The massive oil spill that started suddenly last April in the Gulf of Mexico is a prime example of this sorry strategy. Many corporations and governments on your world are in cahoots on a grand scale to cripple the process of transformation that Gaia has been slowly engaging upon for the past half century, and the Gulf oil spill is one of the more dramatic examples of this in the past decade. A major goal of this stratagem is to cripple the Gulf Stream and mess up the North Atlantic Conveyer. This puts the entire Northern Hemisphere into a pattern of very cold winters and cooler springs, summers, and autumns. This has a knock-on effect in the Southern Hemisphere by changing the jet streams. This affects the monsoons, creating large floods during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, and this will happen next summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The way to reverse all this is to restore the Gulf Stream.

Encircling your planet is an ocean current that your scientists call the Great Conveyer. It is this rhythmic flow of Earth energy that all life here is attuned to. We have seen how diligent your dark cabal is in finding ways to seriously disrupt this prime energy flow, and in part they have temporarily succeeded. Mother Earth is now working to restore this prime conveyer, and her work is reducing the amount of destruction possible, especially considering the amount of ruin that has already taken place around your globe. Our brief is to act in accordance with what Heaven tells us. Your world is reaching a point where the failsafe mechanisms (such as they are) built into your societies can no longer hold, and in light of this, Heaven has described to us a scenario in which a series of direct interventions can safely take place. These projected intercept points are fast approaching. We are monitoring these (ultimately) man-made disasters and deeply wish to intervene on a massive scale. This will happen in the very near future, as events are underway that will make this most possible!

Not only your climate but your economy also is in serious difficulties. Your dark cabal and its media and governmental minions are deliberately turning a blind eye to the illegal activities that have brought your world to the brink of a colossal ruin. These conditions have now been pushed to their limits. A massive backlash is mounting, but this can actually expedite what we intend to do. Heaven has instructed us on these matters and we need to follow these sacred directions to the letter. Look to the amazing amount of anomalous activity happening on your world and in your solar system and realize that these are clues that, taken together, clearly point to the proximity of what we tell you. Your reality is in a very fragile state. Tipping points are inexorably converging throughout your realm, which indicates that a major shift is starting. Our part is to arrive at a specific point and swiftly complete the momentum currently underway. This intervention is a divine one and will resolve and wrap things up more quickly.

Your world hovers on the edge of incredible change. We are pledged to intervene. Our many liaison teams are focused on getting the preliminary changes done swiftly. We are determined to do this. One minor obstacle is the continuing belief of many on your world in an invasion by an off-planet organization. This concept is being played up constantly by your entertainment industries, and we have therefore taken measures to ensure that what we do is not misinterpreted by your society. We came here, knowing full well that your limited-conscious society has been thoroughly manipulated, first by the Anunnaki and then by their earth minions. The use of carefully placed misinformation stories is a prime trick of the corporate American government. We intend to proceed in a way that makes us, first, welcome, and then perceived by you to be family.

The purpose behind what is now happening is to affect a major shift in your consciousness and in your reality. Much needs to be explained. Your recorded history is chock full of lies, unexplained events, and apparent ‘mysteries.’ We need to clarify what really happened to you and show you a true chronicle of your origins. This will cast light on why we are here and why you are being returned to full consciousness. Then you will be able to understand that this mission goes way beyond merely restoring you to de jure government, and you will see that your new abundance is a mere preamble to the creation of your new galactic society. A more expansive, friendlier approach to the universe is then possible, and you can begin to better comprehend our mission here and why we are working toward a full-fledged first contact with you.

We know that, each day, many of you wonder about the exact timing of this divine intervention. Let us look at this: your world is close to major collapse. One telltale symptom of a society on the verge of a big consciousness leap is the flurry of conflicting notions about what is actually happening. This confusion can be further abetted by the ruling cabal, which usually deliberately fuels the chaos as a way to prolong its time in power. Anyone looking objectively at your global conditions can see that great change is ready to happen. Usually, things smolder on for another decade or so, and then a bloody revolution erupts. In your case, the particular circumstances of your situation preclude the luxury of a distant rebellion. The Divine has stated that a bloodless revolution is required, now. This is what our Earth allies and we are about to produce. It is to be at once a truly shocking and a truly marvelous happening!

Try to resist the temptation of frustration, and see these last days as the lull before a full-blown, unprecedented series of phenomena erupts onto the world stage, changing everything! Our personnel are working all out to shove these sensational events into being. We have to ensure that the surprise factor is also a positive experience, as uplifting events are desperately needed here! We are producing the ‘magic’ to manifest this, and indeed, many opponents of this cause are daily being converted. It is close and ready to burst forth. All aspects of your reality construct are straining at the seams; look at the growing anomalous changes in your solar system and in your Sun; look at the indices of change in your global societies. Magic is getting ready to pop!

Today, we delved deeper into what is happening to transform your world. Be advised that the changes to your dear planet, Gaia, and to your reality are truly immense! The mounting chaos and confusion have stirred up a great apprehension in you, but know that this is surely to be morphed into a great joy! The time for this great joy to become your eternal now has come! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian – Sirius B – for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Click below to read about Earth’s Hidden Histories from three different (off-world) accounts–Sirian, Annunaki, and Pleiadian:

An Anonymous Account of One Visitor’s Experience Inside Mt. Shasta’s Sacred City of Telos.

7 01 2011

Story by “M” (Anonymous account)


The Mt. Shasta story begins 6 months prior to my being taken inside the Mountain. We (my husband, his son by a prior marriage and our two small children ages 2 and 4 and my Siamese cat, Pixie) had packed everything we owned into a U Haul trailer and moved from the desert to the mountain. A friend of ours and his family had preceded us by about a week and when we arrived at Mt. Shasta we dropped the U Haul at his place and headed up the mountain to camp overnight. We stopped at one campground and got out to set up camp. The energy of the campground just didn’t feel right so we got back into our truck and headed further up the mountain. We turned into Panther Meadows and decided to camp there. As we unloaded the truck I discovered my Siamese was gone. I was devastated.

We went back to the first campground but couldn’t find him. I called and called but to no avail. We went back to Panther Meadows and spent the night. It was really cold as it was the spring of the year and we had a really nice fire going to stay warm. I put the boys in the back of the pickup (we had a homemade camper shell on it which kept out the chilling wind), packed them in lots of blankets so they were toasty warm. My husband joined them and I sat by the fire most of the night, keeping it going and hoping Pixie would show up. Our little campsite was ringed with the bright, inquiring eyes of the nocturnal animals who showed up to inspect us. It was an inspiring, goose-bump making sight.

Next morning we headed back down the mountain to our friend’s house. He took us to a local hotel and introduced us to “Mother Mary” (as she was lovingly called by the many who sought her wisdom) who owned the hotel-restaurant. When she discovered we had not found a place to live yet, she took us upstairs and set us up in the two-room suite for which I was greatly appreciative. It gave us a chance to shower, etc., and a place for the boys to be warm and comfortable. As the days passed, we found a house and got settled in. Each weekend (and many weeknights) we spent time at Panther Meadows and I never gave up looking for Pixie. My husband and the boys did a lot of exploring which left me at the campsite alone a good share of the time. Occasionally hikers and other campers would stop by the campsite and we would talk and they would share the pot of coffee I always had going or the water we had with us. Several weekends we trudged up to the lodge and slept there overnight. The lodge burned down several years after we left. It was reported to have been arson. It was a shame because the lodge offered shelter to the weary hiker and mountain climber and it had so much character. There was even water available there.

Six months after we arrived in Shasta, we were once again at Panther Meadows camping out for the weekend. We arrived late Friday night, set up camp, got the fire going, had our dinner and just sat back and enjoyed the sky. The boys really loved the spot and could hardly wait to enter the forest for more adventurous exploring in the morning. As usual our resident audience ringed our campsite with those bright inquisitive shining eyes. It was warm enough then that we slept outside the camper in sleeping bags but I seldom slept when we were up there. I almost felt it would be rude to go to sleep with so many friends around us and I liked to keep the fire going so we could have hot coffee and breakfast early in the morning. Never seemed to get sleepy up there.

This particular weekend was the weekend I was taken inside Mt. Shasta. My husband and the three boys had gone exploring again and I was in the process of cleaning up the breakfast mess and getting the sleeping bags put away when I noticed a young man (I assumed he was another young hippie, doing his thing on the mountain as so many were) walking across the meadow toward our camp site. He was a slender young man, dressed in the fashion of the day, jeans and shirt. He had no backpack or canteen with him. I thought he must have a campsite nearby and had left his things there while he did a little exploring close by. As he got closer to the camp I saw that he was blond and had a neatly trimmed little beard. I chuckled to myself because he didn’t appear to be old enough to be able to grow a beard. He stopped a short distance away and asked if it was O.K. if he might have a cup of the coffee he had been smelling all morning. I laughed and invited into the campsite and got him a cup of coffee.

We sat by the fire for a while and talked about the mountain and the weather and several inconsequential topics, which I can’t even, remember now. I was drawn to the young man, felt perfectly safe with him – even was comfortable with him as if I had known him for years. It seemed we shared so many interests and beliefs. We talked about Paramahansa Yogananda, eastern philosophy, magnetic and color healing, dreams of flying, Atlantis and even got around to talking about UFOs. I told him about George (JW George Van Tassel, that is.) and the Integratron and discovered he knew all about George. I told him that George had told me about the Brotherhood that had been in Shasta and that they had left to go to Peru because of the need for a more stable environment,etc. He smiled and said he had also heard those stories.

He asked if I would like to go inside the mountain to see for myself who was still there. Thinking he was kidding me, I said sure, would love to do that. It sounded really exciting. We got up and started off in the direction he had come from. He said the entrance was nearby and it would only take a few minutes to get there. He was right – it did only take a few minutes. We passed across the Meadows into the trees and within minutes were at a tall, odd shaped rock. I would guess it was probably 10 feet high and 5 feet across. The front of the rock was flat and the limbs of the nearby trees partially hid it. The top of the rock slanted down to the ground in the back so that it looked like a lopsided triangle. A side view was something like this front of rock I remember that the ground around it was very hard compared to the softer ground we had walked on to get there. There was not the layer of fallen needles, etc., to cushion our step. He walked up to the door and touched it. It swung open, inwardly, at his touch. He motioned me to follow him, which I did. I marvel now that I was not in the least bit afraid to go with him nor did it even occur to me not to go with him.

Photo:  Said to be a secret rear entrance to Telos

As I went through the open door I saw a set of 7 steps that went down to a small landing and then continued down to the right of the landing. There was a slightly damp, musty smell, not unpleasant, but indicating that we had entered an area that was not often graced with the presence of fresh air. It was obvious we were inside a mountain for the walls were stone. We reached the landing and I paused to look around. I saw that we were in a small barren room which gave me the feeling we had entered an entry way or foyer. The room was bathed in a soft light from a source I could not identify. There was no evidence of lamps or bulbs or indirect lighting. We descended to the floor of the room and the young man walked to the far wall, touched it and a door opened. The door had not been visible from the landing. It blended into the wall in such a manner that if you didn’t know exactly where it was, you would have no idea that a door even existed. I followed him through the door and found myself in a very large, high ceiling stone room. This room was also well lit with light from an undetermined source.

As we walked across the room to what appeared to be a large hallway, I saw there were a number of entryways around the room each of which appeared to have a large hallway leading from it. We walked to the far side of the room and continued down the hallway. (Perhaps passageway would be a more accurate description.) The passageway led us to another large room. This room had furniture and large glass enclosed cases. He took me to the cases and pointed to some pieces of flat stone. As I got closer to the cases I saw that there was some form of printing on each stone. I could not recognize the language. I turned to ask him what the stones represented and before I could ask he smiled and said “You have no memory now, but these are the sacred tablets that you and your coworkers spirited out of Atlantis as the flood waters rose to destroy the land.”

He went on to explain that we (was not sure who he meant as ‘we’ at the time) had taken the tablets to a cave and had hidden them. As he told the story, I could see in my mind a number of small, 2 person crafts, that were moving very fast through deep water. They gradually slowed as they approached a cave and as they entered the cave I could see them rise to the surface of the water. The cave was very large. As the occupants of the small crafts opened the vehicles to emerge they were greeted by others who hurriedly took possession of the stone tablets and disappeared through entryways in the cave. As the tablets were removed from the crafts the occupants re-entered the little ships and left the cave as they had entered. At that point, my visualization stopped but I had a sense of having been there. It took a few minutes to come back out of the feeling of anxiety and at the same time, excitement that I had experienced as I watched the little ships in the water. There had been a feeling of great relief and accomplishment as the tablets were handed over and I could hear the prayers of thanks being offered.

There was little activity in this room. There were a number of backless benches, which sat in front of each case. I had the same feeling in this room as I have had visiting a museum. At this point, I realized I didn’t know what to call him. He had not given me his name. I asked him what his name was and he said I could call him Mikel. Mikel motioned me to follow him again and we entered another room. (By the way, the “museum” room and this room are what I would say were fairly normal rooms. The ceilings were probably only 15 feet high and the ceiling and walls were covered with some material that almost appeared to be metal except I didn’t feel the coldness that I do when I am around metal, [If that makes any sense to you]. The floors were very smooth-have no idea what the covering was and it was shiny.) This second room contained seven large, upright cylinders. I would guess they were each probably 10 feet high and 4 feet across.

Again, I don’t know the material they were constructed from; although it appeared to be glass, I don’t think it was. The cylinders were filled with a liquid substance (looked like a gelatinous consistency) and each had a beam of light shining down from the top. The liquid substance was a different color in each cylinder. The colors appeared to match pretty much the colors we have designated for the seven major chakras. In this room, there were a number of people (to me they appeared to be as human as I am) working around the cylinders. They were each placing small pieces of paper (at least it looked like paper) on the various colored cylinders. I saw that each attachment had writing on it. Mikel explained that they were working healing on various individuals and on Mother Earth, herself. They would inscribe the attachment (or attachments if a combination of colors was required) with the name or location that required healing. The attachments would assume the color of the cylinder as the healing energies were dispersed. When the attachment attained the exact color of the cylinder or the exact hue required by the inscription, it would dissolve.

We watched them work for awhile and Mikel suggested I might like to enter into a study of color healing. I agreed that perhaps I would. As we left the healing room, Mikel looked at me and said “Your family is returning to the campsite. We had best return also.” We left the same way we had entered. When we were once again in the forest, Mikel said “We will meet again for there is much more for you to see and remember. Be careful returning down the mountain. Drive slowly and you will discover something dear to your heart.” Mikel did not return to the campsite with me. He waved and returned to the mountain entrance.


I made my way back to our campsite and got there just a wee bit before my family. The fire had died down although the coffee was still hot. My husband and I had a cup of coffee and decided to head back down the mountain before it got dark. I had not mentioned my previous little jaunt into the mountain nor did  mention this one. As we wound our way down the mountain I told him to drive slowly because I wanted to breathe in the coming of evening in the forest. He was agreeable and we went slowly around the many curves.

As we rounded one rather large curve, there was a big buck standing in the middle of the road. My husband slammed on the brakes and we came to a complete halt because the buck was not moving. I saw a small movement out of the corner of my eye and as I turned my head to see what it was, I saw my Pixie. He was cowering in the ditch. I jumped out of the truck and the squeaky door and sudden movement scared him. He took off up the embankment. I followed, stumbling over the loose rocks and getting a handful of stickers in my hands as I clamored up the embankment. I followed him through the trees, calling his name as I ran. We were in a marshy area and I found myself sloshing in water up to my ankles. The thought of the possibility of getting snake bit or falling into quicksand flashed through my mind but I quickly dismissed it.

After following him for some distance, I stopped and began calling his name, over and over. It was getting dark in the trees and I was having trouble seeing my way. Finally I heard a plaintive cry and knew he was beginning to associate with the sound of my voice and his name. I kept calling his name and slowly inched my way towards the sound of his cries. I found him crouched down in a small opening. I stood very still and then crouched down to the ground and held my arms out to him. I kept talking to him and he finally came to his feet and very slowly an cautiously approached me. When he got close enough I reached to pick him up and he let me. I was crying and he was crying. I turned to make my way back to the truck hoping I was going in the right direction. After walking for several minutes I was able to let out a sigh of relief for there in front of us was the road, the truck and darned if the buck wasn’t still standing in the middle of the road. As I came down the embankment and got back into the truck, the buck sauntered off the road into the trees. Pixie was all over me. Marking me and kissing me and crying. He yowled so much in his happiness that by the time we got back down the mountain he had lost his voice. He appeared to be none the worse for wear. Perhaps a little thinner than last I saw him, but he looked beautiful to me.

How that little guy survived six months on the mountain is beyond my comprehension. I can only think he had help. Whatever enabled him to survive, I am eternally grateful that he was brought back to us. Needless to say, Pixie never went camping with us again; but we continued our weekly trips to Panther Meadows. The following weekend we were back at Panther Meadows. As usual, the hubby and kids went exploring and I found myself watching the path for Mikel. He appeared a little after 10 a.m. that morning and we set off into the trees once again. After entering the mountain, passing the “museum” and healing room, Mikel selected another passageway.

This passageway was narrower than the previous ones I had seen, and it was definitely stone. Again, there was light. We walked a short distance down the passageway and I saw we were approaching an area that contained several pieces of machinery. The machinery turned out to be vehicles. Mikel walked to the first one and motioned me to get in. It was a small vehicle with two seats. They resembled bucket seats. I could see no dashboard or any sort of instrumentation. There was one small area that had three buttons on it. He pushed one and the vehicle rose from the ground. It hovered there until he pushed the second button and the vehicle began to move forward. There was no steering wheel or visible means of controlling the vehicle. (Never did find out what the third button was for.)

As we wove our way through various tunnels I observed pieces of lava (at least that was what I thought them to be) on the floor of the tunnel and imbedded in the walls. Parts of the tunnels were quite narrow and other parts opened into larger areas. It was a maze of tunnels and offshoots. I had no idea how far we had gone, if we had traveled upward or downward or on the same level. There was a definite fluctuation in temperature as we traveled the various tunnels. Nothing really unpleasant but there were spots that were warmer than others. We reached what I will identify as a landing dock where there were a number of similar vehicles sitting empty. We emerged from the small craft and made our way through another passageway into a large room which was in complete contrast to the tunnels we have just traveled. The room had a very high ceiling and was full of luscious green plants, trees and flowers, many of which I couldn’t identify. The room was warm, not hot, and I could feel the moisture in the air.

There appeared to be direct sunlight in the room but I saw no openings that would admit sunlight. I asked Mikel about the light and he told me that it was indeed sunlight and it reached the room through a series of mirror-like apparatus that were used to funnel it in from the mountain top. He went on to explain that there were many rooms such as this that were used to grow the food necessary to sustain the remaining guard inside the mountain and to maintain a proper environmental balance for the occupants within the mountain. He pointed out what appeared to be a ventilation system near the ceiling. He explained that there were many of them distributed throughout the mountain.

We walked among the plants and trees, talking about the Brotherhood, the future of Mother Earth, the lost civilizations of our past, the work to be done to preserve our present society, the predicted upcoming tilting of the Earth on her axis, and last but truly not least-the beauty of a moonless night. We found that we each preferred the moonless nights because only then can the true beauty of our Universe and stars be appreciated. As we were leaving I asked him if we were still in Mt. Shasta and he said we were. He motioned me back to the landing dock and the small craft took us back to our starting point. We walked back out into the trees and to the clearing of the meadow. Mikel told me that the next time we met we were going “traveling”. I asked him what he meant by that and he just smiled and said “You’ll see.”


The weather had reached the stage where I felt it was too cold to take the boys for overnight camping. We had been pushing it for a couple weekends as it was and the heavy quilts had been brought back out of the closet and stored in the camper. Our homemade camper was probably not the prettiest of campers but it was solid. I could put the boys in the back with quilts and blankets under them, around them and over them and they stayed nice and warm. They had gotten their first introduction to winter underwear which, at first, didn’t make them very happy but as it got colder they were quite content to wear it.

Come Saturday morning and not being sure that the mountain wouldn’t begin to sport a mantle of snow very soon, I had decided not to take the boys up with me. The road could be very dangerous to travel with snow and ice on it. Didn’t want to take the risk of having them up there with the possibility of a snowfall. When we had first arrived at Shasta there were still patches of snow in areas that didn’t get much sunlight but the chance of more snow had been slight. We had purchased chains for the truck and always carried extra gasoline and water with us in the back of the camper. I wouldn’t have been able to put the darn chains on by myself, but at least I had them in case some helpful soul would take pity and help get them on.

I took the truck and headed for the mountain by myself. I have never had a problem being by myself and have always enjoyed basking in the energy of my surroundings and letting my thoughts wander in whatever direction they choose. I stopped at the hotel and chit chatted with Mother Mary. She was taking her group up the mountain in the afternoon for the last session of the year and asked if I would like to join them. She was such a great lady. Her heart was surely as big as Mt. Shasta itself and her love was boundless. The young people (commonly referred to as hippies in those days) who were drawn to Shasta always ended up at her hotel seeking not only her wisdom and advice but also shelter and food. She held teaching and meditation sessions on the mountain as often as she could. It was an inspiring sight to come upon them as they grouped around her, taking in her every word and gesture. During the winter months she would hold meditations in the lobby of the hotel. In those days, she had very few paying customers.

I feel that my association with Mother Mary and our friend (who had been a disciple of Yogananda) are the two relationships that set me on a spiritual quest that I realize has continued to this day. Just sitting here at my computer, attempting to bring back, in some semblance of order, the events of those some 30 plus years ago, feelings are resurfacing that I have not experienced in many a moon. I am remembering the peace and contentment I experienced on the mountain and the surges of energy that made the hair on my arms stand at attention. I am experiencing an undesired urge to dust off my old student handbooks and once again become a facilitator of information. I wonder. But, I digress. Back to my trip up the mountain that Saturday morning. I left Mother Mary with the promise that I would join the group if at all possible. I jumped in the truck (I have a vague recollection of the days when I could jump into a truck) and headed up the mountain.

Once I got to Panther Meadows I was glad I had not brought the boys because it was really cold and windy there. I had parked the truck so that I could stay inside and watch the area where Mikel usually appeared and, appear he did. I got out to meet him and we once again entered the mountain. The anticipation of his last promise that we would go traveling was almost more than I could bear. It was all I could do not to push him through doors and down passageways so he would move faster. To my surprise, we did not enter the passageway where we had secured the little vehicle that had transported up through the tunnels on my last visit. Instead, we continued down the main passageway until we reached a larger than average doorway. Mikel held the door open for me and I was totally spellbound by what I saw as I entered the room. Now John, please bear with me because my descriptive abilities usually leave something to be desired; but, I will try to explain what I saw in such a way that you will be able to see it also. There were a number of freestanding consoles along the left side of the room.

Each console was approximately the size and shape of a small desk. There was a panel attached to the back of each console that rose about four feet above the desktop and appeared to be about a foot in depth. There was a small bank of button-like objects on the panels and across the bottom of the panel were a series of flickering colored buttons. I noticed that as the colors became brighter or darker the speed of the flickering increased or decreased. Mikel explained briefly that the consoles had features which allowed for the monitoring of the activities and any fluctuation of temperature within the various parts of the mountain. I suspected that was a rather limited explanation and that the purpose had greater implications than were given to me at the time but I didn’t question his further.

On the entire wall to the right of the door where we entered was a map of sorts. I recognized our solar system and the various planets on one half of the map. The other half of the map contained planets and stars (I guess they were stars) which I was not familiar with. There were little pulsating lights on various parts of the two maps and at times some of them appeared to change position. I wasn’t given much time to take a real close look and I really wanted to, but Mikel seemed to have some other destination in mind. In the area directly across from the entry door, was a large, cylindrical shaped object that had a shiny surface such as metal might reflect. As we approached the object I could see it was not metal – almost had the appearance of a fabric of sorts.

Mikel walked up to the object, touched an area about midway on the object and an opening silently appeared. We went inside. I saw there were five seats all connected to a solid beam which was across the floor of the object on the opposite wall of the entryway. Mikel took one of the seats and I followed suit. Had no idea what to expect, but had confidence in Mikel not to put me in any danger. The opening that we had come through closed, and I saw that the area we were in was actually separate from the outer shell. The object was actually two objects, one nestled inside the other. I was beginning to get butterflies in my stomach and found myself taking slow deep breaths in an effort to calm them down.

I asked Mikel for some explanation of why we were in the object and what was going to happen. He explained that the interior tube, the one in which we were located, was actually, in simplified terms, a form of traveling time machine. We were taking our journey that day with the traveling time machine. He explained that it had been created and brought here literally thousands of centuries before and had been used by several civilizations up to the time that the personal form of “astral” travel or directed projection of consciousness had been perfected. He said I would this day see a past history that few in this time are privy to see. For his purposes that day and because I had no idea what directed projection of consciousness referred to, our journey was going to take place within the tube.

I found myself looking at scenery I could not identify. It was almost like watching a movie screen except that I had the sensation of movement. Mikel acted as a guide as different scenes appeared before me. I didn’t recall seeing any windows in the object we had entered but I sure was able to see what Mikel was showing me. At first I thought I was flying and then I thought I was just observing and then I realized I was sitting in a ship whose interior was very similar to the ship that George Van Tassel had taken me aboard several years prior. As scenery sped by I thought I recognized Saturn with its rings (although it sported several moons that had never been seen or at least I was not aware of) and then I knew where I was when I saw Planet Earth coming into view. We were traveling very close to the surface of the planet and there appeared to be very little human habitation. Each time we circled the planet, the surface changed. The energy of the planet changed and the colors emanating from it changed.

I saw sailing vessels turn into very sophisticated water-going vessels which could travel above or below the surface of the water. I saw flying vessels circling the planet, almost in formation, and watched as they would speed off into space only to become invisible to the human eye and others coming down to take their place. I saw empty land become developed, food being grown, buildings coming into being, and with each new development, the colors again changed. I saw entire civilizations being born and dying. I saw land masses rise and fall and I felt the trauma as a polar shift took place. I saw pieces of continents break off and drift away.

I saw huge beautiful animal forms coming to the planet and eventually disappearing. I saw light around human life forms and witnessed as it went from a beautiful light to a murky, dense darkness. I witnessed the rebirth or second coming of the light beings and once again, the colors of the planet changed. And most memorable, I felt and became one with the heartbeat of all that existed on the planet. I experienced the exhilaration of discovery and the heartache of destruction. I ran the entire gamut of emotions with the planet. I found myself weeping with her and celebrating the awakenings that took place.  There is much more…probably would take a volume to explain in detail all that flashed past, but I think you understand where I was that day. Always there appeared to be the presence of the observers. At times the shape and size of their vehicles changed, but there was not a time during our little jaunt when they were not present. I will relate the rest of the trip in the next installment.


Our movement around Planet Earth’s surface seemed to be slowing down. I was able to discern more detail and movement. We finally came to a complete stop and the images faded from my sight. I found my energy low from the vast range of emotions I had just been through but sensed this was not the first time I had been in those particular emotional arenas. Much of what I had just seen and experienced held a familiar ring to it. It was almost one of those “been there, done that” sensations, but with no apparent sense of loss regret. It was at this point that I found my voice and wanted to ask Mikel questions. I felt like the cub reporter out on my first big assignment and began racking my brain to find the right (intelligent?) questions to ask. I needn’t have been concerned for before I could get my throat sufficiently cleared and my mouth open to speak, Mikel proceeded to explain a few of the reasons for this trip in the traveling time machine.

The gist of the explanation was that in order for the Light Workers of the future to have a clearer understanding when certain events transpired in the future, it is helpful for the imprint of past experiences to be reinforced and reawakened in the psyche. He went on to say that those who were and would be working in the Light, would find the reinforcement and reawakening beneficial in the process of gaining understanding of and solutions to upcoming events. Mikel further explained that the process of revisitation that I had experienced would not necessarily be the same process used to bring memory back, (relating to events that were to prepare us for the mission), for all who were involved or would become involved. He further explained that some of those destined to Light Work in the upcoming changes had not yet arrived on Planet Earth.

He spoke of books that would and have been written, experiences that would be shared and theories put forth (theories that would later be proven to be factual) not only in an attempt to jog memory but to ease the citizens of Planet Earth into thought patterns that would enable them to more readily accept what was ahead. He said that many movies would be produced in an effort to suggest or implant in the mass consciousness not only the possibility but the probability of future encounters with those who may appear to be “different”.

As he was speaking, I flashed back on having seen what I thought was Saturn at the beginning of the trip. I wondered why the journey began way out there and what the implications were. It took me back to ages of 5 and 6 when I was living with an aunt and uncle on a farm in Iowa. Our bedrooms were all upstairs and during the summer months my aunt would push my bed up against a window so I could catch whatever little breeze there might be. I remember laying there, night after night, staring at the sky and wondering what I was doing way down here and when “they” were coming to take me home. I would even, at times, hear a soft voice telling me it would be soon.

Mikel had been become quiet as I walked down memory lane and when I had finished he took my hand and told me it was not yet time for me to return home – but it was time for me to begin remembering the work that was to come. At that moment I realized there was more to my connection to Mikel and Mt. Shasta than I had ever imagined. Had no inkling what the connection could be but knew it was there. I kept flashing on past incarnations that correlated to the events that were shown to me as we had circled the planet and I saw myself emerging from the darkness of space into the radiance emitted from Planet Earth, time after time. Was I a visitor – or perhaps an immigrant that had been given a Light Worker clearance to reside and work on this planet, in this dimension. Perhaps that explained my never feeling I belonged. I wanted to talk more about my feelings and a hundred questions were bouncing around in my head at such speed they were colliding with each other, but Mikel took my arm and steered me toward the entryway.

We proceeded out of the tube and back into what I will call the Tube Room. I checked my watch and found that we had been in the tube a little less than an hour. My knees felt a little weak and I experienced some slight dizziness as we left the tube. Mikel explained that it would pass and instructed me to take some slow deep breaths. He placed his right hand on my midsection (which I later discovered was the location of the Solar Plexus Chakra) and his left hand on the back of my neck. He then had me bend over at the waist and inhale as I slowly came back up. He had me repeat that exercise several times. When he removed his hands, I was no longer experiencing dizziness. He said he knew the dizziness had been uncomfortable for me on my visits but assured me I would no longer experience it. He did point out that I might now experience some slight physical reactions as I returned to the outer world – he was right – I did.

We left the Tube Room and there was one of the little vehicles we had used before waiting for us. Mikel motioned me in and we were on our way. He took us through a myriad of tunnels that almost made me dizzy. We turned from one passageway to another, and at times I wondered if we were going in circles. I’m sure we weren’t, we just made many turns and one tunnel looked like another except for width and height and some were damp and chilly while others sported really warm air. He finally brought the little vehicle to rest and I was glad he did because my stomach was getting a little queasy. We alit and headed to a small opening which I assumed led to another passageway. Mikel stepped aside to allow me to enter before him. I entered a small area that appeared to be a small, dead end passageway.

Mikel came around me and touched an area on the far wall and another entryway appeared. Midway through the second entryway I gasped and stopped dead in my tracks. For a moment I thought we had emerged from the mountain and stepped into a beautiful green valley on the opposite side of the mountain from where we had entered. But as I stood there, staring (I am sure my mouth was hanging open) I realized there were buildings and people stirring about and I perceived areas that appeared to be planted. There was no sign of the ever-present pine trees of the mountain, but in their stead were huge shade trees and what seemed to me to be fruit trees and I could see them all gently swaying to the rhythm of a slight breeze that was moving through the valley.

There was bright sunlight everywhere and I could hear songbirds. My family, friends and I had done a lot of exploring on the mountain over the months but had never come across any such form of settlement on any side of the mountain.  I turned to Mikel and realized he was grinning at me. I had seen Mikel’s face exhibit what I took to be a smile, from time to time, but never had I seen him openly grin. He opened his arms to me and said “I have waited a long time, my sister, to welcome you back”. I had no earthly idea what he was talking about, but his hug felt wonderful. We sat at the top of the valley for what seemed to be hours talking about “things”. He told me that this was not yet the time for me to rejoin them.

There was much I had not yet been exposed to in the outer world and many things to learn about the functions of the outer world and the areas in which I could be of assistance when the prophesied changes for Planet Earth became reality. He pointed out that I would, in time, be able to discern who walked this path with me. That before the turn of the century, those who were in Light Work from around the world would blend their energies prior to and during the “Changes” to assist the citizens of Planet Earth during their periods of readjustment. He indicated that help would e forthcoming from the citizens of the inner world. I looked at the valley and wondered just how many were there that could come to help if the call went out. Mikel, sensing my question, said “Ah, little sister, but what you see here is only one of our grouping sites.

There are many such sites in the inner world, much knowledge, and above all, great love and concern for those who live in the outer world. On the surface, you find love is a commodity hard come by but in here it is our guiding light. It is the very life force of our being.”From what I could gather, as Mikel continued to talk on, this planet, perhaps even our solar system, has gone through the involution and evolutionary process countless times. Planet Earth has been visited and revisited, colonized and re-colonized. Left alone and nurtured.  Cursed and loved. Cross breeding has taken place. The “helpers” from afar have walked side by side with us in total wonderment that we have managed to survive at all. The citizens of Planet Earth have, on several occasions, presented such rare challenges that personal attention of great magnitude was required to preserve the very integrity of the planet, herself.


John, most of the things that Mikel told me that afternoon were directed toward my personal growth. Unfortunately, my memory is not good enough to quote him word for word, but I am going to offer some of his thoughts to you, in my own words. I am sure we all realize that we are working simultaneously on several levels of existence toward the progress of the soul-self, the physical-self and the preservation of the school ground for those to follow. We are working toward our mass and individual spiritual growth, toward preserving our species, toward protecting and preserving our physical home (Planet Earth), toward getting beyond the duality we created on this Plane and toward reuniting with the Beingness and the Creative Source.

We know there is only one power in the Universe-that which emanates from the Creative Source (by whatever name you chose to identify with). There are varying degrees of energy within that power which are identified as negative (black or evil) to positive (white or good). But it is the same line of power-only the intent differs. We choose from lifetime to lifetime which part of the energy line we feel will best further our spiritual soul-self growth and that of those we have chosen to work with. Once we pass through the rite of reincarnation we leave the protective womb and enter into an arena which is challenging, to say the least. We seldom bring memory forward with us on a conscious level so we are on our own where our development is concerned.

Many distractions that take us away from our spiritual growth are presented by our teachers and those distractions become more enticing as technology progresses. We are given movies and videos through which we can live vicariously to experience the excitement we fail to find in our personal lives. We seek instant gratification much as we seek instant media reporting. We seek escape through legal and illegal drugs rather than through the pursuit of spiritual knowledge. The bent toward self has become a selfish one in that most of our desires center around physical and material possessions and pursuits. Smoke screens of all sorts are thrown up to occupy our minds. The list goes on and on but I am sure you understand what I am saying.

Mikel told me to visualize the Universe as a jigsaw puzzle with only the border in place. There is a large box sitting beside the puzzle with all the pieces in it. Each piece represents a soul-self. It is up to me (each of us) to find out which piece represents me (us) and where it fits into the overall scheme of the puzzle. Only when all the pieces have been correctly placed into the puzzle will peace come to the Universe. If I attempt to place or force my soul-self into the wrong position, an imbalance naturally occurs. That imbalance causes a reaction such as the ripples on water-it not only affects me but it travels in a non-ending fashion and directly or indirectly affects everyone and everything in the entire puzzle (Universe).

The search for our identity or place in the overall scheme of things, must start at our soul-self beginning if we are to find our proper niche in the puzzle. It is beneficial in each individual incarnation to delve into who we are, why we are here and what lessons we have chosen. But, unless we can see or visualize the whole picture, unless we can trace our progress (or lack thereof) from the beginning, we not only have difficulty in finding our niche in the puzzle, but we will have altered the shape of our piece and it will not fit into the puzzle in a proper manner which will enable it to enhance and support the surrounding pieces. Rather, it will cause discord and imbalance to flourish.

On another level, we are approaching the introduction to soul-self forms other than those that we unite with on Planet Earth. (You must remember this was given to me some 30+ years ago. I had my introduction to some of those other soul-self forms by George Van Tassel at Giant Rock Airport in the form of “space brothers”.) Again, those who are not evolved or open to growth will throw up barriers against a uniting with the new soul-self forms. These “other soul-self forms” or “space brothers” have always been around-much as our Guardian Angels and our Ascended Masters have. It is merely that another layer of the veil is being lifted and with the lifting of that veil, those who do not want change in any form to occur on Planet Earth will introduce fear of the new soul-self forms. It is up to each individual to search that fear to ascertain if it is valid.

These are a few of the thoughts that Mikel gave to me. I don’t know if you have any interest in other things he said to me. If you do, let me know and I will give you more of what he said. I knew it was getting late and I needed to get back down to the valley. Mikel, sensing my desire to get back to my family, took my hand to lead me back to the tunnel. As we turned, I took one more look at the beckoning valley. There was a part of me that longed to stay in that valley and to once again flourish in an environment of love. But, my children called to me and I knew it was not my time to be with those below.

As I emerged once again from the Mountain I saw that evening was descending upon us. I bade Mikel goodbye and set off in the truck to find Mother Mary and her group. John, I know this is a short one, but remembering all these things has stirred me greatly and I am going to close this section for now. I do hope I have explained things well enough to be understood. While the information is very clear in my mind, it is sometimes difficult for me to get it from my mind onto paper.



26 12 2010
The hidden story of Earth (i.e. Terra, Urantia, Gaia…) as told by various sources:

  1. Love, Joy & Bliss | Hidden History of Humanity | the forgotten gods – James Gilliland
  2. Metatron of Sirius as channeled by Sheldan Nidle
  3. Pleiadians as channeled by Barbara Marciniak and Barbara Hand Clow
  4. (See also “Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution“)
  5. Zecharia Sitchin re: the Anunnaki (which simply means “Those who from Heaven to Earth came”)
  6. Velon ET (Anunnaki Human Origin Myth) by Chris Thomas
  7. Egyptian/Atlantean (and Mayan) perspectives as revealed by Earth’s indigenous tribes to Drunvalo Melchizedek
  8. Michael Wynn’s “The Soul Travelers” [5:11:28] video
  9. Spirit Science’s animated version [:59:07] video
  10. World Mysteries by Klaus Dona
  11. Origins of the Reptilian Race, Humans & the Montauk Project by Stewart Swerdlow
  12. The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo
  13. Michael Tellinger on Adam’s (Enki’s) Calendar (Ancient Goldmines) and the Origin of Humanity
  14. Bashar’s account of our interdimensional and extraterrestrial relationships/hidden heritage
  15. Garnet Schulhauser’s interview with a homeless man named Albert: Origin of Earth’s Human Beings

NOTE As with all posts on this site, COTC:TOL does not necessarily agree or disagree with this information. It is provided for you to decide what resonates with you.


Love, Joy & Bliss | Hidden History of Humanity | the forgotten gods – James Gilliland 2016

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 The Timeline below is based on the book “You Are Becoming A Galactic Human” by Virginia Essene & Sheldan Nidle Channeling, Metatron et al.

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35 Million Years Ago

  • Etheric intelligent civilization created and
    are designated the guardians of Earth, but they were to find
    physical guardians also

26 Million Years Ago

  • Bipedal Dinoid with 200 IQ (from Bellatrix system in the constellation of Orion) and Bipedal Reptoid with 200 IQ colonies (from one of the lesser known stars in the constellation of Sagittarius) arrive and inhabit Earth
  • Spiritual Hierarchies of Earth send much love to these colonies
  • Mammalian species evolve to sentiency. These bipedal mammals were called the pre-cetaceans
  • Pre-cetaceans provide ample food for all 3 colonies in exchange for technology (which would in turn improve their production rate further)
  • 3 civilizations coexist in harmony trading among one another for 8 million years, all thee civilizations develop advanced forms of space/time travel
  • The pre-cetaceans develop their spiritual side extensively (psychic abilities, etc.)

10 Million Years Ago

  • Dinoid/Reptoid Alliance (from Bellatrix) ended their trade and cooperation with the pre-cetaceans – they believed they were superior and should therefore control all other beings.
  • Over the next 10,000 years the Earth Dinoids and Reptoids become more and more influenced by the Bellatrix Dinoid/Reptoid Alliance.
  • Dinoid/Reptoids decide -during these 10,000 years- to destroy the entire pre-cetacean race through various psychological war tactics
  • Pre-cetaceans sense this aggression (through their high psychic abilities) and realize the threat presented now by the Dinoid/Reptoid civilizations.

8 Million Years Ago

  • Pre-cetaceans decide to implode their fusion reactors located in the Ural Mountain range (with the Earth Spiritual Hierarchies giving them permission to do so) in a preemptive counter strike
  • Pre-cetaceans divide into two groups: one group evacuates out of our solar system (to the constellations of Pegasus and Cetus), and the other group enters the oceans to find haven. They eventually evolved over a period of 4 million years to become Earth’s present day cetaceans (i.e. the dolphins and whales)
  • Pre-cetaceans then implode their fusion reactors, thus destroying 98% of the Dinoid/Reptoid civilizations on Earth; the remaining 2% evacuated to the planet Maldek (a planet within our solar system)
  • With the Dinoid/Reptoid now no longer present on Earth, the Earth Spiritual Hierarchies and the cetaceans had to find a new suitable guardian/steward for the Earth land (since the cetaceans were guardians of Earth sea). They searched the galaxy to a distant star system 80 light years from the Sun.
  • After 2 to 3 million years of searching the galaxy, a primitive aquatic species that was starting to emerge from the oceans was discovered on the fourth planet of the Vega system. This species had creation myths, a language, and a hunting and gathering culture.
  • The Spiritual Hierarchies of the Vega system were then asked if they would permit this particular species to be vastly altered genetically to accelerate their evolution so that they may become a guardian species. The Vega Spiritual Hierarchies agreed.
  • Thus the traces of the first humans originated in the Vega star system. Their technology improved very quickly, and once they had developed star travel technology they started to migrate into nearby star systems (for a period of 2.5 million years)

4 Million Years BC

  • Galactic Federation was formed
  • Sirius B was colonized
  • Earth was selected for seeding

2 Million Years BC

  • Mars and Venus colonized
  • Hybornea colony founded on Earth

1 Million Years BC

  • Dinoid/Reptoids were building up their forces in the planet Maldek during all this time
  • Dinoids/Reptoids have a mass attack on both our solar system and also the nearby ones
  • Colonies on Earth (Hybornea), Mars and Venus were totallydestroyed.
  • Dinoids and Reptoid therefore regain control over the solar system for a period of 80,000 years.
  • In response to this the Galactic Federation planned a counterattack to reintroduce humans into this system. They arranged for a battle planet (4 times the diameter of the Earth) to come into the solar system and destroy the planet Maldek – which was the Dinoid/Reptoid stronghold. The remains of the planet Maldek are what we can now see as the asteroid belt

900,000 Years BC

  • Human colony was again founded on Earth called Lemuria (a Vedic society without rulers, laws or religion lived in Oneness with God and Nature) that lived in the 4th dimension (a higher consciousness realm) on this planet.
  • Over the next 850,000 years the Lemurians spread across the entire planet

500,000 Years BC

  • Lemurians founded what was called daughter colonies–the main ones being Atlantis, Yu (Central China and Tibet), Mu (South America), and also the Libyan/Egyptian

100,000 Years

  • Atlantis, Yu and Libyan/Egyptian colonies are declared daughter empires
  • As the empires developed the Atlanteans began to acquire a feeling of uniqueness about their culture that led to feelings of separateness from the other daughter empires.
  • After some time the Atlanteans felt that THEY should become the mother empire, and quickly began to have a strong desire to destroy the Lemurians in order to gain full power.
  • The Atlanteans then began forming alliances with renegade Pleiadians and Alpha Centaurians (which had hierarchical systems of government) to further develop their technologies

25,000 Years BC

  • After waiting patiently for many years for just the right moment to attack the Lemurian empire, the Atlanteans decided to attack and destroy Lemuria with the help of their renegade Pleiadian allies.
  • They would accomplish this by taking the Earth’s other moon (Earth had 2 moons in those times) out of orbit by using force fields until it was as close as possible to the Lemurian empire, and then the moon was destroyed resulting in a catastrophic shower of meteors. This destroyed much of Lemuria, but this also resulted in many pressures being inflicted upon the tectonic plates, resulting in the gas chambers under Lemuria to implode and thus sink most of the Lemurian

From Atlantis To The Great Flood

  • Yu empire would not bow down to the hierarchical rule of Atlantis and Libyan/Egyptian empires and was thus forced to go underground (literally). Today, they form what is known as the subterranean Kingdom of Agartha or Shamballah (not to be confused with Shambala on the Inner Spiritual Plane)
  • Power and technology-driven Atlantis forms 10 ruling districts, each with its own King. These Kings together formed the governing council of Atlantis.

25,000 – 15,000 Years BC

  • The royal governing council of Atlantis decide that a new form of government was desperately needed in which a superior ruling class could be established and sustained by their pretense that they had been empowered by a God-Force. Autocracy was thus born and was in full control enforcing a period of peace and stability.
  • The Atlanteans approved the experimenting on human genetics/DNA by master geneticists of the Pleiadian renegades to reduce the 12-strand DNA to the current double helix DNA in order to make humans more subservient and controllable (converting them into a slave race). This resulted in the dramatic reduction of consciousness, life spans, psychic/spiritual abilities, and brain usage.

15,000 – 10,000 Years BC

  • Throughout the years there were many wars among the various empires due to underground movements of people that wanted to reinstate the Lemurian “philosophy” of no hierarchy (i.e. leaders and laws). These wars led to vast destruction.
  • As a last resort the warring empires decided to attack the opponents crystal temples (which were responsible for maintaining two frozen layers of water known as Firmaments about 15,000 – 30,000 feet above ground surrounding Earth like a water base force shield which protected humans from harmful rays of the sun and also ensured a stable weather pattern at all times).
  • Unfortunately, the attacks were made simultaneously and caused the Firmament (the water layers) to be broken down and thus millions of gallons of water poured down onto the surface causing what is known biblically as “The Great Flood” (10,000 years ago)
  • The breakdown of the Firmament also resulted in the polar icecaps freezing as well as many climatic variations we have today to form.

After The Deluge

  • Only about 2 million people survived the Flood (from an original 65 million). Unfortunately many of the survivors were the mutant humans (the ones that had been genetically altered by the Pleiadians and Atlanteans into a much lower state of consciousness).
  • Also, with the destruction of the firmaments, humans were no longer protected by cosmic and atmospheric elements which resulted in further degradation of their DNA, consciousness, physique (they became smaller and shorter), brain usage and a fall of existence into the 3rd dimension.
  • A few different renegades (from Pleiades, Alpha and Beta Centauri) came to different parts of Earth after the Flood, seeing it as an opportune time to establish their own desired ideologies and also be seen as “godlike” to be revered (since there were mainly only mutant humans left, they worshipped these renegade gods). The humans were therefore easily controlled. Note that it was understood that the “heavens” from which these “gods” came was literally outer space or the cosmos.
  • These renegades established Earth’s royal houses with the concept of rulership by “divine right” (as in their heavenly or cosmic renegade ET origin–not to be confused with the Paradise Principality of The Creator). This concept of worshipping an elite has continued through to modern times whose monarchies still believe they were appointed by a divine right to rule over men. In Vedic (Lemurian) times, it was understood that no man was ruled by man.
  • Culture would rise against culture in wars claiming that the elite themselves were superior to the elite of the opposing faction–excessively ego driven.
  • We are now in times, though, that will finally bring to an end an approximate 10,000 years of sub-consciousness and regain our full consciousness that we deserve. This will be due to our entire solar system coming into contact with what is known as the the “Photon Belt

For more on Sheldan Nidle’s work, interviews with Sheldan, etc., click here.

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For the Pleiadian version of Earth’s hidden histories, please listen to the two audio videos below as channeled by Barbara Marciniak:

  • The Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow

Part 1/4

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4

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Another version of hidden human history by Zecharia Sitchin (re: The Anunnaki).

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“The Earth Chronicles” (Time Charts)

About the author:

Zecharia Sitchin was raised in Palestine, where he acquired a profound knowledge of modern and ancient Hebrew, other Semitic and European languages, the Old Testament, and the history and archaeology of the Near East. He attended the London School of Economics and Political Science and graduated from the University of London, majoring in economic history. A leading journalist and editor in Israel for many years, he now lives and writes in New York. One of the few scholars able to read and understand Sumerian, Sitchin has based The Earth Chronicles, his recent series of books dealing with Earth’s and man’s histories and prehistories, on the information and texts written down on clay tablets by the ancient civilizations of the Near East. His books have been widely translated, reprinted in paperback editions, and converted to Braille for the blind.”

I. Events Before the Deluge Years Ago

  • 450,000 BC – On Nibiru, a distant member of our solar system, life faces slow extinction as the planet’s atmosphere erodes. Deposed by Anu, the ruler Alalu escapes in a spaceship and finds refuge on Earth. He discovers that Earth has gold that can be used to protect Nibiru’s atmosphere.
  • 445,000 BC – Led by Enki, a son of Anu, the Anunnaki land on Earth, establish Eridu – Earth Station I – for extracting gold from the waters of the Persian Gulf.
  • 430,000 BC – Earth’s climate mellows. More Anunnaki arrive on Earth, among them Enki’s half-sister Ninhursag, Chief Medical Officer.
  • 416,000 BC – As gold production falters, Anu arrives on Earth with Enlil, the heir apparent. It is decided to obtain the vital gold by mining it in southern Africa. Drawing lots, Enlil wins command of Earth Mission; Enki is relegated to Africa. On departing Earth, Anu is challenged by Alalu’s grandson.
  • 400,000 BC – Seven functional settlements in southern Mesopotamia include a Spaceport (Sippar), Mission Control Center (Nippur), a metallurgical center (Shuruppak). The ores arrive by ships from Africa; the refined metal is sent aloft to orbiters manned by Igigi, then transferred to spaceships arriving periodically from Nibiru.
  • 380,000 BC – Gaining the support of the Igigi, Alalu’s grandson attempts to seize mastery over Earth. The Enlilites win the War of the Olden Gods.
  • 300,000 BC – The Anunnaki toiling in the gold mines mutiny. Enki and Ninhursag create Primitive Workers through genetic manipulation of Ape woman; they take over the manual chores of the Anunnaki. Enlil raids the mines, brings the Primitive Workers to the Edin in Mesopotamia. Given the ability to procreate, Homo Sapiens begins to
  • 200,000 BC – Life on Earth regresses during a new glacial period.
  • 100,000 BC – Climate warms again. The Anunnaki (the biblical Nefilim), to Enlil’s growing annoyance marry the daughters of Man.
  • 75,000 BC – The “accursation of Earth” – a new Ice Age-begins. Regressive types of Man roam the Earth . Cro-Magnon man survives.
  • 49,000 BC – Enki and Ninhursag elevate humans of Anunnaki parentage to rule in Shuruppak. Enlil, enraged, plots Mankind’s demise.
  • 13,000 BC – Realizing that the passage of Nibiru in Earth’s proximity will trigger an immense tidal wave, Enlil makes the Anunnaki swear to keep the impending calamity a secret from Mankind.

II. Events After the Deluge B.C.

  • 11,000 BC – Enki breaks the oath, instructs Ziusudra/Noah to build a submersible ship. The Deluge sweeps over the Earth; the Anunnaki witness the total destruction from their orbiting spacecraft.
  • Enlil agrees to grant the remnants of Mankind implements and seeds; agriculture begins in the highlands. Enki domesticates animals.
  • 10,500 BC – The descendants of Noah are allotted three regions. Ninurta, Enlil’s foremost son, dams the mountains and drains the rivers to make Mesopotamia habitable; Enki reclaims the Nile valley. The Sinai peninsula is retained by the Anunnaki for a post-diluvial spaceport; a control center is established on Mount Moriah (the future Jerusalem).
  • 9780 BC – Ra/Marduk, Enki’s firstborn son, divides dominion over Egypt between Osiris and Seth.
  • 9330 BC – Seth seizes and dismembers Osiris, assumes sole rule over the Nile Valley.
  • 8970 BC – Horus avenges his father Osiris by launching the First Pyramid War. Seth escapes to Asia, seizes the Sinai peninsula and Canaan.
  • 8670 BC – Opposed to the resulting control of all the space facilities by Enki’s descendants, the Enlilites launch the Second Pyramid War. The victorious Ninurta empties the Great Pyramid of its equipment.
  • Ninhursag, half-sister of Enki and Enlil, convenes peace conference. The division of Earth is reaffirmed. Rule over Egypt transferred from the Ra/Marduk dynasty to that of Thoth. Heliopolis built as a substitute Beacon City.
  • 8500 BC – The Anunnaki establish outposts at the gateway to the space facilities; Jericho is one of them.
  • 7400 BC – As the era of peace continues, the Anunnaki grant Mankind new advances; the Neolithic period begins. Demigods rule over Egypt.
  • 3800 BC – Urban civilization begins in Sumer as the Anunnaki reestablish there the Olden Cities, beginning with Eridu and Nippur.
  • Anu comes to Earth for a pageantful visit. A new city, Uruk (Erech), is built in his honor; he makes its temple the abode of his beloved granddaughter Inanna/lshtar.

III. Kingship on Earth B.C.

  • 3760 BC – Mankind granted kingship. Kish is first capital under the aegis of Ninurta. The calendar begun at Nippur. Civilization blossoms out in Sumer (the First Region).
  • 3450 BC – Primacy in Sumer transferred to Nannar/Sin. Marduk proclaims Babylon “Gateway of the Gods.” The “Tower of Babel” incident. The Anunnaki confuse Mankind’s languages.
  • His coup frustrated, Marduk/Ra returns to Egypt, deposes Thoth, seizes his younger brother Dumuzi who had betrothed Inanna. Dumuzi accidentally killed; Marduk imprisoned alive in the Great Pyramid. Freed through an emergency shaft, he goes into exile.
  • 3100 BC – 350 years of chaos end with installation of first Egyptian Pharaoh in Memphis. Civilization comes to the Second Region.
  • 2900 BC – Kingship in Sumer transferred to Erech. Inanna given dominion over the Third Region; the Indus Valley Civilization begins.
  • 2650 BC – Sumer’s royal capital shifts about. Kingship deteriorates. Enlil loses patience with the unruly human multitudes.
  • 2371 BC – Inanna falls in love with Sharru-Kin (Sargon). He establishes new capital city. Agade (Akkad). Akkadian empire launched.
  • 2316 BC – Aiming to rule the four regions, Sargon removes sacred soil from Babylon. The Marduk-Inanna conflict flares up again. It ends when Nergal, Marduk’s brother,
    journeys from south Africa to Babylon and persuades Marduk to leave Mesopotamia.
  • 2291 BC – Naram-Sin ascends the throne of Akkad. Directed by the warlike Inanna, he penetrates the Sinai peninsula, invades Egypt.
  • 2255 BC – Inanna usurps the power in Mesopotamia; Naram-Sin defies Nippur. The Great Anunnaki obliterate Agade. Inanna escapes. Sumer and Akkad occupied by foreign troops loyal to Enlil and Ninurta.
  • 2220 BC – Sumerian civilization rises to new heights under enlightened rulers of Lagash. Thoth helps its king Gudea build a ziggurat-temple for Ninurta.
  • 2193 BC – Terah, Abraham’s father, born in Nippur into a priestly-royal family.
  • 2180 BC – Egypt divided; followers of Ra/Marduk retain the south; Pharaohs opposed to him gain the throne of lower Egypt.
  • 2130 BC – As Enlil and Ninurta are increasingly away, central authority also deteriorates in Mesopotamia. Inanna’s attempts to regain the kingship for Erech does not last.

The Fateful Century B.C.

  • 2123 BC – Abraham born in Nippur.
  • 2113 BC – Enlil entrusts the Lands of Shem to Nannar; Ur declared capital of new empire. Ur- Nammmu ascends throne, is named Protector of Nippur. A Nippurian priest-Terah, Abraham’s father – comes to Ur to liaison with its royal court.
  • 2096 BC – Ur-Nammu dies in battle. The people consider his untimely death a betrayal by Anu and Enlil. Terah departs with his family for Harran.
  • 2095 BC – Shulgi ascends the throne of Ur, strengthens imperial ties. As empire thrives, Shulgi falls under charms of Inanna, becomes her lover. Grants Larsa to Elamites in exchange for serving as his Foreign Legion.
  • 2080 BC – Theban princes loyal to Ra/Marduk press northward under Mentuhotep I. Nabu, Marduk’s son, gains adherents for his father in Western
  • 2055 BC – On Nannar’s orders, Shulgi sends Elamite troops to suppress unrest in Canaanite cities. Elamites reach the gateway to the Sinai peninsula and its
  • 2048 BC – Shulgi dies. Marduk moves to the Land of the Hittites. Abraham ordered to southern Canaan with an elite corps of cavalrymen.
  • 2047 BC – Amar-Sin (the biblical Amraphel) becomes king of Ur. Abraham goes to Egypt, stays five years, then returns with more troops.
  • 2041 BC – Guided by Inanna, Amar-Sin forms a coalition of Kings of the East, launches military expedition to Canaan and the Sinai. Its leader is the Elamite Khedor-la’omer. Abraham blocks the advance at the gateway to the Spaceport.
  • 2038 BC – Shu-Sin replaces Amar-Sin on throne of Ur as the empire disintegrates.
  • 2029 BC – Ibbi-Sin replaces Shu-Sin. The western provinces increasingly to Marduk. Leading his followers, Marduk marches on Sumer, enthrones himself in Babylon. Fighting spreads to central Mesopotamia. Nippur’s Holy of Holies is defiled. Enlil demands punishment for Marduk and Nabu; Enki opposes, but his son Nergal sides with Enlil.
  • As Nabu marshals his Canaanite followers to capture the Spaceport, the Great Anunnaki approve of the use of nuclear weapons. Nergal and Ninurta destroy
    the Spaceport and the errant Canaanite cities.
  • 2023 BC – The winds carry the radioactive cloud to Sumer. People die a terrible death, animals perish, the water is poisoned, the soil becomes barren. Sumer and its great civilization lie prostrate. Its legacy passes to Abraham’s seed as he begets -at age 100- a legitimate heir: Isaac.

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Velon ET (Anunnaki Human Origin Myth) by Chris Thomas

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Egyptian/Atlantean (and Mayan) perspectives as revealed by Earth’s indigenous tribes to Drunvalo Melchizedek

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Michael Wynn’s “The Soul Travelers”

Michael Wynn’s “The Soul Travelers” reveals [his take] about mythology, the spirit world, magic, Satanism, and the Illuminati. This documentary reviews repeating themes in mythology and tales of ancient man. Then the video discusses the details of the spirit world, chakras, demons, and angels. It continues by delving into the details of magic, the occult, and Satanic Illuminati symbolism. The Soul Travelers is surely among the most revealing documentaries on the subject of magic and the occult, as it takes a revisionist look at the symbols of secret societies like the Freemasons. It concludes by examining the characters like Satan, Jesus, Babylon, and more from the perspective of the occult.

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Spirit Science’s Animated Hidden History of Earth

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Secret History of the Human Race by Klaus Dona Klaus Dona has traveled the world in search of unique and unexplained findings. Intrepid and unrelenting, he is on a mission to bring to the eye of the public such finds as giant bones, crystal skulls, carvings and sculptures in forms that do not fit into the contemporary view of our timeline.

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Origins of the Reptilian Race, Atlanteans, Humans & the Montauk Project by Stewart Swerdlow

Author Stewart Swerdlow spoke about a Reptilian race which lives underground and first came here over 800,000 years ago. This information was imparted to him, he claimed, during the 13 years he served as an experimental subject in a government-sponsored mind control project in Montauk, NY. Between 200,000 to 300,000 people were experimented on in Montauk, and most of them did not survive, he said. Now, mind control can be employed worldwide via satellites, he noted.

Among the details Swerdlow shared about the Reptilians: They originated in the Draco star system, and arrived in our solar system via hollowed-out asteroids. They colonized a Pacific content called Lemuria and later battled with the Atlanteans. Eventually they formed a hybrid race with the Atlanteans. It is from this group that the Illuminati or ruling families descended. There are seven different species in the Draco empire. One type has white segmented skin, cat-like eyes, wings, and a pronounced jaw and teeth.

The Illuminati are planning a “staged alien invasion” to trick people into forming a one-world government and they’ll use holographic technology to project imaginary battles, Swerdlow warned. Ultimately, they seek to send millions of people out to colonize habitable moons of Jupiter and Saturn, he added.

A gifted medical intuitive, Stewart Swerdlow is a clairvoyant who has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind-patterns. His great-uncle, Yakov Sverdlov, was the first president of the Soviet Union, and his grandfather helped form the Communist Party in the United States in the 1930s. To ensure that his loyalties stayed with the US government, he was “recruited” for specific government mind-control experiments which enhanced his natural abilities.

He spent years in service to various US and foreign government agencies and special interest groups. His mind and body were used for genetic and mind-control experiments which led to severe illness, broken relationships, and premature Kundalini activation. After several years of deep self-analysis, Stewart merged with higher levels of his multidimensional self, which saved his life. Stewart has authored and co-authored with his wife, Janet, several books and lectures worldwide for a variety of groups, organizations, and large corporations.

The Montauk Project was alleged to be a series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel. Jacques Vallée describes allegations of the Montauk Project as an outgrowth of stories about the Philadelphia Experiment.

Reptilians (also called reptoids, reptiloids, or draconians) are purported reptilian humanoids that play a prominent role in science fiction, as well as modern ufology and conspiracy theories. The idea of reptilians on Earth was popularized by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who believes shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate our societies. Icke has claimed on multiple occasions that many of the world leaders are, or are possessed by, reptilians attempting to gain power to rule the world.

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The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo

Michael Cremo is interviewed about his archeological discoveries and the cover up of the scientific community. Cremo gives several examples of archeological evidence that has been suppressed by the establishment in the name of “scientific conformity”. His books include ‘The Hidden History Of The Human Race’ and ‘Forbidden Archeology’. Richard Thompson is credited by Michael Cremo as a valuable partner in his research.

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Michael Tellinger on Adam’s Calendar (Ancient Goldmines) and the Origin of Humanity

Publisher and producer Michael Tellinger discussed his study of ancient ruins at the southern tip of Africa, which he believes were associated with a vanished civilization that ET visitors, the Anunnaki, brought together over 200,000 years ago, when they came here to mine gold. The ruins, which he’s investigated along with Johan Heine, consist of thousands of stone structures over a large area. The structures show evidence of their extreme antiquity through erosion and patina growth, he detailed. One of the most important ruins he referred to as “Adam’s Calendar,” a monolithic stone calendar that could mark time out by the day.

The Anunnaki tinkered with human genetics to make their mine workers, Tellinger said, referencing the work of Zecharia Sitchin. Among the ruins are hexagonal shapes clustered together like honeycombs, which he speculated could have been used as cloning tanks. Further, he suggested that many of the structures, made out of stones that contain quartz, were used as energy devices to power the large settlements.

By studying the area using aerial maps, Tellinger determined there were three great cities, some 60 x 60 miles each, one of which included Great Zimbabwe. Among the ruins, the first pyramids can be found, and details carved into some of the rocks include the Ankh symbol– thousands of years before the Egyptian civilization used it, he reported.

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Bashar’s account of our interdimensional and extraterrestrial relationships/ hidden heritage

Youtube description using Google Translate (from Chinese):

StarCraft squares: each square grid represents a sense of license, visually represent different frequency energy, which depicts the different civilizations. In essence, you could say they are like a phone number, linked to a particular dimension in the field, a particular civilization.

StarCraft squared: This is just a small square of nine three rows and three columns of the matrix in a big box of them; and each represents a square grid of consciousness comes to our previous permission visually represent different frequencies of energy, They depict different civilizations. In essence, you could say they are like a phone number, linked to a particular dimension in the field, a particular civilization.

It is a frequency, if you focus on it, facing it meditation, looking at it, and represents the kind of energy flow, the kind of sense of the scope of the image remains the same, it will, as a sense of permission to assist you in a more stable linked to the frequency of that particular reality, and allows you to link a little easier, joint, receives exist in this particular grid of nine squares in the matrix or information.

Note that this symbol to see the most central, the vibration of the phone number that your planet (Earth), began as a black box: This represents the space around your planet, blue waters, green represents the land, the white represents the sky atmospheric clouds and your world, especially squares represent the four corners of the world is yours, it gives you the opportunity to connect to the squares of the other symbols, you can use their energy, the use of their information to the best way to serve you complete this transition in your life, will focus on these vibration such as phone numbers like symbols, connected to the vibration of their special dimension which, you will be able to download their information and energy needed to help you concentrate, you can use it all, applying all these frequencies, using all of these dimensions apply to contact all of these genes, the use of all of these relationships to correct straightforward and genuine, like a compass to guide you to the best of the same fate.

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Garnet Schulhauser’s interview with a homeless man named Albert: Origin of Earth’s Human Beings

Youtube description:
Published on Apr 27, 2015
Garnet recounts how his life changed dramatically one day in 2007 (while still practicing law) when he was confronted on the street by a homeless man named Albert (who was actually a wise spirit in disguise–an emissary from the spirit world). This seemingly chance encounter launched a provocative dialogue with Albert who disclosed startling new truths about all of life’s big questions, including our true nature as eternal souls, the cycle of reincarnation on Earth, and how we create our own reality through free-will choices. He wrote DANCING ON A STAMP at Albert’s request so that these revelations would be available to everyone.

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Some topics covered: Life Plans and Free Will Overcoming Evil Sex Taboos Karma The Illusion of Time The Law of Attraction

Garnet’s second book, DANCING FOREVER WITH SPIRIT, describes his most recent adventures with Albert who appeared in his bedroom room one night to guide him on a series of out-of-body adventures to explore the wonders of the universe, including the Akashic Records, distant planets with fascinating life forms, and a human civilization that made the shift to the New Earth. Albert’s goal was to encourage humans to stop their abuse of Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants by casting aside their negative emotions and in favor of love and compassion.
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Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

10 10 2010

Channel Vehicle:  Barbara Marciniak

Watch (or listen, rather) to all 20 audio parts continuously on autoplay at youtube:

Or view one part at a time with notes on each part (20 videos):

Video 1 of 20:

RE: Origin of Earth-human relations with Pleiadians.  Concept of 12 (e.g. months, signs, hours, DNA, chakras, etc.) Chakras = Portals.  Game, codes, master numbers.  Pleiadian ancestors are our ancestors that came from a universe that was already completed who gave their DNA to us.  Human species suppressed.  Pleiadians came to Earth in the past (both to help us and also as renegade ETs deceiving humans and deactivating the 12-strand DNA).  Humans belong to the FAMILY OF LIGHT.  Humans (made up of multiple bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) are a walking living library made up of light codes.  Coding is inside each individual.  We are guided to create thought forms (energies, light rays) to fire the codings in others.  We must create the belief system whereby we can do this. Our minds are structured to evolve and form our experience based on our command regardless of paradigm platform.  The Family of Light acts as a stabilizing factor for DIMENSIONAL SHIFTS and its members serve as carriers of a FREQUENCY being used to awaken many.  We must first uncover the coding inside ourselves.  We have done this before.  We are capable of developing psychic and intuitive abilities.  In addition, these genes carry memories that separate us from others.  Almost all of us have no idea of the VALUE OF OUR HUMAN BODIES in which these codes are embedded; hence, we are “Living Libraries”.

Video 2 of 20:

RE: Earth was established billions of years ago designed to be a LIVING LIBRARY system where data from many many galaxies was stored.  She was to be an inter-galactic exchange center of information.  The original planners of Earth were members of the Family of Light.  Light is INFORMATION.  Earth was seeded (its animals, plants, minerals, and indigenous civilizations or the diversified human species of Earth) by many beings from different star systems penetrating a controlled force field isolating the Earth that kept it inaccessible as a library.  Some of the civilizations would flourish for 500 yrs, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 yrs…They couldn’t establish ownership, so they left us clues throughout the planet.  Egyptians, Mayans, Incas, Balinese, Greeks, Tibetans, Sumerians, Aboriginals, etc. have contributed keys of understanding all pointing to the heavens (to our brothers and sisters from the stars and higher realms/dimensions or densities).  The greatest teachings brought to the planet was the ideal that all humans are created in equality and that life was to be honored in all forms. Formless Game Masters created the blueprint for every civilization (and seed themselves in it). They create and juggle many civilizations (in multiple planets) at once. Inside the evolved 12-stranded human are formulas to create life for other forms of intelligence in this universe.  We are transducers of energy.  We must take what we know and gently (peacefully) transduce it to other inhabitants of our planet.

However, 500,000 years ago, Earth lost her sovereignty;  and new owners moved in and claimed ownership to Earth.  These godlike administrators were not always kind.  These new owners wanted the native Earth species to remain unevolved and uninformed so that the species would be easier to control.  The original species of human creation experienced great destruction and its DNA was scattered.  A tyranny was let loose on Earth (a tyranny that returned to the Pleiades, because they – THE PLEIADIANS (a renegade faction) – in fact created the tyranny on Earth.)  They stripped us of our heritage of a fully functioning 12-strand DNA.  In order for them to grow and evolve, THEY MUST HEAL the past and what they did to humanity on Earth.

Video 3 of 20:

RE: Pleiadians work with the Keepers of Time (possess ambiguous personalities). They are enigmas.  They are their teachers.  They have tricked the Pleiadians into discovering the Living Libraries as well as how to activate these libraries.  If we (Earthlings) destroy ourselves before our universe completes, we will not fulfill our purpose.  The Keepers see that our universe is heading towards destruction and separation.  It is through this method that Reptilian and other energies are creating tyranny.  Civilizations in space are dying, because they don’t have access to the living library in the same way masses of humans are dying, b/c we do not understand  and have access to our own bodies.  WE ARE INTEGRAL KEYS. THE COURAGE AND FAITH THAT WE HAVE IN OURSELVES WILL DETERMINE THE COURSE OF EXPERIENCE FOR ALL OF EXISTENCE.  AS EARTH MOVES INTO A PLACE OF BALANCE AND SYNCRONISTIC UNION, SHE WILL CREATE A GEOMETRIC LINE UP WITH 11 OTHER LIBRARIES THAT MAKE UP THIS LIBRARY SYSTEM. When the alignment takes place, the 12 libraries will create their own configuration of Light and will reshape our universe signaling connection, a certain victory for all of creation.

Teachings of 12.  Ecliptic. Zodiac, conveying knowledge about creation. (Played an integral part in Sumerian, Hindu, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Chaldian, and Roman civilizations.)  12 chakras, each corresponds to a strand of DNA.  They hold memory and identity.

Chakra 1 – stores core identity and foundation of core beliefs
Chakra 2 – relates to creativity and sexuality
(Chakras 1&2 relate to the double helix), survival
Chakra 3 – relates to the gut (solar plexus). assists us to feel and intuits our way through life.  will, power, and feeling lie here
Chakra 4 – aligns with the heart. when open, connects us with all of life.  compassion flows from the center, taking us beyond judgment (which acts as a trap to separate us)
Chakra 5 – found in our throat. speak our truth. opens the great gift of vocal expression
Chakra 6 – third eye to see beyond the confines of the 3rd dimension
Chakra 7 – crown of our head, when open it connects and circulates spiritual energies to our cranial area. once stimulated, the pineal and pituitary glands as well as the hypothalamus play active roles in linking us up
Chakra 8 – close to our physical body a few inches or feet above our head, relates to the invisible realms outside the body
Chakra 9 – is outside the earth’s atmosphere (as far away as the moon), connects us as the steward and watcher of earth
Chakra 10 – reaches into our solar system offering us access to all that is there
Chakra 11 – is our galactic chakra that offers information about our local stellar influences
Chakra 12 – reaches outside of our galaxy and gives us access to what is in the rest of our universe as we picture it


Video 4 of 20:

RE:  universal evolution in all life forms, animals designed to be our companions, they come from many solar systems and planets in order to have a genetic link to earth, many animals now shifting dimensions (departing the earth); plants treated lovingly respond lovingly, ingesting some of them can raise consciousness levels in humans to better understand earth; the whole planet is a living library and humans are the keys and our emotions allow us to read the library with the love frequency!  pleiades and earth exchange (what we feel and communicate emotionally on earth are broadcast to the universe)…

Video 5 of 20:

RE: Chronometers measure the evolution of human consciousness.  Ancient sites (power places e.g. Knossos in Crete, Delphi, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Giza, Acropolis, Tihuanaco, etc.) that confound the (limited) human understanding of science can trigger our consciousness and allows us to access our blueprints that enable us to evolve.  The great stone circle in England was used as a portal (stargate or dimensional doorway)  by various star systems particularly Arcturias, Sirius, and the Pleiades.  Some ancient sites were used as fertility sites others as broadcasting stations, calendars, or as oracles to read the future.  When you visit sacred sites (and crop circles) throughout this planet and imagine your chakras as doorways of energy opening to your personal memories, the sites become activated.  You can also activate collective memory from your own backyard (you need not visit sacred sites).  Crop circles are synchronistically aligned to the sacred sites of Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill.  They are designed to assist mass consciousness and accelerate your awareness of other life forms in the stars (beyond what we can currently conceive).  Geometry and mathematics coupled with planetary and star knowledge are the basis for the construction of dimensional doorways.

Video 6 of 20:

RE:  Dolphins and whales are members of the Family of Light.  They carry frequencies from our ancient civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis.  Earth stores many remnants of civilizations including from the future.  Depending on our level of consciousness we can also trigger the re-emergence of artifacts from our past.  2012 is an anchoring of many dimensions. 2012 represents a blossoming of Earth even though some parts are seemingly destroyed.  There is a portal in Tibet, a huge energetic opening (in the Himalayas) where much gold is stored.  For hundreds of years (until the 1950s), Tibetans have acted as guardians for those passing through this portal.  GOLD allows dimensional doorways to be opened.  They anchor portals and hold the highest vibration that enable access through these doorways.  Television is sadly used to suppress your imagination and prevent your evolution.  History will record it as such.  You are here to explore Earth and discover the ancestral codes to aid your personal blueprint of evolution (of consciousness).  Earth is ancient and Sumerian records hold the keys to some of our origins (two Pleidian gods – brothers – Anki and Enlil or the Annunaki came from the stars and were in charge of Earth–they seeded a version of Earth’s genetic line making them our genetic parents).

Video 7 of 20:

RE:  Sumerian culture – cradle of civilization (Iraq and Kuwait) was directed by those who came from the stars–a stellar reptilian race.  They are an integral part of our ancestral line who are master geneticists.  They are an awesome, ferocious and gracious collection of consciousness.  It is essential that we understand our home, our roots and our genes.  Reptilian energies are creator gods who assisted the original planners – the ancients – in designing the Living Library.  They are extremely advanced in creating sentient biological forms.  They were some of the prime instigators in putting together the human species on this planet.  They learned their craft from the ancient ones.  They far surpass many brilliant beings in genetically adjusting and manipulating life forms.  Imagery will help us get in touch with our serpent (reptilian or Kundalini) energy.  Our mythological obsession with dragons and cobras also represent this reptilian ancestry.  The energy of Earth is being accelerated so that we can manifest our ancestral truths, we are shedding systems that do not work, and aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us.  Conflicts exist within the mass consciousness as to what the priority is today enabling us to unite. Many people will lose or give up their homes so that we may rediscover and experience humanity, community and family. Other forms of life who are waiting to be integrated as the dimensions open up will reveal the immense creativity and variety of reality…

Video 8 of 20:

RE:  Prime Creator is a FEMALE vibration.  The mother goddess is behind all things.  When you explore the Goddess, you begin to value life.  When you value life, you do not overpopulate Earth and you don’t kill.  EVERYTHING is connected to the same Source.   The Mother Goddess represents the Love principal.  Sensuality and sexuality comes from the Love principal.  The blood and its mysteries are key to understanding our ancestry. Our blood is rich with patterns and designs of a geometric nature.  Thoughts are recorded by your blood and radiated outwards for everyone else to read.  Menstrual blood can be used to nurture plant life (e.g. your garden and it accelerates the growth of food).  Women should honor their bodies and blood.  It is the source of your power and deep inner knowledge.  Women’s menstrual blood is the elixir of the Gods.  Menstrual blood is highly oxygenated, the purest of blood, and it carries decoded DNA.  It is the oxygen that decodes those strands and allows the restructuring of the data.  Scientists on our planet are now playing with a third strand of DNA, learning how to build this strand based on photon  light, or fibers in the embody known as light encoded filaments.  The energy of the Goddess is moving rapidly ready to work with those of us who are willing to remember her call.  Her instructions are to honor our bodies, Earth and our sexuality.  It is through this process that we are all created.  Embrace the fullness of our bodies.  Work together, play together.  War is one of the distortions brought about by the patriarchy in an attempt to give males the power of blood.  Yet this blood is not the same, it’s brought about by violence, by destroying life, by killing and feeling stifled and suppressed.  Man can only experience the power of blood if gifted to him by a woman or if he eats food nurtured by menstrual blood.  Blood contains the archives of personal planetary and celestial experience.  When blood is experienced in a sexual union, you are flooded with waves of knowledge, much of it beyond our present abilities to understand and integrate.  Male counterpart of menstrual blood is sperm; it carries the coded intelligence for the evolution of consciousness.  Sperm is the mother’s story encoded in the male vibration and contains the interpretation of how the male remembers that story.  Mixed together blood and sperm is another elixir.  This mixture was considered the drink of immortality.

Video 9 of 20:

RE:  Throughout most of history, when a woman stopped her menstrual cycle, it was believed that she was to be feared.  She could hold blood and keep all her power.  Women are steered away from their natural cycles.  There’s a complete misunderstanding about menopause (it’s the very opposite of what they have been told)…

Male vasectomies…speed up difficulties with the prostate (not recommended).

To be alive is to know the Goddess.  Most of us cannot conceive of the Prime Creator as a “female”.  Eve was not created from Adam’s body.  Your natural process is to build something with a mate, to blend the male and female “aspects”.  Embracing the Goddess opens the Living Library to you.

Light body must be tempered, exercised and stretched gently bringing it into its own awareness.  Clarity concerning who you intend to be in your reality is one of the prime keys in building your light body.  Your light body knows that it creates through THOUGHT and links you to the fabric of creation.  You’re connected to all of existence.  Your evolutionary lead is to make sense of this new awareness.  Matter is simply light that is trapped.  As you build your light body a reorganization of your molecular structure occurs loosening your grip upon materialism in order that a spiritual understanding may guide your day to day life…

Kundalini (serpent like) energy dwells at the base of your spine.  Acknowledging and calling this force forward facilitates the merging and bundling of your Light body.  This force also helps maintain your stability and groundedness with the increase electromagnetic shifts.  Traditionally, Kundalini uncoils itself and electrifies your body at around 40 years of age.  By this time, you are considered mature enough to house this kind of power.  For most people, the power is so profound that they go downhill from there and begin to age rather than rejuvenate and put the great creative electrical force to use.  As cosmic energy comes onto the Earth plane, there are millions of you who are now increasing the opportunities to reinterpret what Kundalini can do.  It is the force of your lives, and you pulse with it.

Video 10 of 20:

RE:  Kundalini (cont).  This energy can come out of your hands and be used for healing, create fire, clean the oceans, purify food, de-pollute the rivers and land. You’ll be able to use it to transmute the toxic pollution that everywhere around your planet.  Your planet is going to survive its transmutation process as you recognize the power of imagination which is tied very closely to memory.  Imagination acts as a movie screen in your mind that holds images and creates blueprints of consciousness.  Your body is filled with memories of different worlds as well as different timesframes from the now you perceive.  As Earth evolves you’ll become capable of pulling up these concepts and blueprints…

One of the most important keys we can give you is this:

“Love yourself .
Honor the vehicle that you occupy.
Act as if you are priceless.

Act as if you received the best thing possible: Your Body.
Honor Earth as well with love and respect for it is here that you stage your fanciful dramas.”

Sex in 3D can provide the energy through which you can emerge to higher consciousness.  It can lead to an essential part of your multidimensional development.  Sometimes, it is difficult to hear about sex, b/c you hold on to judgment of traumatic events that you are ashamed of or you feel bad about your sexuality.  To a large degree, there has been a plan to influence you to feel shame about sexuality in your body.  This has kept you from discovering your power, purpose, bliss and freedom.  As your body takes on and integrates the new energy, memory will be awaken in you.

Nature is one of the best ways to get in touch with remembering.  Sitting out in nature, watching nature, being in the now–the ever expanding now.  Activating memory involves disengaging yourself from all the “shoulds”… Please do not hide from yourselves or others.  Live.  Memory needs to be replenished and refreshed with the reflecting ability of water.  Water is what enhances memory in the physical body.  Kundalini fires the codes activating the Light encoded filaments and bringing them into light. These tiny fibers are filled with information and Kundalini moving through your body gives you the opportunity to own your own memories.

Emotions are the sum total of your wealth as a human being. Your emotions create a corresponding a chemical release inside your physical form.  The endocrine system which is responsible for the chemical responses to your emotional choices will evolve.  New chemicals will be produced inside your body will help you change.  Choosing a different way of receiving or translating reality will trigger inner doorways to open and produce substances that will take you into the higher realms.  The plan of intention is for human beings based on the increase of light to evolve into multi-talented beings.  Some people are operating at 6% of their brain capacity whilst Einstein used about 15%.

As the strands of DNA begin to discover their identities and come alive they will change the endocrine system.  Your decision to be in the moment, to LOVE YOURSELF and to work with love on the planet with yourself and all people will completely change what happens inside you.  This is a key to rejuvenation.  Be willing to experience yourself, your life and your body as your own creations. Your thymus gland is pivotal in sending the signal to your body to hold the pattern of rejuvenation.  As you age, this gland shrinks or shrivels up.  Your upper glands the pituitary and pineal as cranial temples are inactivated or basically dormant).  Your thymus gland does not continuously remind your body of its idealize blueprint b/c it is not getting the messages to do so from the temples in your head.  This is b/c your temples have been disconnected from the full strands of DNA.  Your thymus gland will return to its own vitality when it receives the message that your body has done its preparation and that your consciousness is ready.  If you think in terms of life expansion, some of you have barely begun your work. Others have training that is going to implode you into the next shift. Your work is a gift to the planet, a gift to civilization.

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RE:  Your hypothalymus can be thought of as the gatekeeper between your physical body and your outer chakras. Its time has not yet come.  In your present stage of evolution, you cannot comprehend its function.  Yes it regulates the body temperature and flow of water.  Water is the essence of water.  We always encourage you to be around water to be in water and to use water, b/c water enhances the function of the hypothalymus gland.

Health is free.  Develop the right attitude about your body.  When you are in touch with your body.  When you shower, you can feel your level of well being.  You may choose to worry and distress your body.  If you worry about your health, then you will create something.  Your body follows the images you instigate.  The more compassion you have for others, the quicker mass consciousness will change.  Make a commitment to have your heart open.  Use the energy of the Mother Goddess.

As energy increases on the planet, blocks in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are magnified. Unexpressed feelings and ideas create obstacles to the flow of energy whose purpose it is to connect you.  You must help the process by being responsible for who you are.  Wherever you have a prejudice or difficulty, you can trust that the magnifying glass will be put over it.  You will manifest the block in the form of a difficult challenge.  Everything is intensifying in order to teach people about responsibility and maintaining a clarity of purpose and intent.

Bodywork facilities and quickens the recognition of your identity.  Love frequency – make certain there is a sense of humour.  Laughter is a key to freedom. We encourage you to operate from your solar plexus (gut), 2nd brain center (stomach).  You can instantly see that you alter your experience when you BELIEVE IN and find opportunity in every event you create.  We remind you that opportunity is often disguised as loss.

All life has chakra systems.  They are energy storehouses around and inside of life forms.  They connect the internal workings the physiological third dimensional operations with the multidimensional etheric layered goings on.  They bring energy from the non-physical realms into the physical if utilized properly.  All forms of life have these energy portals as doorways and places where they can be refueled…

As your DNA is being reordered into a new expression of itself, the frequency or identity that you carry is speaking something on a non physical level.  Every place you go, you carry the mutating energy that announces itself.  Your consciousness announces itself to ALL LIFE FORMS.  Maybe those humans who are next to you at a shopping center or a restaurant are not quite aware on a conscious level of who you are.  However, when you take a walk in the woods and fields or go into the oceans, you will see other lifeforms around you who are much more aware of who you are.  They change their response and they DNA changes, b/c yours is changing.  Through you, all of nature becomes more available as the Living Library.  You, as human beings, are the library cards, the keys to the Living Library.  All the information stored in Earth’s Library is accessible through you.  You were designed to be merged with, influenced, and emerged through.  You have come here (to Earth) to master the human version of the spiritual evolutionary process to live with it, to merge with many different realities, and to allow realities to emerge through you.  It’s your job to take care of the Living Library.

At one time, humans on Earth held very honorable and highly evolved positions. You had glorious vibrant forms emanating energy and light. Becoming one with other energies and allowing them to look out of your eyes in order to experience more was a divine purpose.  Humans made themselves available for this process. … As the reorganization of Light takes place here on Earth, there will be a mass merging of beings who are very benevolent very uplifting and very loving.  They will come through and operate out of your bodies. You will still maintain your own integrity and your own identity; however, they will blend with you as we blend with our vehicle.  They will be able to access the codes and master numbers that you house inside your bodies. The Self is a composition of many different life forms all making up a central Soul.  As Earth is being catapulted into a new direction, the occupants may perish, b/c they do not meet the new speed at which Earth will vibrate OR they will begin the changes that will prepare them for the ability to blink on and off into the various personalities that make up the collection of the Soul (or Soul group/ Monadic group). You are forerunners in this.  You are meeting the portions of yourselves that are the most imperative for you to understand.  There are many of these selves to meet.   You are game masters yourselves.  Those who orchestrated the re-establishing of Earth’s freedom and the seeding of civilizations.  These civilizations became alive and activated and NOW YOU ARE LIVING IN ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING PLACES AND TIMES OF EXISTENCE.

There are many who support you and wish to merge with you, operate through you, and give you a hand with the job in front of you. … All you need is to trust yourselves and design your reality according to your own wits by intending what you as humans want to accomplish.  Whatever you intend to make as your signature, your mark on this world, it shall be.  So dream BIG.

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RE: …

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RE: …Sex and the life force…

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RE: …Sexual expression and energy (as divinity)

Time as a construct.  The present can spring from the FUTURE (not just the past).

The assignment you are on (here on Earth) involves changing your past as you spring from the future in order to create a different present.

The Mayan – The Keepers of Time.

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RE: Mayan Purpose. Timelines. Earlthy and Galactic Portals. Crystal Skulls.  Past/Present/Future all happening simultaneously. Harmonic Convergence (was sent from the FUTURE into the past to change the present).  The consciousness of the people play a critical role.

Primary Event (turning point for the domain from which it transpires).  We come from our future.

The Mayan calendar is well worth considering as it marks a time of ending and a closure at the winter solstice in December 2012.  When that last stretch of time is completed, there will be a dimensional shift upon this planet.  Those who are able to accommodate the dimensional shift now are already moving in and out of the 4th and even the 5th dimension. During the next 20 years, the new frequency will become so predominant on the planet that it will catapult one version of your world into a new cycle and another version into a complete ending and destruction.  Eventually, you will perceive a very different set of memories, because you will change the past  of your universe.  This is how things are.  We have told you that you come from your future, and the we came back to change the past.  We are changing the history of the entire universe by making a parallel universe.  This is what parallel universes are–plans that shift the mechanisms of time from one point by changing the memory and changing the event.

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RE: …

1993 Galactic tidalwave of light (Uranus and Neptune) Feb, Aug & Oct 1993 aligning and energizing the sign of Capricorn at 19 and 20 degrees.  Each planet is a sentient being.  They joined in Capricorn and energized the stone of Earth herself, leaving an opening in the feeling center.  This is responsible for the rapid mutation in the human species that is taking place now.  An alteration on a cellular level will catapult you into a metamorphosis in the spiritual dimensions.

The moon is a satellite that was constructed. It is a monitoring device (or eye in the sky).  It affects ALL LIFE FORM on this planet.  There were two moons around Earth.  At this time, the moon is quite control.  ETs and others have many bases on the moon.  Those from Earth have little influence when it comes down to it.  It’s the ETs who operate it all.  We are newcomers to the game.  We constantly translate data into physical boundaries.  All is thought in mental architecture.

The Sun is the governor of your Solar System.  It is intimately connected to all life and creates the environment under which you can evolve. The Sun is very interested in your evolution for as you evolve you feed everything that you do back to the Sun as it touches you.

The Sun and the Moon are the luminaries within your system by which you are most profoundly influenced and affected. The Moon is subsatellite of the Sun orbiting as a computer around Earth built and maintained by many generations of Gods.  Heavenly bodies are constructed in the shapes of asteroids, moons and planets, and it is through these luminaries that rays of intelligence – radio waves and gamma rays – are transmitted from star to sun and sent to Earth…

The central sun of the Pleiades is Alcyon, and your solar system is located on the fringe of the Pleiades system.

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RE: Sun, Mother Earth (abused by humans), shifting, silent sounding to protect Earth (children), geometry, sound, light…

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RE:  migrate/relocate ourselves creating a major shift in consciousness, discover safer areas, simplify life, unclutter your life, let go of things you don’t need, lighten up, trust Earth, that Earth will inform you and guide you, trust the insects and animals to work with you and communicate with you, earth changes, shifts, death, death walkers, sound, impulses, music, crossing over dimensions, assist the dying, healing, forgiveness, life on the other side of death, Earth to experience new communities, each community will grow and flourish, contribute food, shelter, music, movement and sound, old way of living in which we need each other and experience interconnected living, live closer to the land, work to benefit the community, play together, renaissance of the temple culture will return, uncover ancient sites long buried, meditation, share, establish a field of thought over the community…

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RE:  birth honor, fatherhood pride, bond in the miracle of life, communities oriented toward children, they will instruct us, a series of children born this decade called the family of love, carry the goddess energy, these children will create telepathic connections between potential parents and children-to-come, kundalini, these children will change the face of earth, they embody love engineered by your DNA, body and bloodstream, promise to bring fun, love and laughter to life, energized the pleasure frequency, creation is done with the mind, evolve…transcend the third dimension, task is to heal yourself on a treasure hunt through the corridors of time, gratitude, knowing who you are, story of 12, 12 is a code for numerous sentient beings to enter our reality, 12 coincides with the most commonly held mathematical base, merging and emerging, consciousness, mysteries of the self, transform energy, move beyond judgment, time…

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RE: share knowledge with family, society and culture, vibrate in the frequency that you are, compassion for all, if karma is squeezing you then release yourself, visualize and imagine a new frontier, a new world, don’t be attached to the Pleiadian messages, do not create a new bible from it, just have fun with it, completion of 12, enjoy each moment as a moment of bliss, accept the mantel of your own creation, you live in two worlds–keep it safe, seek the wisdom of the elders and indigenous cultures who know of these prophecies in our time, inspire ourselves to move forward, a new cycle of existence awaits us, a new superhighway of consciousness, no technology can surpass our own biological spiritual beings, the keys of consciousness have been given to us…

For more, the book is available at

Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

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